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  1. Thank you everyone. Guldklumpen, I'm so sorry for your loss, as well. =(
  2. Thank you CmB. Even the smilie hugs give me some warm fuzzies. lol Oh I actually live in Nor-Cal! What temperature does winter get there?
  3. Ah. His name is Raimu, btw. Sorry about that. Its kinda hard to even think of his name so I guess my brain just skipped that part in the post. Heh. Thank you, dnalax. Kulukan, that fern idea is wonderful, especially near the pond. Kukana, Gardenias are one of my favorite plants and I was thinking about those. I figured they were more outside plants, though. Do you keep yours inside?
  4. Hello everyone, It has been incredibly long since I've been here and I'm sorry to return on such a sad note. My beautiful fancytail recently died. He was very special to me. A very dear friend picked him out when he was no bigger than my finger tips. He had a beautiful long tail, cute buggy eyes, and he was a shiny green! As he grew up, he turned black but his underbelly remained that shiny green. He was active until the last hour. When I walked in the room he did a little wiggle and followed me around. When I wiggled my fingers at him he'd wiggle even more. Haha. Even before he died he wiggled a little when I approached. I never liked flushing. I've always buried my fish in the yard. But with this one, I want to do something special. I want to put him in a flower pot and grow a flower. I guess its a way to keep the little guy close. Does anyone know if this is ok? I don't know if a goldfish's natural ammonia will effect the soil. Also, is there any special way that I have to do it? And any suggestions on what a good house plant that would suit the occasion, as well?
  5. I completly agree with you, Sakura. Federica, Martha, you both are great owners to your critters, and you both have great points and ideas on how to raise them. I'm sure no matter what method you two decide on, your turtles will grow to live healthy and happy. That's the thing with forums: we can only speak our mind and give advice. Though in the end, we leave the reader to interpret what we say and hope that they listen well, whether they go with our way or another. Because in the end, all that matters is the little critters we're talking about. So thank you for the advice, everyone. @Stakos: Ewwwww! Really?! Why can't you put paper down it? @Scott: Lol! Alrighty. After work, I'll take some pics and put them in the picture forum. I'll put the link up here. =)
  6. And so cute! Thank you! Man they grow up so fast... When I got Crush in January he was a little bigger than a bottle cap, but now he's almost as big as my palm!
  7. WHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! I want to see him!! Can you post pics on here? Or if you post them somewhere else, can you link me? I don't care either way I just want to see the lil cutie!!! Please please please please please! I shall remember that for next time. And I'll QT Jitters for a little whlie longer. I do the same thing. I get as impatient as a toddler at Christmas to see the new fish with the rest. lol Thank you! Oh! And since I'm keeping him:
  8. You're in Switzerland?! Gaaaahhhh! Everyone is reminding me of Europe! Haha. (It just came to my mind that maybe I should start looking at the "Location" section. lol) Awww... Poor Dolly. That's one thing I learned about goldfish: don't name them after shapes or colors when you first get them!. Because a goldie named Spot may not live up to his name in a year! lol And Yesh, I'll do a thorough QT. He's on the 2nd week now but I may go for a month since he was already sick. Mhm. I loved it too. I want to move back to Europe. All the sights and style of living is so appealing. Oh! Federica, I have a turtle question that I must bring up. (I went to a turtle forum with this but I would like your personal opinion also. ) Last night, there was a complete blackout in my neighborhood. Everything was out: the lights, the street lamps, the electricity, and (more importantly) the heat lamp for my turtle. Since it was pitch black (I couldn't see a foot in front of me) I was scared Crush would drown in the water. (Not being able to see to get to the surface, getting stuck in a plant, who knows!) So I took him out and put him in a container with a clothe to keep him warm. If you were put in that situation with a random blackout, how would you go about keeping your turtle warm and safe? (Also, do our semi-aquatics get dehydrated easily if they don't submerse in water after a few hours or so?)
  9. For now, maybe I'll keep him with the others. He's got at least a year or two before it gets a wee bit crowded. That will give me more than enough time to think how I want to decorate the tank and get the money for it. Hahahaha!! Sakura I literally laughed so hard I nearly fell off the bed. (And awww... my goldie is losing his version of baby fat. He's growing up so fast. *sniffle* I have a feeling he's going to get some pretty colors as he grows older too.) Actually, methinks its a general European thing. I actually kinda like it. When I was in Germany I would hook the straightener up in the livingroom and watch TV. To me, that was soooo much better because I hate being cramped up in the bathroom for more than 5 minutes and it gets incredibly boring. lol God I miss Europe... Sarah I think my goldies and I will move in as dustbunnies in your closet.
  10. Hahaha! I was wondering when you'd drop by! And I thought I was going to get a kicking because you two just helped me with Raimu and Said and REALLY STRESSED that its 20 gal for 2 fish. I was expecting something along the lines of: "WOMAN!! I know the goldies are cute but don't become the fish version of the cat-lady!" rofl! My bathroom is really big. I have two sinks and a huge empty space in the middle with a plug smack dab inbetween. Convenient, no? I have no idea what he is exactly. I keep calling him a fancy until someone corrects me. lol
  11. Oh! And I think I'm going to call him Jitters. You know how puppies shake when they're reeeaaaaally excited? Well this fish does that. If you wiggle your finger along the side, he looks at it and jitters in place, doesn't even swim. XD
  12. No, no extra filter yet. I've been doing water changes ritually though. And I have a question about ammonia spots: how do you know if its an ammonia spot or just a marking? Like... this little guy would be easy. But Raimu is all black and Sai is calico. (Like Romano) A black spot would kinda blend in. Heh. So how do I know if its ammonia burn or is it just one of those: "Keep the darn tank maintenaince up, dummy!" lol Thank you, amy! I'm keeping him QT-ed for a little while and I'll keep a close eye on the markings. =)
  13. Agreed. I wasn't too happy about the flushing bit. I think he jumped out of his skin when I exclaimed a "DAAAAHHHH!!! WHAT?!!" Aye. That is true about the water changes. Oh! You know what I thought about though? I have a 10 gal from when the two others were in that. And there's a nice big space on my bathroom counter that it'd look lovely on. A few colorful stones, some fancy plants, and I have an aquatic theme and a new home for the lil guy. =D Do you see the kinda darker marks at the tips of the tail and fins, Tay? That's the markings. They're actually a bit darker in person. I know its hard to really notice in this pic. Sorry about that. lol Can you tell if its ammonia burn from what you can see?
  14. So a neighbor bought this tiny little fancy goldfish from some corporate store. nooppee or Target, I think, because the poor little thing is so sick. (I don't know about you guys, but the W@1-M@r7 and Target here have TERRIBLE fish care.) He had some bad fungus and our neighbor came to me for advice. I told them all I knew and after that he apparently deemed it too much work and was just going to flush the little guy! So I adopted him. =D I've been healing him for 2 weeks and he looks to full health now! He's so pretty too. A pure gold with a black stripe across the tips of his tail and the tip of his fins. (The pic below doesn't do him or the stripe justice. XP) I reeeaaaally want to keep him. For those who don't know, I already have a 20 gal tank with 2 goldies that are an inch long. I know everyone says that each goldie should have 10 gallons each. But.... Ain't he cute?!! Can I keep him?
  15. I hope so too. *crosses fingers* Is there any other signs of bacterial infection I should look out for?
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