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  1. Also, I was unsure about getting a comet/telescope mix because I thought it might be a much faster swimmer than my slow, fancy goldfish and would be able to eat more food faster making it harder for the slow ones to get food- thoughts?

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    I wouldn't worry. A telescope, even one with a comet body, will naturally be slow to find food.

    It's not hard to keep different varieties together and ensure that everyone is well fed.

  2. I don't think they look too thin, at all.  Nice, gently rounded tummies obviously full of BBS.  Looking good!


    Can't wait to see these fry develop -- pearlie/tele crosses are often ridiculously cute!

  3. Much less common to GAIN black than to lose it, but not unheard of.  One of the most entertaining aspects of goldfish is their potential for color changes.  What you see when you buy them, particularly if they're very young, isn't usually what you get later.  Makes things interesting.


    Enjoy!  Most people mourn when their black ranchu turns orange -- you've got the reverse going on, so count yourself lucky. ;)

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