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  1. Thanks so much! He's a really fun fish, much more active than I expected. He's all over the tank and even likes swimming in the bubbles from the airstone. I really like him a lot.
  2. Wow, what an amazing assortment of fish! The blue lionhead is my favorite.
  3. Willow grew FAST! They're both lovely, Hidr.
  4. I love the way Google just follows him around!
  5. That butterfly just knocks my socks off. Amazing fish! Was he/she from an auction? That one red/one white eye is killing me.
  6. I'm really thinking color change based on the wen. I've never seen a wen get dark burns like that -- there's very very little blood circulation in the wen, and when it's damaged it tends to fall off or deteriorate, not heal.
  7. Separate water changers really are important. Otherwise, there's really not a reason to QT a new fish separately, as using a single water changing hose totally cross-contaminates. When I kept 2 tanks, I had 3 water changers: 1 for each tank, and one for QT.
  8. I'm gonna rock the boat and say that I personally think you can comfortably house 3 in a 45 gallon. I've had 3 fully grown ranchus in a 46 bowfront for a very long time with absolutely no water quality problems or illnesses. They're very happy and healthy. But I subscribe to the 20-for-the-first/10-to-15-for-each-additional school of goldfish keeping for the most part. That's just how I roll.
  9. I would have done the exact same thing. I don't fault you at all for moving her. Poor battered little girl -- she needs to be away from those nasty boys!
  10. Red dots like that always seem to be bacterial infections for me. Under Trinket's advice, when I had two fish with red dots like that (although they had other symptoms too, like lethargy), I salted to .3% and fed Medi-Gold for 14 days and it cleared up. Just throwing that out there.
  11. I still haven't fully decided what to use as a staple diet for my two new fish. In years past, I've been a huge fan of Pro-Gold. It always gave my fish excellent growth and seemed to enhance their colors without muddying their white (which is why I took Saki-Hikari out of the rotation -- it gave my white goldfish an orange wash). In fact, I fed Pro-Gold back in the days when it was brand-new and was called Sho-Gold. Yep, been keepin' goldfish a long time, longer than some Koko's members have been alive. Ouch. This time around, I wasn't able to order any Pro-Gold before getting my new fish, so I grabbed a container of New Life Spectrum at the LFS where I bought them. I have to say that I'm pretty happy with it so far. My calico butterfly was showing a predisposition toward floatiness/slight SBD when he first arrived. That appears to be resolved now (yay!). All they've had is the NLS, one serving of peas, and some bloodworms left over from feeding my dwarf puffer. So I probably have to give the New Life Spectrum (and lots of good clean water) credit for the improvement in the butterfly's balance. So I think I'm going to stick with the NLS as their staple food right now. It's working wonderfully, and I don't want to rock the boat. They're almost done with their second round of prazi, and I think it's safe to say that I have a couple of keepers here. Floaty? Me? Not anymore!
  12. My all-time favorite tank is a 46 bowfront. I looooooooved mine. I kept 3 ranchus in it happily for a very long time (in fact, they're still in it and thriving!).
  13. I would so totally love to acquire one of those babies if you have one to spare later! They're going to be so pretty!
  14. That's some amazing growth for a year -- you're obviously doing things very very right. Congratulations!
  15. I've always found ryukins to be super-hardy and get really impressive growth right off the bat. I'm with Alex on this one -- go ryukin!
  16. I've never had a crystal, and really like them a lot. I'm living vicariously through yours. She's gorgeous! What an interesting color change, to be getting MORE black!
  17. Wow, how awesome to actually know a breeder! Those fish have some serious potential.
  18. Guppies aren't schooling fish in the strictest sense (if you look at a tank full of guppies, they're all over the place), but they do feel more secure with other fish around. Groups should have 2 or 3 females to every 1 male to minimize aggression between males. Be prepared for lots and lots of guppy fry!
  19. They're all darling, but I love love love your white lionhead and calico telescope! Super-cute!
  20. Vinegar's my go-to as well. Using a plastic spackle scraper tool thingie helps too.
  21. No, it doesn't apply to most fish. Goldfish are a wonderfully unique and varied species, which is why there's such a steep learning curve involved when first keeping them. It surprises a lot of folks.
  22. I think a 35 to 40 gallon would be an excellent lifetime home for a single fancy. 30 if it's a smaller variety, like a celestial.
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