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  1. I'm so bummed! I used to practically live at that store when I was an SF resident. The variety of goldfish they had was just phenomenal. What a loss to the hobby...
  2. STUNNING. Absolutely gorgeous. That color just knocks my socks off.
  3. Mine! Mine! Mine! Seriously, those fish are so stinking' cute I can hardly stand it.
  4. Yes, liquid Prazi Pro is perfect. Eeeek, bubble eyes! Sorry your mom won't take you. I got a big reminder last year of what it's like to be at someone else's mercy when it comes to getting rides -- I couldn't drive for 5 months after my brain surgery. It SUCKS, and totally flashed me back to being a pre-16 teen. Don't worry, I bet there will still be plenty of bubble eyes there when you're able to get a ride. Hang in there.
  5. Perfect lionhead profile on that fish! Absolutely classic. You don't see lionheads that nice very often.
  6. Another option is to pour a little white vinegar on the rock. If it bubbles, it is not safe.
  7. The tele eyes feature crossed with other stuff has potential to be soooooooooo cute!
  8. I know the narrower width isn't ideal, but I don't have much space width-wise and think it could fit well and still have good gallonage. AND/BUT... I just got off the phone with yet another Craigslist seller who has a 26 bow with stand, and hopefully we'll hook up this weekend 'cause that would be even better! Perfect for that pair of bubble eyes I'm coveting!
  9. I've corresponded with a Craigslist seller about a 37 gallon tank he has for sale. The price is excellent (comes with stand, lights and other goodies too), and it's basically mine if I want it. I thought it would be a good "intermediate" size as I get back up to speed physically (had brain surgery last summer, blech, and had to rehome my big tank with friends because it would have been too much to maintain and wouldn't have fit in my bedroom at my new place, Casa de My Mom. Yes, after more than 20 years, I'm living back home for the first time -- brought my pug and cat, of course, but I miss my goldfish so. I guess brain surgery and rehab are valid reasons for coming back, and my mom is fantastic, but there's still so much I miss from my old life). Anyway, anyone have any input on 37 gallons? Love yours? Hate it? It's a bit taller than I'd like for goldfish, but I think the narrower width will appease mom, who hates aquariums and is convinced anything bigger than 5 gallons will break and flood the house.
  10. I've always had good luck ordering fish through the mail -- never had a DOA yet. Of course, it depends on the seller and how experienced they are, and how much they care about the fish they send. But I've always received mine in excellent condition. Think about what your goldfish, purchased at the LFS, has been through before it gets to you. Generally, it's shipping from China with thousands of others, often by boat, for days or even weeks. A day or two through the U.S. mail is no big whoop by comparison.
  11. The late great Pharaoh! Prettiest chocolate in history. My 3 ranchus all came from Tommy at Goldfishnet.com. I've had great luck buying fish from there.
  12. That's one of my all-time favorite tank sizes. My ranchus adore their 46 bow.
  13. Do all your goldies gulp air, or just one in particular? Is it mostly after feedings, or just throughout the day?
  14. I find that young goldies seem to put much of their growth energy into body growth for at least the first year, sometimes two. Length and girth seem to be the priority. Then the "extras," like lovely long fins or chunky wens, start to accelerate. When choosing young goldfish, I avoid fish that have well-developed wens or long flowing fins at a very young age. In my experience, that's a sign that the fish isn't going to have good overall growth and reach a nice big size.
  15. Fantastic tank! Turkey basters work well for sucking up those stray pieces of goldfish poo...
  16. One of my ranchus floats on any kind of pellet, not just PG. With other fish in years past, PG was the only pellet that worked well for them, and other brands made them float. I think it varies quite a bit from fish to fish. You have to experiment to see what works for each one.
  17. I admire your willpower for leaving without him. That took strength! Such an adorable little ranchu.
  18. I tend to acquire full-sized goldfish. 3 adult ranchus in a 46 gallon bow front is perfect for me. The more densely you stock, though, the more those big water changes become very important. Remember, even given all the space in the world, a goldfish will only grow as big as its genetics dictate. Although you stand a much better chance of helping it reach its full potential in a large volume of water.
  19. That giant orange ranchu RULES that tank! Just lovely.
  20. I don't think an empty snail shell will break down in a tank. I used to feed snails to my Figure 8 puffer, and she'd spit shells all over the place that remained in the substrate for ages.
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