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  1. Incandescent or bleach would probably do it. As would salt in the water (on the off chance that you have salt). What works really well for betta housing for lighting is just a desk lamp with a daylight CFL bulb in it. How big is the tank?
  2. Poago

    Betta Planted Tank

    lClayton - your betta fish looks just like the one I got my little sis for her B-day, his name is Freddy Mercury I'm somewhat hesitant to add salt because I think some of the plants I have aren't particularly fond of it. I guess I shall adopt a *wait and see* approach. On another note, I will be going with my family to San Fran this weekend for my birthday and my dad's birthday. I want to go to Japan Center, China Town, and the Aqua Forest Aquarium Store! *smacks head* but wait, I have no money!! Spent it all on new tires Almost $600 for a set of new tires!!
  3. Thanks I will see about some more pics the next time I'm at my mom's house
  4. Poago

    Betta Planted Tank

    Update on the tank - added some new plants: Java Fern, Microsword, and a small piece of driftwood. Fish all seem very happy! It's fun watching Brick and (to a lesser extent) Lars pose for the ladies. I don't really have a set schedule for the lights, because I have no timer. Dosing Excel 1mL once a day, and Flourish 1mL once a week. I haven't seen any algae yet Question about one of the girlies? I can post it elsewhere if that would be better. Myriad, my oldest female, used to live with Olive, during which time she would gorge herself on Hikari Lionhead and algae wafers, and she developed quite the gut. She has been out of that tank for at least 3 weeks now, and has been on a serious diet. Since going into the divided tank, she seems like she is getting fatter! Even thought she gets less than half of what the other fish get, maybe 2 or 3 pellets per day, with usually once a week being a fasting day. Could she be full of eggs? She is right next to Brick, the ladies' man, who constant poses and builds lovely bubble nests, so could this cause eggs? What happens if she doesn't release them? If that is the case. BTW, she is swimming normally and is very active. She doesn't sink or float, and is constantly swimming around exploring around her section of the tank, so I don't think she's constipated... Plus the fact that she's been on a diet for the last 2 or 3 weeks.... This is myriad and her fat belly: And here is one sorta from the front, so you can see just how huge her tumtum is. It sticks out sideways. And I was particularly happy with these two pics of Brick, so I will throw them up here 'cuz it's *sorta* relevant Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Thanks everyone! ThoughtsofJoy: I have a Canon Rebel XT - I was shooting with my macro lens I <3 my macro lens Alistair: I have a couple pics of her where she has the exact same exp​ression as the fish in your pic, like she just saw the aliens land or something
  6. I'm not sure if someone mentioned this, because my comp is being super slow and I can't look thru all the comments, but you could try tying java moss to the rocks with fishing line to soften them up a bit? It reminds me a lot of the planted thank with the "buddha" stone, with one larger stone, and two smaller ones leaning towards it... Looks nice!
  7. Poago

    Betta Planted Tank

    I certainly hope so! I've been deciding what plants from my list to put in there... Hope to have them ordered and received by next week?
  8. Poago

    Betta Planted Tank

    I actually was able to find them in black at the craft store, so the only thing I painted was the outside back of the tank. I was very happy to find them in black, and the right size, too
  9. ALL RIGHT! Pictures Sorry, I have this annoying tendency to post too many pics! Olive-R (with breeding stars on ...his pectoral fins) Yes, the white is new, been steadily growing for maybe the past couple months? Still not much wen growth tho... And, just for fun, his new friends! Marty, the once-chocolate moor (her color is changing every day, visibly) Named for Marty Feldman Sherman, the tank. For SURE a male. My mom had, erm, issues with him recently, but he's calmed down a lot. That is also why we call him "the tank". Marty and Sherman Group Shot!! No, I did NOT train them to do that lol.
  10. Poago

    Betta Planted Tank

    It's ALLIIIVE! Bwahahaha! Beware of far too many photos The tank is finished (except for adding more plants), the fishies are happily swimming about in their new home! So far I have one marimo ball, two small bunches of java moss, three-ish stems of some kind of bacopa I think, some strange plants that I think is a different bacopa, and two parts of previously one anubias. I tried my best with the water deposits, but they were pretty bad and I think I will just try to slowly work on them when I do water changes or something. I broke up some rock that I used to have in my other tanks and threw those in there, but I might try to find some different/more rocks, especially if I'm gonna have shrimpies, as they will need places to hide. The filter gave me some trouble at first getting started, but with the touch of my boyfriends magical fix-anything hands, it inexplicably worked. It's QUIET. I'm sitting right next to it and I can't hear a darn thing. I put the "spray bar" under water because I don't want "spray" lol. Myriad (female) is on the output section as she got used to filter currents from her time in the 10 gallon tank. Sorry, just trying to fill time while I wait for pics to upload to photobucket.... okay, only a few more..... DONE! Okay, so here is the tank filled and with the substrate. I love the Eco-Complete, it looks awesome and NO clouding hardly at all even with no rinsing, straight out of the bag. You can also see the lights I decided on. Imitation Ott-Lights, 13W each full spectrum Full tank shot with plants and fish added! Fish from left to right are Lars, Adonis, Brick, and Myriad. Lars (he I think is a copper red, his colors look different depending on angle, lighting. Sometimes he is a golden (copper) color, other times steel blue. The Brick-man posin' for his new lady-friends... Sorry, I couldn't get any good pictures tonight of the girlie fish...
  11. Poago

    Betta Planted Tank

    Yay, it's glass I will go get a blade today from my mom's house Thankyou-thankyou-thankyou!
  12. Sure I will try to get over to my mom's at some point tomorrow to take pictures I will be out running errands anyway... Then you will get to see Marty and Sherman too (my mom's fish). Marty's a girl (telescope) named after Marty Feldman and Sherman is, well, a tank (another ranchu). Will have to tell the story of Sherman another time.... Will try to get pics up tomorrow!
  13. Poago

    Betta Planted Tank

    Lol, things always seem easier in the planning stages. It's always the execution of the idea that gets you. Water deposits are HARD to get off. I scrubbed with vinegar and a scrubby on one little section for like, 10 minutes and you can hardly see a difference! (I thought I saw an emoticon somewhere in there for banging your head against a wall) So I may just deal with the deposits So, tomorrow, I will be off to the craft store to buy some more plastic mesh, then I will spray paint it black. Then, all that's left to do is start up the new filter (with media from an established filter, of course), put in the dividers, put in the substrate and fill 'er up! ...And best part, get my plants!!! Luckily my birthday is coming up (I have jump-on-sofa parties for my birthdays!!) I'm sooo close!! I can't wait! Then I get to (possibly) tear it down and move to a new apartment lol. I FINALLY got a job after being laid off in December, but it is 20 miles away (where my bf goes to work and school also) so we might move. Sorry, bit if a tangent there...
  14. Poago

    Betta Planted Tank

    So found some lights that will work. But now the mesh is being mean. I rinsed it off (since I painted it black) and now it is all floppy and impossible to get into the binder things. Time to go to the store again and get some thicker plastic mesh. I hope I can find it in the right size.
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