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  1. Love the volcano! Oh, and the fish are awesome too.
  2. Probably not. You'd just need to make sure the pearlscale gets its fair share of the food, since the fantails will be faster swimmers. Other than that, not much to worry about.
  3. Quite a find for Walmart! I agree with Jared, that fish has potential. I've done QT on a tiny baby in a 2 gallon before, but did 100% daily water changes. That ammonia can creep up on you faster than you'd think, so keep an eye on it, okay?
  4. Very pretty! Those banded fins are known as "butterfly" in bettas.
  5. Try Craigslist -- many great deals to be found on gently used tanks there. You can find some real bargains if you're patient!
  6. Many pet store goldfish carry the genes for multiple breeds of goldfish. Right now I'd say that yours looks like a fantail, but as he/she grows and develops, it's entirely possible that a hump will develop, giving a more ryukin-ish appearance. It's also possible that some wen (head growth) may appear, giving more of an Orandas-like look (there appears to be a tiny bit of wen developing already). Part of the fun of juvenile goldfish is that you never quite know what you're going to get.
  7. He's incredibly pretty! Love that blue.
  8. You're automatically assuming all 10+ sold weekly are dead or dying, and that may not be the case.
  9. Wheeee! Tanks with pirate ships and crocodile heads are right up my alley! Looks fab!
  10. What a shame. The last time I purchased from Tommy was about four, four and a half years ago. In fact, that particular ranchu just passed away recently, which is about the lifespan I personally expect from very large imported fancies obtained as adults (somewhere between 5 and 7 years max). The others I had bought from him previously did well too. Sounds like things have really gone downhill! Good to know -- I won't be so quick to pipe up with my good feedback when somebody inquires about him. I'm sorry to hear about your awful experience. Such a shame. Such pretty fish.
  11. Totally harmless. And bonus: Any internal worms will get knocked flat and pooped out as a result of ingesting the prazi. Woot!
  12. Ooooh, I could totally use an Amazon card! Books, books, and more books...
  13. Wow, that's a gorgeous oranda! Happy Anniversary!
  14. I've had many fish from Goldfishnet over the years, all fabulous. You can find bad reviews of all the online sellers if you poke around online -- disgruntled folks are more likely to post a review.
  15. I'm not a mod, so please do complete the diagnostic info that Koko requested. However, I've had very inky-black ranchus like yours and the "film" over the eyes can be a normal part of wen growth and development in these very black fish.
  16. I'm a huge sucker for pearlscales, particularly the variety known as "golf ball," "ping pong" or tikus pearlscales, the kind with super-round bodies, no wen, and little pointy heads. There's something about their goofy waddling that just thrills me. Unfortunately, they can be a challenging variety to keep alive, as their roundness predisposes them to all kinds of problems, particularly swim bladder issues, and as a breed they're notoriously unhealthy. But the heart wants what it wants, you know? I had a super-hard time finding healthy ping pongs, until my favorite LFS finally got a batch of good ones. I did an extra-long QT on these guys, more than two months, and I'm just about convinced that they're probably going to live. I mean, there's no reason for me to think they won't (they're super-active, eat voraciously, and are thriving), but past experience makes me wary. They just graduated from QT and took up residence in a lovely bowfront tank that I've (of course) decorated in as kitschy a manner as possible. So now I have (drum roll, please) a Tacky Tiki Tank o' Tikus! (Thank you very much, I'm here all week. ) Introducing Big Tuna, Smoothie, Hole Punch (named by my six-year-old niece when I asked her to think of round things to name them after) and Jamba Juice:
  17. I'm very content right now with the NLS Thera-A. No weird discoloration of the white parts of my fish, which can be an issue with some foods. I do miss Pro-Gold, but the NLS has won me over. Love the pellet size for my juvie pearlscales, too.
  18. Best way to test an unfamiliar rock is to pour a little white vinegar on it. If it fizzes/bubbles, the rock is not inert and could leech things into your water. If it doesn't, it's safe.
  19. I wonder if perhaps more than one of your males are the fathers. That would make things even more interesting in terms of variety. Congrats on the fry!
  20. Ooooh, perhaps the perfect time to finally bite the bullet and get a new tank for the tikus!
  21. I do 81-82 or thereabouts when I have a betta.
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