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  1. Amazing color! Especially in that last pic.
  2. I don't think it's possible to 100% pearlie-proof a tank. They'll find a way. Can you put the QT tank by the main tank so Louie can see pOdge? Maybe on a small table?
  3. Pearlscales seem to have this uncanny knack for finding every opportunity to injure themselves. Hugs to pOdge!
  4. Shellbell! Haven't seen you in ages! Fish look fantastic!
  5. Aragonite sand is fine, soft and white. I used it in my puffer tank. It's not prohibitively expensive, either. As a bonus, it acts as a very gentle buffer.
  6. I also feed the Thera-A, in 1 mm size. Thera-A is the same formula as some of their other foods, with the addition of garlic, which, while it hasn't been proven to have anti-parasitic properties, may have them -- and is a wonderful appetite stimulant regardless. I feed the NLS "Grow" formula fry food and now the Grow .5 mm pellets to my balloon molly fry.
  7. When I've had velvety, ultra-black fish like that, I would see similar whitish spots from time to time. Never amounted to anything.
  8. I looooove when calicos have lots of blue like that, and when the fins are black striped. She's gorgeous. I agree, she could easily be an online auction fish commanding a hefty pricetag.
  9. I'm in the minority that prefer heated tanks and maintain a constant temperature of about 77F, as I've found that it helps speed metabolism and avoid issues related to constipation/slow digestion. Right now I'm keeping pearlscales, and I truly believe a heated tank will help delay (or hopefully avoid altogether) the onset of SBD (swim bladder disease), which they are incredibly prone to developing. I also have no interest in breeding my goldfish -- which is a good thing, as they need a natural warm/cold cycle for that to happen easily.
  10. It's possible that what you thought was fry coloring was actually healing ammonia burns.
  11. If the eyes are painted, they may rub off once it's been in the tank a while, but I wouldn't worry about that harming the fish -- it's a very small amount.
  12. I was a diehard Pro-Gold feeder, too (even from back in the olden days, when it was called Sho-Gold). I miss it! I've switched over to the NLS Thera-A and I do like it. It's not as rock-hard as the Hikari Lionhead and the fish are doing well on it. I occasionally feed Saki-Hikari (purple bag), but sparingly because it's given an orange wash to my white fish in the past. I agree that the "chew-ability" of Pro-Gold is lacking in other pellets. I buy the Thera-A 1 mm size, though, which helps to make up for it -- it's small so even swallowed whole it's easily digested.
  13. Ooooh, that's the r/w oranda you get a few months ago, right? Simply stunning! I would not have been able to pass that one up either.
  14. It's never done that when I feed it. That's really strange.
  15. Looks really nice! What do you do with all the extra shrimp when they breed?
  16. I don't feed by fish weight. I just give enough for each fish to pick up one mouthful of pellets, chew 'em, then pick up a couple more pellets. It's not very scientific, but it's always worked for me. I do that twice a day.
  17. Aragonite sand will keep working indefinitely. After a long period of time (we're talking years), you'll notice that the volume has decreased some and you'll want to add more. But it dissolves super slowly. I used it to boost water hardness for Figure 8 puffers. Worked great!
  18. It is awfully hard. I used to regularly get new-fish-itis every six months or so, and it was almost physically painful. I'd literally swoon at the ones I saw online and yearned for. But having been through a spate of fish deaths recently (when I was trying and trying to get some pearlscales, and they kept dying in QT, often within a day or two of arrival), I think I'll be fish shy for a while. I finally found some healthy ones and I'm babying the heck out of them, and they're healthy as little horses. I will NEVER put a new fish in with them, even if I did the QT to end all QTs. Can't risk it. So that's temporarily cured my Piscine Acquisitional Disorder (PAD). I just invented a disease, woot!
  19. That's like having the best of both worlds -- a pond and a tank in one!
  20. He'll work it out one way or another. If it was a piece of gravel, that would be a problem if swallowed. But the pea will break down if swallowed. My guess is that it will get waterlogged enough to either spit out or swallow.
  21. I've seen cute versions of telescopes with wens. Really cute ones, in fact. That ain't one of them.
  22. I, too, was terrified of bubble eyes for years, but when I finally got one I learned to relax about the bubbles. A healthy bubble eye won't injure its bubbles unless it's otherwise sick (they don't just randomly get stuck to the filter intake unless they're weakened by something) or there's something really hazardous in the tank. Someone on here once experimented on her deceased bubble eye to see how much it would take to pop a bubble. She reported that even a knife had to have significant pressure (like, a LOT) to injure the sac. This was my fellow, Hula. I adored him and fully intend to have another someday.
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