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  1. Stunning, Helen, as always. Simply gorgeous fish.
  2. I couldn't have survived water changes without my Pythons. I can't believe I ever used to lug heavy buckets around!
  3. A black background is always an awesome choice for goldies. Really brings out their colors! They look great, shell!
  4. Molly, the growth on that demekin is just plain outstanding! He's getting an AMAZING body shape! I'm in love.
  5. Koko, Myng has grown SO MUCH! She's a wonderful fattie.
  6. Helen, those are absolutely stunning ryukins! So rare to see such nice humps on calicos, too. Exquisite!
  7. You can use the soak-and-squeeze method above (don't soak the food too long, as all the meds will leach out -- the 10 seconds Alex recommended is good). But yes, adding the pellets to gel food could also help to make it sink. I wouldn't use too many other ingredients, so the fish get mostly the medicated food -- maybe a little thawed frozen brine shrimp or daphnia to make the gel food enticing.
  8. Wow, what an amazing ranchu couple they make! They look terrific together.
  9. Snails are poop factories. They're equivalent to at least another goldfish in the tank, if not more. Stick with just the little pearlie in the 10. He/she will be fine in there for quite a while -- pearlscales are not generally very fast growers.
  10. All your goldies are beautiful, but Pearl just knocks my socks off!
  11. From Goldfish Connection. I also highly recommend their spirulina flakes, although feeding that one too often can result in color smearing on white or mostly-white fish. I've never had color problems with Pro-Gold though.
  12. BWAH HA HA HA! We've converted Alex to the cult of Pro-Gold! It's great stuff -- I've been feeding it to my fancies since the 1990s, when it was called Sho-Gold. I've switched their staple food a few times but always end up coming back to Pro-Gold. Nothing makes their colors brighter and their scales as shiny.
  13. Eeeeek! Baby tikus pearlscales! I have such a soft spot for them. Never could keep one alive very long, though. I wish you much success with yours!
  14. Congratulations on the new ryukin! It will be fun to watch him/her develop. Roosevelt is one of my all-time favorite pearlscales. If I ever see a chocolate at the LFS, I'm going to snap it up SO fast!
  15. What a darling oranda! I can see why couldn't resist her. She's lovely.
  16. That looks like a very soft, rubber-like plant. I wouldn't hesitate to put that in my own tank if it fit my decor.
  17. Oh, WOW. That's going on my list of Things I Will Totally Have When I Win the Lottery.
  18. He has such an adorable little lemon head! He's going to grow into an amazing fish.
  19. What a lovely lovely blue color!
  20. Hi Amber! Nice to see you around here again! Love your new orandas. I, too, have never been a huge oranda fan, but about two years ago I got a red cap that just knocked my socks off, and changed my mind about them altogether. Everyone says orandas are so puppylike, and it was true for mine, even more so than the ranchus. A blue oranda is on my wish-list-for-someday too. Richter's coloration is stunning.
  21. Love love love your pearlscale! He's so chubby and cute. Definitely a lionhead for Leo -- he's a very nice one at that.
  22. Thanks, everyone! Yep, he's a big guy, and quite a presence in the tank. He's a champion food beggar. Thanks!!! Yes, I got him from Tommy at Goldfishnet. I'd been waiting for the right red and white ranchu to come along, and the moment I saw Triton, I knew he was the one.
  23. His QT period is up, and King Triton has officially joined the rest of the crew in the Tacky Tiki Tank. He had a flawless, totally uneventful quarantine period (I love when that happens!) and is healthy and robust and eating heartily. He's the biggest fish in the tank, but not by much -- Chowder, my calico ranchu, is just a smidge smaller. He was sold to me as a "jade seal ranchu" because of the white spot in his wen, although I don't know if there really is such a thing. Either way, I just love him and he's a first-rate addition. Without further ado, here's Triton!
  24. Eeeeeek, there's just nothing cuter than a baby pearlie! Kupo is adorable!!!
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