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  1. What a looker! Really like those markings. I'm sure he'll perk up quickly for you.
  2. I love the blue oranda. I'm not an oranda person, but I've always wanted a blue.
  3. Gorgeous! I love colorful gravel. Your speckled oranda is to DIE for! Super unique coloring! Like a calico with no red -- I love it.
  4. When I had a large tank, I would tear my canisters apart for a full cleaning about every 3 months, but I was understocked and was running much more filtration than necessary. I had two mid-size canisters on a 46 gallon aquarium. Whether you have gravel as a substrate or not makes a difference, too. If you do, a fair amount of waste and uneaten food becomes trapped in the gravel and never reaches the filter. In a bare bottom or sand substrate setup, the filters will collect more mulm.
  5. Awwwww, look at the precious little girl! Una, she's divine! Nice fish too. But OH, the baby!
  6. One food I avoid if I have a white-on-white fish is Saki-Hikari (purple). Yellows those whites FAST, in my experience. This was Fargo. It was hard to find foods that didn't yellow him, but what worked was Pro-Gold, peas, frozen bloodworms, and VERY rarely brine shrimp.
  7. I would definitely lower back to .1% as soon as feasible. I know these guys can technically tolerate some salt, but in my experience with catfish (albeit non-plecos) it does weaken them. Good boy for quarantining, Mikey. Goooooood boy.
  8. Yes, I've had many a SVR that tips forward due to a too-heavy wen. Balance is important!
  9. My fish would get a yellow tinge to their white on Saki-Hikari. Much less so on NLS-A.
  10. I've never had luck getting a fish to recover once it's bent into that C shape. I'm not trying to take away hope, but it's probably wise to be prepared for the worst, unfortunately.
  11. He's going to be DIVINE when he's big. Such a great body shape! And the start of a wen already. Can't believe he's a Walmart fish...
  12. Cute fish! I think the black is the last remnants of his fry coloration, and that he'll be an orange fish eventually. Just my .
  13. Super cute! Great smooth back and nice tail set. I look forward to seeing him/her grow.
  14. Your fish have that amazing, vibrant color that they can only get from sunlight, algae and LOTS of space. Looks like goldfish heaven for those fish!
  15. Gorgeous! And their colors are wonderfully bright.
  16. I don't do live plants, just fake ones. My biggest aquascaping decisions are where to put the tiki hut, where the volcano should go, and if I want pink or purple plants (went with purple this time!).
  17. It's only 8 bucks or so for Furan. I understand the starving college student thing, believe me, but given what you spent on the adult fish, I'd think the fry were worth making every effort for.
  18. In just body length, not including tail? Doubtful. Pearlscales channel most of their growing energy into their bulk/roundness, not length.
  19. Whether to heat the tank it not is open for debate -- some folks do, some don't. I'm in the "do" category, particularly when it comes to pearlscales, as they are prone to constipation and floatiness due to their overly round bodies, and I've found that a warmer, stable temperature helps them digest their food better. I also think that although, as Chelsea said, any goldfish has potential to grow large, pearlscales are indeed one of the slowest-growing goldfish varieties and do, on average, remain smaller than many other breeds. It's rare to grow those softball-sized pearlscales you see online in home aquaria. Those sizes are typically achieved via growth in ponds.
  20. Some LFS will take a larger pleco off your hands. It's not ideal, I know, but it's an option. I empathize so much with your situation. I had unexpected surgery a few years ago and had to use a walker and go through rehab for a year afterward. I was in no shape to care for my big tank, and my BFF took it on. Fortunately, she caught the goldfish bug and took immaculate care of them, and still has the tank. One of my original ranchus just passed away recently and she has new goldfish. I have a smaller tank that I can now manage on my own. Wishing you a speedy recovery!
  21. I've only had one bubble eye in 25+ years of goldfish keeping, just fairly recently. He was wonderful and I eventually got over my fear about his bubbles. There was a member here a couple years ago who did tests on her deceased bubble eye's bubbles to see how fragile they were. They were remarkably sturdy! Even a knife had trouble cutting into them with light to medium pressure. Great fish, and I wouldn't hesitate to have one again.
  22. I would think so. A full 20 gallon, without decor but with water, would be a bit over 200 pounds. If a 200-pound person could sit on your counter, I'd think a 20 gallon tank could go there.
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