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  1. Wow, great dorsal fin! He's adorable, and I love his color.
  2. For something a little easier to remove, you can also use aquarium silicone. Comes in tubes, will hold those suction cups down but can be scraped/peeled off if you change your decor later. Just be sure to cure the silicon according to package directions.
  3. Found an online seller of baby ping pong pearlies and ordered some to ship this week. I'm not particular about color with this variety of goldie, as long as they're nice and round, which I've been assured they are. They typically only come in orange, orange/white and calico anyway, and like I said, I'm not fussy. Just want them roly-poly and ... healthy. For freak's sake, let them be healthy. So I have their tank disinfected from the others and ready to go. Picking up another wad of cycled media from my friend today (she's hosting the Superbowl party I'm going to), and will feed the BBs with fish food the next few days until the fish arrive. Please be gentle, mail carrier. Precious cargo. I'm giving the tiku thing another chance, so help me.
  4. I would be way beyond irritated. If you were nice when you called them about the mistake, you're a better person than I am.
  5. Totally agree. If your nitrates are 40 after a water change, and only 5 from the tap, your water changes aren't big enough and/or frequent enough.
  6. So all 4 of the new tikus perished within the first 48 hours. Am I surprised? Not really, because that's pretty much par for the course for me with this variety of goldfish. And I wasn't the least bit surprised when I returned to the LFS to find that the rest of their batch of tikus (about 10 or so) had died on them, too. Right now I have the tank running with an extra-heavy level of salt, to kill off the ich that these little boogers brought in (which naturally bloomed on them and became visible AFTER I had bought them). I'm still debating what to do, fish-wise. Maybe it's time for a goldfish break. I could get a little posse of dwarf puffers, which is always fun (they're really interesting and interactive fish!). The only drawback to DPs is their size; they are seriously tiny and you have to stand right in front of the tank to appreciate them. I have my aquarium light on a timer that turns the light out about half an hour after I go to bed; it's awesome to lie there and watch the fish before I fall asleep. Can't really do that with the puffs, because they're too small. Another option would be a pair of red eye puffers; they're easily sourced online right now. But with those, you have to worry about feeding them crunchy foods to keep their teeth filed down, which means snails, and I'm not in the mood for breeding snails at the moment. Too much work. So those are out. SIGH. I guess I'll just wait until something aquatic smacks me upside the head and says "ME! I'M THE ONE!" Most likely a goldfish, preferably some pearlscales, but we'll see... A passel of baby bubble eyes would be awfully fun too.
  7. He'll no doubt be very happy in there! That's a nice little betta kingdom!
  8. I do too. When I had a 55 gallon and had two 24" lights, it seemed like the dead center of the tank wasn't lit as well. There was that small gap between the lights and it was noticeable. Give me one long light every time.
  9. Wheeeeee! I love seeing fish play in the incoming water stream. That has to be so refreshing for them!
  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE your DPs! I've kept dwarf puffs on and off over the years, and also Figure Eights (though the brackish thing is a pain in the rear end). I'm so glad you found live blackworms -- when I was reading the first post, I was all set to reply that those were a must. My last DPs ate those almost exclusively, and turned their snooty little noses up at anything frozen (thawed). You're right, snails make a huge mess and those shell bits are almost impossible to vacuum up. Since DPs don't have issues with their teeth overgrowing, you really don't have to worry about giving them "crunch" in their diet anyway. I would treat mine occasionally with live brine shrimp just for variety. It's a hoot to watch them swim after the BS and gobble them up! It's funny, I would never give live food to my goldfish for fear of introducing parasites and weirdness, but puffers seem to handle live foods with no problems. Probably because they're not genetically effed-up like our beloved goldies.
  11. I've used most of those things at one time or another, including those chem stars (first link). Bottom line is, if your chosen bio media has plenty of surface area, and you keep your tank parameters stable, there's really no "best" option to use -- it's all good.
  12. SIGH. First senseless tiku death. Barely got the salt and prazi in there, and poof! One gone.
  13. Just to prove I'm nuts about wonderfully tacky theme tanks, my Figure 8 puffer tank with tiki theme:
  14. I say go for it! Unless the scuba diver is holding, say, a serrated metal knife in his hand, you're probably safe. I love air ornaments. They can give a real sense of movement to the tank, especially when the fish are just chillin' and not very active.
  15. They're definitely painted plastic -- I've had a few of those over the years, including the skeleton steering the ship. They were terrific in my dwarf puffer tank, which had a pirate theme. I've used both a bubbling treasure chest and a bubbling clam with goldfish at various times with no problems. No pointy edges. But my tastes definitely lean toward the tacky side when it comes to tank decor.
  16. I haven't kept goldfish without feeding Pro-Gold since the mid-1990s (back then it was called Sho-Gold). What a loss! And Rick's MetroMeds have helped so many of my fish. I do also like New Life Spectrum pellets, Hikari Lionhead and Saki Hikari (purple) for very small goldies. But Pro-Gold was always my staple, and was often the only pellet that floaty fish could tolerate. I'm bummed out...
  17. That's a good Petsmart, they always have nice big orandas in that top left tank. AquaWorkz has some stunning ranchus and orandas right now, and is where I just got my new pearlscales. Always up for meeting a fellow goldfish enthusiast! PM me anytime.
  18. I'm in Sacramento too -- which LFS did you find her at? I'm going to guess AquaWorkz. My favorite. . She's a cutie for sure.
  19. I don't have a water hardness test, but our county report says it's 114-190. Good to see you guys!
  20. Lisa! I can't believe how they've all grown! Congratulations to you, master fishkeeper!
  21. Seems like life gets in the way of my Koko's enjoyment at times -- it has really been a while since I've browsed around here! It's always weird when I come back from a Koko's break to see how many new folks have joined and become very active voices on the forum. Don't get me wrong, it's a great thing, but I'm like, Who ARE you people? Well, welcome one and all! Sadly, I lost Astro, my beautiful calico butterfly, just last week. I got to enjoy him for two years, but it's never enough, is it? Hula, my bubble eye, fell victim to the overfeeding of a pet sitter while I was on vacation last spring. I had portioned the food for the goldies into individual baggies, and instructed her to only feed ONE bag per day, but I came home to this: "They were so hungry that I fed them four bags, one after the other, and they ate it ALL." So I'm pretty sure the resulting ammonia spike was what did in my delicate little bubble boy. Needless to say, I have a new pet sitter. So, finding myself fishless, I stopped by my favorite LFS this morning on a whim, just to see what they had. Lo and behold -- a tank full of tikus! (For those who aren't into pearlscales, tikus are the super-round ones without headgrowth that are also known as "ping pong" or "golf ball" pearlies.) Tikus are an old favorite of mine, although I have never EVER had luck at keeping one alive for more than a year (and for many, it was a matter of mere weeks or, if I was on a hot streak, months). Ping pong pearlies are notorious for being delicate and difficult to keep alive (although I realize the same can be said about most fancy goldfish, but just trust me, these guys are challenging for even an experienced keeper). After ogling the pearlies for at least 15 minutes, grinning from ear to ear, I selected my favorite four, had them transferred to a tank holding baby black ranchus, paid, and watched them hang the "THESE PING PONGS SOLD!" receipt on the glass. I'll be picking them up tomorrow -- have to get my tank up and running and stop by my friend's house to mooch some of her great BB-laden filter media so I can have an insta-cycled aquarium ready to go. Let's just hope past history doesn't repeat itself. It's been years since I've had tikus. Wish me luck, will you?
  22. Wheee, baby fish of your very own! Congrats, Lisa! Very exciting!
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