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  1. if your finrot does not go away you can use Maracyn One & two together and it should help with the fin rot. Some people say it will cause a cycle crash but did not in my case. I tested every day. I used it on my betta and his finrot is going away now. People don't like medications but sometimes you need to if you want your fish to live.
  2. My breeders are 36x18x16 and my 40 tall is 36x12x21 They do suck a bit water and then get floaty. It get annoying. I had the oxygen checked and it is about 9ppm. I am just trying to solve the mystery. I just figure that maybe people on here might have suggestions. Maybe I am doing something wrong. Could it be the food I feed. I use gel food made with knox gelatine about 6 times a week, mazuri gel, hikari froz brime, krill, blood worms, nls sinking pellets once a week, fresh veggies This is all i feed my fish
  3. Would a taller and narrow tank be better then. Right now my fish are in a breeder tank but it gets anoying that hang around the top all the time which they never did when they had a narrow tank.
  4. I was just curious why when I have a tall and narrow tank my goldies do good barley hang around the top but when I put them in a wide and short tank they hang around the top alot? Any suggestions to why?
  5. I have 4 angel fish about dollar size body part and they chase and pick at each other and I was not sure if this behaviour is ok or should I have them separated?
  6. Doe it mean anything if an angelfish blow bubbles on top of the water?
  7. To me the fins look fine. He can swim ok. I have the pumps partialybaffled anyway. Clean water should heal his fins I think.
  8. I happen to see a healthy small angel in a lfs but he has only his pectorial and tail fins. He is also missing the two ventral fins. How would I qt him?
  9. If you find the current to much you can baffle like this. I was thinking of getting a 110.
  10. How do you manage to use a 110 on a 29g?? Do you use one filter only.
  11. How people here use the 110's? I have a breeder tank and I am using two 70's but was thinking of one 70 and one 110.
  12. ok we can try that. Right now the lights are off and they are not hanging around the top.
  13. I just find it easier to feed the spinach gel. My fish find it hard to eat spinach.
  14. Can I feed them a spinach only gel for a couple of days? I made a spinach gel from fresh spinach. There is no meat or anything except the spinach and gelatin. They do regain their bouyancy before the next meal.
  15. We have noticed that most of the gulping does occurs after eating. They do gulp slowly though. I have tried the mazuri gel on the goldies before and they did get floaty. Tonight I gave them pea gel food.
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