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  1. Be sure to dissolve the salt before adding it to the tank -- you can't just dump it in.
  2. Bubbles are always a cool effect. And they provide good water circulation and aeration, so that's a plus. I see Lila! She's just awesome.
  3. I loooooove breed-specific tanks! Yours looks divine. That red fellow is particularly good-looking. I'm glad the little black one made it through QT for you, he's darling.
  4. Excellent growth! They've kept their color wonderfully too.
  5. Wow, 5 years and still going strong! A real testament to your good care. She's lovely.
  6. Once you go goldfish, it's hard to go back! A 110 gallon goldfish heaven. I can't even imagine how utterly awesome that will look!
  7. That looks like poo with bubbles in it. Eggs are single little transparent things that adhere to surfaces.
  8. To for a TastyWorms t-shirt! I would love the looks I'd get in one of those!
  9. I highly recommend the Rena Filstar XP line. They're very affordable and get great GPH for the price.
  10. Yes, but make sure you tell everyone that comes over that you only paid $40 for the tank. Because technically, that's true. Like my Craigslist 46 bowfront that I got for $80? I conveniently leave out that the filters and accessories cost $400.
  11. Ugh, you have a gulper. I've had a few of those over the years, and there just wasn't anything I could find to do for them. Once you've ruled out flukes (you have), ensured there's adequate aeration (you have), tried feeding smaller amounts (you have), tried feeding various types of food (ditto), in my experience there's not much else to be done. The fact that the fish only pipes at the surface after eating tends to suggest that it has something to do with low oxygen levels after eating, either in the tank or in the fish (oxygen levels are lowest after feeding). But unfortunately, I don't have anything to offer that you haven't already tried. Gulpers can be heartbreaking, and infuriating at the same time. My last gulper was a red and white butterfly named Archie, and I would find myself almost yelling at him when he would inevitably pipe after eating, going, "Archie, knock it off!" as he did it. He didn't get floaty from his gulping, though, which was a huge plus. On the sunnier side, Archie lived 4 years in my care and was a wonderful fish otherwise. Hang in there.
  12. Yes, canisters are virtually silent (if, as Tithra said, you fill the tank above the output). That's one of their main attractions for me -- HOB filters' buzzing drives me bonkers!
  13. Fun! I love when people decorate their tanks for seasons and holidays. Your bird is adorable too!
  14. I also toss the media from a QT filter and disinfect the filter itself before putting it back on the main tank. As Helen said, it will become re-colonized with good bacteria shortly, and be ready next time you need to set up QT.
  15. Be careful with sponges intended for kitchen use -- some contain antibacterial/antimicrobial stuff to keep them from mildewing that may not be fish safe.
  16. Now it needs a tiny garden gnome!
  17. The fact that they're moving has me stumped. Otherwise, they look like partially eaten bloodworms. I'm sorry, I really don't know.
  18. They look like partially eaten bloodworms to me too. Do you ever feed bloodworms? Oh, and are they wiggling, or do they appear dead?
  19. The color they get from some sunlight is a-ma-zing! She looks terrific!
  20. That sounds very reasonable, Alex, and it's the first time I've heard that "exception" from anyone. It's a relief, to be honest. I do think the 20 gallons per fish, period, always, no exceptions ever ever ever mantra has been adopted with kind of a rabid fervor by some of the people on here, to the point where they don't focus on anything else. On a puffer forum where I'm a member, they implemented a policy for posts in the new members/posting to say hi section that if someone posted a "Hi, I'm new, these are my fish and tanks, glad to meet you!" message, but weren't asking for advice, nobody could bombard them with "You're doing it wrong, that tank's not big enough" posts, so as not to scare them off. I think perhaps the mod team here might consider something similar. I wonder how many new folks we lose who post once and think, "Ugh, these people are ferocious," and quietly disappear, because the "You're doing it wrong" posts aren't always the most welcoming -- I understand that everyone wants to help newbies succeed, but I think it gets pretty overzealous at times.
  21. That was an older recommendation, but it was found not to work out. For the record, I, and many others, have been stocking at 20/10 for a very long time with no problems when water parameters are kept constant. I have to confess that I'm not on board with 20-per-fish, period, becoming the new "rule" for everyone, all the time, period, no questions asked. There is much more to consider, such as age and size of the fish, and potential size of a particular variety. Some of the most active people on Koko's maintain MUCH more densely stocked tanks for youngsters and smaller fish. An experienced keeper who is diligent about water quality can sometimes go with the original 20/10 guideline with no ill effects. Also, just wanted to add that I haven't seen a dramatic decrease in D&D threads or problems under this new protocol either. I totally get that we should advise newbies to allow as much space for their fish as they can possibly give them. But to say that 2 goldfish can't live comfortably and successfully in 29 gallons if water quality is maintained? I just don't agree. I've kept 2 fully grown goldfish in a 29, happily and healthily.
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