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  1. There are so many variables when it comes to stocking. I have seen it all from suppliers with excessive ratio to 1 fish in 500 gallons. I have other pond friends and I have talked to them to get thier take on it. Some are breeders and suppliers though, I guess thier input should be taken as such. It all depends on how much circulation, filtration and o2 you have supplied to the fish. I was tryin to help someone a couple days ago and I feel thast I got a little slap in the face and they walked away which is fine, I only tried to help with my info. I will not offer any suggestion or assistance in pond building anymore, but here are some links below, please use them. I am running 1" per 16 gallons right now. My Goldfish are at thier maximum, near 12" overall some of them. Of course you only need to measure thier actual body mass. So they are around 6" body mass. My Koi are running about 12" body mass. I have a total figure of 175" of fish. I am alloted 190" max and 160" suggested for my pond. I bult a 30 gallon vegi filter yesterday to help consume more more nitrate and waste. I designed it with a vortex effect. i was amazed at how much waste accumulated in the bottom center of the filter within 1 hour. So anyhow that is this years test filter. I'll make a vid of it later. I dont know why my type style is changed, i guess I hit the worng keys when typing with my big fingers, sorry LOL.. So anyhow check out this basic calculator if you have intentions of building a pond in the near future. http://www.hongslandscape.com/pond_calculator.php Also listen to this Vetrinarian on Ponds. This guy is a guru. http://www.youtube.com/user/nightopz
  2. Thanks all....... I will probably be gone for quite a while again from online. The season is starting again. Gonna get busy. I posted a Goldfish give away in the adds. I either need to give some fish away or I am gonna have to build the pond higher and deeper. I am looking at some Koi and I need room. I am getting close to full for this pond. At least I am full for the ratio I run, 2 small pumps and basic o2. Thanks ed
  3. I have to start culling. I am switching to just Koi. I love these Goldfish, had them since fry. I have about 10. They are about 8-12" in size. You can see them in my You-tubes in my posts. Good homes only. They are just getting to big for my fish/gal ratio. I run 16gallons per inch. I want to add some Koi that are gonna be over 18". I dont realy want them taken by rescue and auctioned off. I cant put them through that. I would wish they go to a pond and get at least 60 galloons each, they are BIG. e-mail me at greenejeep@msn.com
  4. Very good idea, cant eat if the plate is covered . haha racoons
  5. I replaced the video with a much better veiw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pq024pIQvYw
  6. Yes, they are always right there lookin at you wanting food. One day I will fall in and turn into Mr.Limpit.
  7. Oh your talkin about the Molly fish? They dont eat those. hehhe I get alot of them that are marble colored (black&white), those are cool. The small birds like the Kingfisher love those little fish. I'll probably get overrun with fish now, nothing can get at the fish now. Well maybe the snakes.....
  8. Koi dont eat Goldfish hehhe I know your kiddin ............ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_vbK0natZs
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAh50nJ8G-E
  10. eggzakly I guess I should have said that I tented the pond with netting.
  11. sometimes youtube can take an hour to clear the video up
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6IowHA41mIU
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