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  1. That's my favorite kind of calico on a goldfish, where it almost looks like koi markings. Your 3 are progressing just beautifully. That's really remarkable growth for a relatively short amount of time! I love how the colors of the 3 fish complement one another so nicely. I try for that kind of balance in my own tanks. The end result is like a well-balanced painting. I'm enjoying living vicariously through you and the other bubble eye keepers here. I've never had any, but if the opportunity presented itself, I'd probably take the plunge at this point.
  2. Yes, I agree that the FX5 might be overkill on your size of tank, mainly because the force out of the outflow would be insane. Better to break that up between two filters, IMHO. There are things I love about canisters that make them, for me, highly preferable to HOBs. The main one is the quiet. I know that many people enjoy the waterfall sounds of HOBs, but it drives me insane, as does the audible humming. I had an Emperor 280 (?) years ago and the rattling and buzzing made me climb the walls. I also like the decreased maintenance of canisters. Mine only need cleaning every few months, if that. And if there's a power outage, they stay primed and start right back up. I also like to be able to place my tanks nearly flush against the wall,which a HOB doesn't allow. In a small space, every inch counts. Tithra's HOB/canister combo suggestion is excellent. Best of both worlds. I'd probably do that myself if the noise wasn't such an issue for me.
  3. Definitely! You really don't see blue ryukins much at all. Quite a score! Help him develop that hump with plenty of high-quality food, and you'll have yourself a real treasure.
  4. I loooove canisters. They're powerful, low-maintenance, and SO quiet. You don't need to necessarily have 10x GPH turnover with a canister, because the water-to-media contact is so much better. They're workhorses. I like the Rena Filstar XP series because of their affordability and reliability. You get a lot of bang for your buck. I've been using several for almost 4 years on various tanks and haven't had any problems. I really love them. 75 gallons will be an insanely beautiful goldfish tank. That's my dream aquarium for when I live someplace larger.
  5. I looooove that dumbo platinum red OHM. To die for, seriously.
  6. I personally wouldn't mess with it, as long as your pH remains consistent. I think the fluctuations we get when we try to either buffer or lower the pH are more stressful for the fish than a consistently high or low pH (within reason). I've kept fish happily for years with a pH of 8.5.
  7. Baby ghost shrimp need still water -- they'll get sucked up the filter intake otherwise.
  8. I'm a diehard canister lover from way back. I like the Rena XP canisters, as they give you a lot of bang for your buck -- many more gph than comparably sized filters for lower cost. Eheims are like the Cadillacs of canisters. I've never been able to afford one, but would love to own one someday. Another big advantage of canisters (besides the ones Tithra already mentioned) is that they are QUIET. I can't stand the rattling and the waterfall sounds from HOB filters. Drives me insane. Canisters can be so quiet that you have to put a hand on them to see if they're actually running. Another plus is that you can adjust the outflow to aim it anywhere in the tank, and really play with the currents until you have a setup that is perfect for your fish. Lets YOU decide where the "dead spots" are. I like to keep more than one filter on a tank, but for me that's usually two canisters. Once you go canister, you'll never go back.
  9. I think she just has a tiny dot where the water line should go. That wouldn't personally worry me.
  10. Check your marker -- it probably says "non-toxic" on it. Most markers are these days. That should ease your mind.
  11. Your post title suggests you've spawned these two together -- maybe dragon eye orandas will result? How exciting!!!
  12. Very nice! I've had good luck with plakats holding white color. They don't tend to get a red "wash" as easily as veiltail bettas, at least in my experience. Congrats on the new fish!
  13. Yes, but that's the weight of the water alone. Add substrate, filters, tank hood, etc. and it can weigh significantly more. Another plus of bare bottom or light-substrate tanks. Up to 25-30 gallons, I'd feel comfortable with a well-built piece of furniture. Bigger than that and I'd personally prefer a dedicated aquarium stand that distributes weight evenly and is designed expressly to hold a large tank.
  14. A lionchu is a ranchu with very well-developed head growth. Ranchu-type body (arched back with deeply tucked tail), but lionhead wen with big cheeks. Ranchu + lionhead = lionchu. And the phoenix and the eggfish.
  15. Cuteness overload with those animated gifs! Thanks, everyone, for the good info. It sounds like really excellent food, and I always have at least one floaty-inclined fish.
  16. Wow, that is some incredible calico coloration, Hidr! I love calicos with black fins like that. Lovely!
  17. Jeez, I disappear for 6 months and barely understand the lingo around here. So tell me all about this Repashy food that everyone seems so keen on. I get that it's powdered gel food you add water to, but want to know why it's great -- sell me on it! What I've read so far sounds good, but what makes it superior to other foods? Oh, and last question: Does it affect color? I usually have at least one goldie with a white color base, so will it alter that? In my laundry and in my goldfish, I like to get my whites their whitest.
  18. Given that it comes with the stand, I'd say that's a very good deal. The stand alone for a tank that size is about $150 and up new.
  19. My biggest is Triton (he's my avatar and in my sig), who's a whopping 6 inches PLUS tail. He's unbelievably girthy. You almost can't span his belly with two hands. He's been growing non-stop since I got him last year (at 4 inches), and there's no end in sight. Triton and my other 2 live at my best friend's house right now.
  20. Don't get too bogged down in the numbers when it comes to gallons per fish. In my experience, it's a flexible thing that depends on MANY factors, not just an automatic "two goldfish need a minimum of 30 gallons," or whatever, regardless of their size. Your new ranchu is a young fish, and won't contribute as much to the bioload of the tank as a much larger fish would. You're good. I believe some folks on here keep grow-out or "tots" tanks, which can be stocked much more heavily than the traditional "rules" would suggest, because the fish are young and small. As they grow, they're moved accordingly to larger spaces, or the numbers in the tank are reduced, etc. I think sometimes we all get a little swept up by the "goldfish need X gallons to thrive" rules and don't factor in the many things that can make this more flexible. An eight-inch ranchu wouldn't be happy in a 20 gallon tank, even though it has the "appropriate" gallons for a single goldfish. Similarly, a group of small, young goldies could thrive in that same tank, even though it would technically be "overcrowded." Relax, and enjoy your new ranchu! He's a cutie. Very sweet of your in-laws (?) to do that for you.
  21. I've bought all my big tanks over the years used on Craigslist. Haven't gotten a lemon yet. You can get some screaming good deals that way, as a lot of folks buy a brand-new high-quality setup and then get out of the hobby within a year. If buying used, make sure the seller fills the tank with water so you can see that it holds water. Inspect the silicon -- does it look new, or kind of ratty? Look the stand over carefully for signs of water damage. Last tip: White vinegar works wonders on hard water stains!
  22. Ranchus. They're like fat little whales when they shimmy along without dorsal fins. Cloe second is pearlscales.
  23. I like acrylic for small tanks (5-15 gallons) because they're lightweight and can sit easily on a dresser or desk. For goldfish, though, I've only had glass tanks.
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