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I'm a longtime goldfish fanatic who got back into the hobby in 2009. I've kept goldfish on and off (mostly on) for more than 25 years. My favorites are ranchus and pearlscales, although I've had most varieties at one time or another. I currently have a tank full of ping pong pearlies that I adore.

I have a deep and abiding passion for 1950s/60s atomic space-age furnishings and related tchotchkes, so aquariums filled with realistic river rock and live plants just don't cut it for me aesthetically (although I admire them in the tanks of others). My goldfish aquarium boasts bright turquoise gravel and a tiki motif, including a bubbling volcano and fearsome tiki statues. The fish seem to enjoy their kitschy surroundings!

In my non-fishy life, I work for a nonprofit animal welfare organization. I love animals of all kinds, whether finned or furry.


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