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  1. I wouldn't worry. A telescope, even one with a comet body, will naturally be slow to find food.It's not hard to keep different varieties together and ensure that everyone is well fed.
  2. Absolutely lovely! A shukin is on my bucket list, for sure. For now, I'll live vicariously through yours.
  3. He's absolutely gorgeous! What a nice distribution of color he has. Such vivid reds too!
  4. So glad you had those thinkin'-about-it tacos! That is a fish that should NOT have been left behind! I love the way, on his right side, his white coloration goes straight up to that awesome dorsal, like a stripe or a mohawk.
  5. Hi RanchuDressing!!!! How are your pearlies going? Terrific, thanks! All four are going strong, no complaints here.
  6. Lovely! The white ranchu reminds me of a fish I used to have, my all- time favorite:
  7. I don't think they look too thin, at all. Nice, gently rounded tummies obviously full of BBS. Looking good! Can't wait to see these fry develop -- pearlie/tele crosses are often ridiculously cute!
  8. The odds of getting a baby black ranchu at the LFS and having it remain jet black are extremely slim. Chances are excellent that you'll see major color changes almost right off the bat.
  9. Have you ever had one before? They're insanely entertaining!
  10. Balloon mollies are fun, and I'm still growing out some of the babies from last year, but I just couldn't stay away from goldfish altogether. Last June (or was it July?) , they got another batch of baby tikus at the good LFS. Against my better instincts, I set up a tank for them and went for it, bringing home four, thinking that a couple would surely perish, and I'd manage to keep one or maybe two if I was very very lucky. I'm as shocked as anyone that, 8 months later, all four of the little boogers are alive and well and haven't had a single illness or mishap. No ich. No floatiness. And most importantly, no inexplicable deaths. I absolutely adore them and just couldn't be happier. Once the balloon mollies are grown, I'm going to have a spare tank. Keeping my eyes open for baby bubble eyes now.
  11. Adorable, all of them. Telescope orandas rock.
  12. Much less common to GAIN black than to lose it, but not unheard of. One of the most entertaining aspects of goldfish is their potential for color changes. What you see when you buy them, particularly if they're very young, isn't usually what you get later. Makes things interesting. Enjoy! Most people mourn when their black ranchu turns orange -- you've got the reverse going on, so count yourself lucky.
  13. Absolutely darling! Makes me yearn to have ranchus again...
  14. Gorgeous pics! The closeup of Spice's face is my fave.
  15. Lovely! Happy fish, gorgeous tank. Love that song, too.
  16. He looks so happy in there! What an awesome tank. Congrats on surviving QT (you, not Wish -- QT stinks!).
  17. How big do the BN plecos get? I confess, I'm pleco-phobic, just hate them (they freak me out!!), but I don't mind them so much when they're small. I'm having some serious algae issues and am considering (more like just barely toying with the idea) getting one.
  18. Adorable, all of them! They'll probably be ready for the main tank in time for the holidays, which should be tons of fun.
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