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  1. Thanks guys I forgot how lovely everyone is here! I do have a tank which can go with them - it's an Aqua One 850R I believe, 36 gallons in silver with an oak colour stand. I only have a Mini so I'd have to test if it actually fits in my car!! More than happy for the tank to go with the fish, my only concern is them going to a good home.
  2. I used to be a bit of a regular on here but I haven't been around for a while - hey everyone! Unfortunately I am having to rehome my two beloved butterfly telescopes Deshi and Lei as I am moving back in with my parents and then renting for a while. My number one concern is them going to a good home so I was wondering if any UK Kokos users would be interested in rehoming them? I am based in Hertfordshire but am happy to drive within a few hours. The teles were bought as teeny tiny things from Star Fisheries last October and are currently about 3-4 inches excluding tails. Deshi is a slightly yellow tinged pure white and Lei is orange with white fin tips. They are very healthy happy little guys and such a joy to own. I'll try to add some pictures this week if I can. Kymie x
  3. Oh wow, what a tank! I can't wait to see it set up!! The paint job looks great and I agree, I think black gravel will look amazing
  4. The tele in picture two is awesome! Surely you could just about squeeze him in Oh to have access to Rain Garden teles
  5. She's beautiful, totally worth the wait! Those fins are amazing!
  6. She's looking great! What a stunning little girl she is
  7. Good for you Fang It's great your co worker was open to advice and that fish will have a better quality of life because of you
  8. Stunning I think Chiba is now my favourite!
  9. I'm so glad things worked out Sakura I can't wait to see the real Serafina!
  10. Such beautiful fish Loki is my favourite I think
  11. Now you mention it the head to body ratio is pretty different. Can humps shrink?!
  12. Hmm...I'm not sure, the hump and depth look a little different but the fins and mouth/head shape look the same. Maybe the light in the auction photo emphasised the depth? How confusing
  13. Poor little guy, he looks like he's had a hard time of it I really hope he starts eating soon. You're doing a great job
  14. Good luck Enesta, I really hope this little guy makes it You did a really great thing rescuing him Keep us posted!
  15. Noooooo you have to keep Clemmy! He's you little goldie fry! I agree, he does look a little like a lionhead with a dorsal - soooo cute!!!
  16. My 43.5 gallon tank has been set up for 2 weeks now with my 2 little telescopes and 2 filters running, one Fluval u4 internal and a hood filter which I love as it has loaaaaaaaaaaaads of room for media - anyway, I was doing a water change earlier and noticed a very fine carpet of green algae on the bottom of the tank My tank is nowhere near cycled yet so I definitely wasn't expecting any algae for a while! Is it normal for green algae to appear so soon? Previously I've always had to battle with brown first I'm definitely not complaining, it just surprised me! The tank has 3 anubias and 2 moss balls, I don't know if these would have encouraged the algae?
  17. Hey, welcome to Kokos! I love Saki HIkari (I have to order it online as my lfs doesn't stock it) - I also feed cooked shelled peas, algae wafers and other veggies. Gel food is great too, I'm planning on making a batch soon
  18. Hi and welcome to Kokos! I probably spend 20 minutes a day feeding and checking my 2 goldfish and then a water change takes maybe 2 hours as I spend a lot of time vacuuming up all the poop and plant guck (one of my telescopes likes to pull the roots off plants!). There's usually a few other bits to do as well which take up some time. Each week a minimum for me would probably be around 6 hours work (with a lot more watching time on top of that ). Though at the moment my tank is cycling so I'm on daily/every other day water changes to keep levels of ammonia and nitrite low. I'd recommend bare bottom as it's soooo much easier to keep clean - I have a few pieces of aquarium safe rock and some plants and moss balls so the tank still looks decorated.
  19. I like it - you should have left it up The purple one sounds even better, I can't wait to see it!
  20. Those poor fish look so unhealthy and unhappy
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