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  1. Yay Roos! Prettiest chocolate pearlie EVER!
  2. What a little busybody! Love him. And those FINS! Simply breathtaking. He looks somehow extremely pleased with himself.
  3. They look so teeny in there! What an awesome tank. An option for hollow ornaments that I've used: Fill the ornament with aquarium gravel (to weigh it down). Snip a piece of medium weight plastic (I've used CD cases) to fit over the hole in the bottom with some overlap. Use aquarium sealant to glue the plastic piece over the opening. Voila! A solid ornament!
  4. I always use fabric. Here's what I do to get a smooth, seamless look: Measure the back of the tank glass, the part that's inside the plastic frame of the tank only. Take those measurements to your local plastic store (check the Yellow Pages under "Plastic Cutting," we have one here that does it while you wait). Choose a thickness that won't buckle or bend, but that isn't too heavy either. Wrap the front side of the plastic with the fabric as if you're upholstering it, using duct tape to secure it to the back side. Pull the fabric tight before taping to make sure there are no wrinkles. Doesn't matter what the back side looks like, so use plenty of tape. Affix the wrapped piece of plastic to the back side of the tank, nice side in, either by taping it to the trim above and below (for smaller tanks), or by using woodworking clamps at the top to hold it in place (make sure the clamps are large enough to squeeze open over the entire top trim of the tank, and squeeze just the background and the glass). I tend to fill my tanks to the brim, so I get the clamps that have rubber covered tips, since they'll be in the water a bit and I don't want exposed metal in there. And voila, perfect background! Probably sounds like a great big hassle, but the results are worth it. You get a smooth, seamless background that's pressed directly to the glass and keeps out water during water changes. And you can change it as often as you like! Just pull the fabric off the plastic, re-wrap, and poof! Here's an old version of mine: And another goldie tank I used to have: Just did this with my new tank, and the plastic piece cost $8 to have cut.
  5. Ooooh, SO excited to see how these babies progress!
  6. A betta will love having 10 gallons and will surprise you with how much he uses it. After seeing my own betta (quite a while ago now) in a big tank, I'm even more saddened by the awful little betta bowls and tiny tanks typically used for them. I would think that filter would be fine, as long as it doesn't produce an overly strong current. Bettas don't like to be blown around. You could do fairly small water changes for one betta in 10 gallons. 25% once a week should be fine. More if you're in the mood. Bettas like it warm, 81 to 82ish. Deco is totally your call. A hiding place or two will be appreciated. But bettas can become very social and may not use them. They do appreciate having a plant or two (real or fake) to rest on though. Substrate or not is also up to you. Bettas aren't big substrate pickets (they're mainly surface eaters) so he won't mind either way. Bettas are enjoyable little fish! Be sure to share a photo when you get yours! P.S. You'll need to "feed" the BBs (beneficial bacteria) in the tank until there's a fish in there, since you already moved cycled media into the filter, or else they will just die off. They need ammonia to eat.
  7. If you post a thread in the Diagnosis & Discussion section about the tummy sore, you'll get heaps of help.
  8. You have a lovely group of comets. . I agree that the white ones look blind, which really shouldn't handicap them much. Many of the fancy varieties are quite challenged visually as well. Goldfish will release eggs whether there's a male around or not. The odds are good that you have at least one male, though.
  9. Goldfish are more about surface area than tank height. With those dimensions, they'll have plenty of surface area for oxygenation, so the depth of the water/height of the tank shouldn't be an issue. Smegy, I love tall tanks too! But I'm not 5'10" -- I need a stepladder to own one!
  10. Yep, definitely gettin' a Python! Don't know how I'd manage without one. Thanks for the kind words, everyone!
  11. Those tropical pellets will suffice until you get the "good stuff." Your goldfish can also eat most seafood that you eat. Mine have always loved cocktail shrimp diced finely (rinsed well to remove salt), crab, tilapia, sole, etc.
  12. Just looks like old food and/or poop and/or accumulated slime. Should be fine to get rid of it. Swipe out with a paper towel.
  13. The velvety (matte) black fish I've had have always stayed black for me. The metallics always seem to bronze out and then go orange.
  14. You could definitely keep 3 goldfish in there, once the tank's cycle is up to speed for the 2 fish you already have. Definitely quarantine (QT) when you get it. Yes, moors are another variety of goldfish. Telescope goldies can have a bit of trouble finding food, so you'll need to make sure he gets his fair share, either by feeding at different sides of the tank or by teaching the moor to hand-feed. I taught my late great red and white telescope to hand-feed, which was fun for me and also ensured he got enough. He shared a tank with several goldfish varieties with no problems. My 3 ranchu live in a 46 gallon bow front. It's my favorite size tank! Congratulations on the upgrade. Looks great!
  15. Canisters have two main things going for them: They're powerful, clean a tank beautifully, and have tons of space to cram in media so your biological filtration is top-notch; and They're quiet. Like, you have to put your hand on them to know if they're running. I looooooooove that.
  16. In addition to needing answers to all of the above, I can tell you right off the bat that you need to change Mak's water more often. You said he acts weird about a month after a water change. Change his water much more frequently, please. He's a great big fish in a small tank.
  17. I've kept many varieties in my years of goldfish (almost 25 years now!). I'd have to say orandas, followed by ranchu and telescopes, have been the most consistently outgoing and non-fearful of the bunch.
  18. It's good that he can maintain his balance when he stops swimming vigorously. I'm not a mod, but will offer that I've had ranchus behave this way when they're in the early stages of SBD.
  19. Nice color contrast! Very cute ryukin.
  20. It's risky not to quarantine, no matter how well the store cares for its fish. You might want to prazi the main tank as a precaution. That said, cute new fish!
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