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  1. Ok, got the pics. Figured out my mini stack ( external harddrive) got unplugged, camera was hooked up to my mini stack so my computer wasn't "reading" the camera. I added a little fresh water, but if I did some major work on the tank, I'd be pulling an all nighter here since it's already around 2AM now. https://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/p200x200/1013710_10200239743704753_949996812_n.jpg https://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/p200x200/1013371_10200239745624801_4795013_n.jpg
  2. Good luck everyone in the market for a new tank here.
  3. Unless I get any further suggestions, I'm going to stay up another hour doing google searches on treating injured aquarium fish , observe injured Bromley goldfish and do nothing else with the tank tonight. Possible plan for tomorrow, 25% water change, add melafix. Remove uninjured goldfish (Esthera) and put her? in my other goldfish tank(That ended badly last time trying to have three goldfish together in that tank so I dunno?) or in one of my tanks in the basement( which are not cycled, but I do have a 40 gal. down there filled with water).
  4. Bleeding seems to have gone down( could see wisps of blood in the water before). Looking at what seems like overall slime coat damage/or dust from a piece of carpeting I have directly under the aquarium stand.
  5. Yeah, I don't have a good track with injured fish. Restarted my computer twice and am having trouble getting my camera to load pictures, hope it's not because of some software updates I did today.
  6. Ok, got off the ground and is swimming around ( good sign). I see two small bloody areas on the gill area top and bottom on one side. Not a good place for a fish to get injured. Trying to post two pics, but well you know my camera here doesn't really take very good pics.
  7. I was trying to sleep about an hour ago intending to bike to my Unitarian in the morning when I heard a strange noise. I started thinking an animal got in, happened to look in with one of my goldfish tanks and saw one of my goldfih( Bromley) flopping around on the floor!!!... Scooped up and put him? back into the tank. But Bromley is now bottom sitting and bleeding from the side/gill area now. What to do now?.
  8. I was hoping this would have a happy ending, sorry.
  9. Yeah, that's why I gave up upgrading my goldfish to a 75 gal.
  10. My experiences with featherfin catfish having kept them before with cichlids in a community tank is they are fine with suitable sized tank-mates and they will get territorial around their favorite hide out. If there is a conflict concerning their hide out and another fish this is when they will become aggressive towards other fish. They are not the dedicated predators that some catfish kept in aquariums are. They are typical oppertunity/ omnivore fish that will eat fish small enough to fit into their mouth. So if you give them large enough tank-mates and enough space for their favored hiding place, they are good community fish.
  11. It would be a good breeding project for someone who has enough room to undertake this project.
  12. Marbles protect eggs from egg scatterer parents who tend to eat their own eggs.
  13. A pair of goldfish from RG died from shipping problems and a refund was requested.
  14. Congrats. I put marbles in my first goldfish tank in case they ever bred and then they both turned out to be boys.
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