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  1. Very interesting! I love the idea of a more natural alternative to water conditioners. I know that Prime, when used properly, is harmless, but the stench always makes me wonder what else is in it, and why other brands don't reek like that. Pew!
  2. Love those early growth spurts. They look terrific!
  3. I've never read anything that indicates it could be harmful to fish.
  4. Wheeee! Love living vicariously through these fry threads. Keep posting! Do you have pics of the parents to show us?
  5. Pretty much. It's the local crab from the San Francisco Bay. Everyone will tell you that the crab where they live is the best, but Dungeness truly rules all. I'm a crab fanatic, so if I'm having some (steamed or boiled), a pinch or two goes in the aquarium. Turns goldfish into sharks. Feeding frenzy!
  6. I use a pellet as their base diet. Now that Goldfsh Connection is out of business, and I can't get Pro-Gold anymore, I'm experimenting with others. I like the results I got from New Life Spectrum, and Hikari Lionhead is an old favorite. Years ago, I fed Saki-Hikari (purple), but I didn't like how it discolored my white fish. I occasionally give thawed frozen bloodworms, peas, zucchini, or any seafood I'm having myself. Goldfish go insane for Dungeness crab!
  7. Ohhhhhh, it's different for shrimp then. Meal is GOOD for dog foods, when it's turkey or chicken or beef or duck or venison or cod or what have you, and I just assumed. Dog foods don't contain shrimp. Well, you know what they say about assumptions...
  8. They look wonderful! The tricolor even seems to have regrown some pearls! I've heard that's much more likely when they're young. You're making me reconsider my tiku-pearls-only policy!
  9. Actually, meal is GOOD if it's the first ingredient! Meal is just meat, but dehydrated. It's not byproducts (which is the unsuitable-for-human-consumption stuff). And if it's listed first, there's actually MORE of it by volume than there would be if it just was listed as "shrimp." If it's listed as, say, "shrimp" or "cod, " that means meat that's still hydrated, which weighs more than dehydrated (meal). They're counting the water weight as volume. But if it says meal, they're not counting the water weight, and it therefore contains more meat. See what I'm getting at? Meal is good, not bad. It's not byproducts.
  10. WOW! They're lovely. How about a pic of the parents, so we an see what these little beauties are striving for? (Or point me to a thread with their pics?)
  11. Think of the freeze dried worms as more of a treat than a meal. Go easy. . You could feed, say, 2/3 of their regular pellet meal, then a small pinch of the worms.
  12. Without having tested the water, there's really no way to determine precisely what happened. But even if you had tested, you still might not know. My best guess is that your fish literally ate themselves to death -- too big a meal all at once, of a high-protein food they weren't used to. I don't think a single cube of bloodworms could have fouled 30 gallons of water to a toxic level within an hour, especially given that you did a water change. Yes, frozen foods are safe if handled correctly. Now you know to never, ever thaw and re-freeze. When I feed bloodworms, I do the Hikari BioPure (sounds like that's what you had), which are guaranteed to be free of parasites. Freeze dried foods aren't inherently bad; they can just cause constipation and/or floatiness in some fish. If you want to feed them, pre-soak in a little cup of tank water so the food is no longer dry and crumbly. I used to squeeze the air out of freeze dried bloodworms after soaking, before dropping them in the tank. But it's been years since I've fed them. Congratulations on your new fish! Goldfish keeping can be a tremendously fun (and sometimes, tremendously frustrating) hobby. There's lots to learn, and mistakes to be made. We've all made them. Keep with it! The rewards are worth it.
  13. Most medications, human or animal, don't magically lose their effectiveness on a given date. I personally would feel fine using yours for the year you'd intended.
  14. Wow, wish I had a tank that nice just sitting around! Wilbur is a lucky little bubble eye! I had a terrific bubble eye and found him to be among the friendliest and most engaging of all the goldfish I've had. Enjoy!
  15. So glad you shared! I'm particularly partial to pearlies. Yours is lovely!
  16. What transformations! The pics of Fathead and black chu's growth should be posted on the goldfish tanks of every LFS, or else in the tank aisle, next to the bowls and the 2-gallon setups.
  17. Smaller fish sometimes have problems with the firmer veggies. Broccoli can cause gassiness in some goldies, so keep an eye on that in case yours share that trait. Kale can be good, although I usually par-boil it first (about 1 minute). I've honestly only fed kale a couple times, but they loved it.
  18. Just throwing this out there for any mods who might not be pearlie-oriented: Pearlscales get that under-the-skin "bruising" look when something's not right. Doesn't necessarily indicate a filter injury or pleco "suckage." For my fish, it's often been an outward manifestation of an internal problem, but not necessarily the root of the problem itself. Kind of like how fin rot isn't a disease, but a symptom? Hoping that's helpful...
  19. Move the fish. Borrow a puffer. Snails -- POOF! In all seriousness, though, be careful of anything that will cause a mass snail die-off. Rotting snails will destroy your water quality in no time at all, making ammonia levels deadly for your fish. The best way is the dreaded tear-down and cleaning, IMHO.
  20. Once you go canister, you'll never go back. I like my tanks quiet, and canisters are virtually silent. No more waterfall sounds and random rattling noises! I've been using Filstar XP canisters for years. I ran a 29 gallon for goldfish with an XP2 (300 GPH) and was more than satisfied. When I had a 46 gallon, I ran a pair of XP1s (250 GPH each, for a total of 500). The XP2 (sometimes called the XPM) can be had for about $110 on places like thatpetplace, or you can find a coupon elsewhere.
  21. Unless you're conditioning them for breeding (in which case having them experience seasons can be helpful), there's really not much point, IMHO.
  22. Shrimp are fascinating, and your tank is gorgeous. They kind of creep me out, though, and I probably won't ever keep any myself. Too insect-like, I guess. :
  23. Most varieties of mollies actually do best in brackish water, which is an entirely different ballgame. They also get much larger than most people expect. I'd avoid them.
  24. I'm declaring the day after Groundhog Day a holiday. Y'all can go to work (I am), but can't actually, you know, work.
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