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  1. Cooking up a big corned beef and cabbage dinner today.
  2. Yep, I removed virtually all decor and added a sponge to the filter intake. It does have gravel, though. I'm going to take my chances there.
  3. I loooove vintage bamboo tanks! I've only seen one in operation once, though, at an old tiki bar. I've coveted these for a long time and would love to have one someday. (Incidentally, that eBay seller is smoking crack if he thinks he's going to get anywhere near the asking price for that tank. They go for $100-$300 here.) They have a couple drawbacks from a practical fishkeeping perspective: Volume tends to be really small. These usually are 15-30 gallons at most. Best for small tropicals, not goldfish. They're old (duh), and generally need all the glass replaced (brittle old untempered glass, yikes) or at least resealed. Some have metal edges exposed inside the tank. Old metal that rusts = dead fish. The bamboo can be rotten, so even if you replace/reseal the glass, the stand may not be trustworthy. They're difficult to outfit with filters and equipment because of the nature of the stand and cover. Nowhere for filters to hang or power cords to pass through. These tanks are leftovers from the old "put some fish in a container of still water and hope for the best" era of aquaria. Still, they look super awesome and I'd kill for one! Keep an eye on Craigslist if you want one. I see them pop up here a couple times a year.
  4. Hmmmm, my most recent purchase was more than a year ago and i started buying from him dating back to 2009. What a shame, sounds like things have really deteriorated. The fish I got were just plain perfect 99% of the time. One of my adult ranchus is at 3 years plus. What you said would make me hesitate to buy again, though.
  5. Am I getting over sensitive and paranoid, or was this directed at "moi"? I think she just meant that she'd be afraid to use beach unless someone who had actually used bleach on an acrylic tank said it was safe. That's all.
  6. I've gotten a number of fish from Tommy at Goldfishnet.com. My experiences were all good -- nice healthy ranchus and good service. I did have a problem once, but he replaced the fish with an even nicer one free. Sorry to hear you didn't have a good experience!
  7. It's hard to find an oranda with such a vibrant, snowy white. Beautiful!
  8. Snail sizes are deceptive. While they may look small, they are major waste producers and have a big impact on the tank's bio load. They can also incubate diseases that won't affect them, but can sicken your fish. Snails are great hosts for bacteria and illness. When possible, just say no to snails in goldfish aquariums.
  9. So I had completely decided on a new fish: a lovely calico butterfly telescope with fantastic oversized eyes. When I went to pick him up, though, I kept getting pulled as if by a magnet to the bubble eye tank, and came home with one of them too. Oops! This is the first time I've ever had a bubble eye, and I've been keeping goldfish since the late 1980s. I think it's probably the only commonly-available variety I've never kept before. I've had ranchus, orandas, fantails, ryukins, teles, pearlscales, and even commons and comets. But never a bubble eye. Why? Because I've always been convinced their sacs would deflate on me within 5 minutes of arriving home. So now I'm running to the tank every few seconds, it seems, terrified that I'll find the new guy's bubbles in tatters. I thought fish keeping was supposed to be a relaxing hobby? I do have gravel, which I've read isn't ideal for BEs. I'm minimizing the tank decor, though, and pulling out a couple beloved pieces in the interest of eye sac safety. I put a sponge on the filter intake too. So I've got my fingers crossed that this will work out OK. He's so adorable I can hardly stand it: Those ridiculous bubbles just slay me.
  10. I've never heard of them. They sell directly to the public?
  11. You gotta call him Superman! Or Kal-El. Nice fish -- very unique coloring.
  12. Love him, Gus! He's sure a busy little guy! Awesome coloring.
  13. Sure ya can. You groom a dog to get him looking his best for a show. You groom a goldfish by feeding him the best foods and giving him the best possible water quality to help him develop to his full potential: big size, shiny, full wen, long fins, etc.
  14. These pics aren't the best (taken with my iPad for convenience), but I was eager to show off my new fish. I got my new Craigslist tank, a 30 gallon, up and running this week, and I was able to stuff the new filter full of cycled media from the ranchu tank. So it was time to get some fish, yay! I had selected a lovely calico butterfly with the silliest, biggest eyes I've seen In a while. Picked him up today, and he's settling in nicely. Here he is: And that's all I was going to get, honest. This followed me home all on its own, I swear. So eek, I have a bubble eye for the first time EVER! He's so entertaining. I wasn't really planning on getting one once I'd decided on the butterfly. But I just couldn't help myself. Started salt and prazi today. The butterfly has some balance issues that lead me to believe SBD may be in his future or past, which is concerning, but once I'd picked him out I just couldn't change my mind. No names yet. Suggestions welcome!
  15. That would go, with stand, for $125 to $150 here, asking price. Probably actually would sell for $100 to $120.
  16. This is like those vids of goats that scream like humans, but in goldfish form. Can't you just hear it?
  17. A willow at Walmart? Who knew? Quite a little treasure you found there. Keep us updated on QT. I bet he's just lousy with cooties.
  18. I personally think you would have enough circulation going with those two filters to skip a bubble feature altogether if you wanted to. If they're big strong fish (and it sounds like they are), and you aim the filter outputs appropriately, you could have plenty of circulation throughout the tank and water movement at the surface to not need a bubbler.
  19. OMG, you should have seen my tanks when I first started keeping goldfish, Mikey, back in the olden days before there was an Internet to consult (yes, THAT long ago, you weren't even a twinkle in your mom's eye) and the LFS had even worse info about goldfish care than they do now. I was ridiculously overstocked. I kept 6 or 7 goldies in a 20 gallon tank and just thought they were only supposed to live a few months. It was through trial and error (lots of error, sadly) that I learned how much space a goldfish truly needs, and how important water changes are. And I learned the hard way about treating all kinds of fish illnesses, sickness I never would have encountered had I given the fish more space. (For instance, back then we thought fin rot was a disease all by itself, instead of a symptom of other problems.) I do understand why new fish keepers like yourself want to push the boundaries a bit and do some experimenting. I'm the first to admit that on paper, it sounds ridiculous to allow 15-20 gallons each for a goldfish. I also think you can stretch those guidelines a bit with young, small fish IF you're a meticulous keeper with an extensive water changing regimen and a future plan in place to upgrade tanks as the fish grow. But please, learn from at least a few of my mistakes. I see goldfish all the time that knock my socks off, and I get that heart-pounding, gotta-have-it feeling, and it's SO hard to walk away. But for the health of your other fish, sometimes, sadly, you just have to say no. I still push things a bit myself, remembering when 10-15 gallons per fish was the standard recommendation. But I haven't dropped below 15 gallons per goldie in years now, and I get to enjoy my finned friends a lot longer than I used to. You seem like someone who's trying to give your fish the very best, so go ahead and do some learning by trial and error (in fact, I encourage that!), but also take advantage of the knowledge we have to offer nowadays, and know that it too was gleaned through trial and error, and a whole bunch of fish flushing.
  20. Caudal = tail fin. His is going to be long and pretty!
  21. Looks like a nice smooth back with no bumps, and that's what you want. He's going to have an amazing caudal fin!
  22. A new AquaClear would be great for my new tank!
  23. I never could connect properly with the seller of that lovely 26 bow front tank I wanted from Craigslist, unfortunately. Flakey guy, just was always "too busy" for me to pick up the tank, and kept asking me to call back again the next day. After nearly two weeks of that (!), I gave up. I was bummed to let that tank go, but it apparently just wasn't meant to be. After more time spent scouring Craigslist, I came up with a lovely second choice, and the price was right, so I picked it up on Saturday. I was definitely limited by space when choosing a tank this time around, because I have a really particular spot where it has to fit and it also has to be small enough for me to maintain easily. So basically, narrow width and nothing over 30 gallons. I wound up with a 30 gallon extra high with stand. I'm the first to admit that, on paper, an extra high tank isn't ideal for goldfish, as I know they theoretically need more horizontal than vertical swimming space and good surface area. That said, I've had a tall goldfish aquarium before (I can't believe I've been keeping goldfish for almost 25 years now!), and to be honest, they always did equally well for me in the tall tank. As a bonus, I love the way it looks; a tall tank really makes a statement. So, is it perfect? No. But is it good enough? Certainly. The price was excellent, and it came complete with hood, light, and a nice black stand. It fits into the space I designated for it perfectly, and it's right next to my bed, so I can watch the fish when I'm lying down. I'm really digging this aquarium a lot more than I expected to -- it's looking really good! I spent hours cleaning it up, though. It was pretty disgusting. Once I'd gotten all the algae soaked and scrubbed out, I was left with hard water stains the likes of which I've never encountered. I expected my usual white vinegar scrub to clean those right off. Wrong. They were the nastiest, most stubborn things I've ever seen (and I've dealt with some pretty rank used tanks in my time). I soaked paper towels in vinegar and left them stuck to the tank glass to try to "soften" the crud, which helped to a degree. But even that didn't take care of all of it. After much elbow grease was employed, I got it to the point that you could no longer feel the hard water just by running your fingertips over the stains, but you could still see them. I had a few more goes at it, and finally just had to call it quits. You can barely see the stains anymore, but I know they're there and it still irritates me. Deep breaths. Let it go. The tank's basically set up and ready for water now. I'm going to be able to insta-cycle it (I hope) by adding media from my old ranchu tank. I had those two canisters crammed full of all kinds of stuff, so my plan is to snag some of the bio-rings and a couple handfuls of filter floss from my friend's house and hope that does the trick. Now comes the part I love more than anything else: Choosing fish. I want to keep things affordable this time (I'm still not working full-time after my surgery, so am trying to rein in my spending). I also want to start with smaller fish, so that they don't immediately outgrow the tank or feel crowded. So while I've been drooling over the online auctions of late, I'm going to stick with the local LFS. Fortunately, my fave LFS has had some pretty nice goldies recently. I honestly don't know what I'm going to end up with, because I feel open to just about anything after years of only ranchus. There are some good-looking crown pearlscales, a handful of butterflies, some nice young ranchus (if I decide to fall back on old habits), and some pretty adorable bubble eyes. Bubble eyes never used to appeal to me, but they've really grown on me lately after seeing some of the beauties kept by other members. Their fragility still freaks me out (I'd be so worried about those sacs!) but I just might end up with one after all. We'll see! I'm going on a reconnaissance mission to the LFS after work today to see what's still there, what's gone, and what's new. Ooooh, this is gonna be fun!
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