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  1. Just to be on the SAFE side, I use a quart of aquarium water to boil/blanch veggies in.
  2. Breeding American Glass Shrimp can be a little bit difficult in the home aquarium. American Glass Shrimp are difficult to determine sex and they are a low order shrimp (their eggs hatch as free floating larva, not miniature versions of their parents) so they are a little more difficult to raise. Once hatched the small larva will require powdered algae (Spirulina is a great algae for this) and should be in a separate aquarium to avoid predation. The larva will metamorphosis to miniature versions of the adults in about a week. Once the larva have reached metamorphosis, they will require no further special care. Above info is from the link below: http://www.theshrimpfarm.com/wiki/other/american-glass-shrimp
  3. Is the tank glass or acrylic? And, do you have a strand, or planning on building one? If the tank is acrylic & you plan to build a stand? You might think about a DIY wet/dry trickle filter. W/D T/F's are easy to design & DIY. Acrylic tanks are easy to drill & installing a bulkhead fitting is simple. That way, you have a gravity feed tank overflow, that is foolproof if installed properly. You could build the stand slightly wider & a bit taller than normal. That way, it would be easy to design & fit a custom DIY W/D T/F in it. Advantages of a W/D T/F are several. Higher flow through rate than any other type filter. Largest bio-media capacity of any filter system. With ample bio-media, biofilter capacity expands/contacts on an as needed basis. Maximum oxygenation of flow water. Sump adds extra water volume capacity. Heater, etc can be in sump, not in tank. Very low maintenance & easy to clean. You can keep extra & large sponge filters running in the sump. (which gives you an instant & fully cycled filter for a QT tank, if need be) Open cell foam d am in the sump is an excellent mechanical filter. (simply clean it occasionally) A LARGE capacity W/D T/F can be built inexpensively. You can get very high quality pump on eBay, relatively inexpensively. That will last a decade in well cared for (Danner, Iwaki, BlueLine, etc). There are a lot of very effective types of bio-media you can purchase cheaply. I run a large W/D T/F on a 100G show tank & can stock it far past any recommended stocking rate around. With 0 nitrates, 0 ammonia, great water quality & clarity. Fish are fat, happy & healthy. More info if you want it.
  4. Soapstone is pretty soft. I would think in water over extended periods it would get even softer, even mushy. I think a resin soak would be a good idea to stabilize it.
  5. One of the 3 apple snails in my shrimp tank laid eggs on the light fixture cover just yesterday. Wow, started with 20 shrimp about 3 months ago & now have 200+ & thats after giving away about 50 or 75 to peaple who wanted to start a shrimp tank. Dog had 8 puppies, whats next? I'm glad my blue eyed cockatoo doesn't have a mate, othewise she would be laying eggs.
  6. Sounds like you have a mild BACTERIAL BLOOM. Not a big deal & may cure itself. You might also try adding a flocculent = water clarifier sold @ most LFS
  7. I would suggest 4ft depth for a large part of the pond. That provides more water volume, and depth for escape from preditors, as well as cooler summer time water temps & over-winters better than shallow ponds. You will find, setting up a pond properly, with a liner, biofilter & pump is not a cheap thing to do, even DIY. But, once done, if done right, it will give you a life time of pleasure.
  8. 7.4 / 7.5 is fine. Why change it?
  9. I am VERY carefull about such things. The ones I bought are 50% recycled rubber and 50% recycled polyethylene. No fungicides, no nothing
  10. So long as your lid is not air tight, and you have a high tank turn over rate, adequate biofilters and ample aeration, CO2 is not an issue. Matter of fact, if you want live plants to do well, besides good nutrients & ample lighting, you need a CO2 level around 15-18 PPM.
  11. Years back I bought all the scrubby pads the local dollar had. Which made me a believer in them, as they worked perfectly. Then planned to built far bigger W/D trickle type filters. So, I googled for a wholesale place that sold them as I needed about enough to fill a 55G drum. I found 2 wholesale places online that sell them in bulk. http://www.koleimports.com/default.htm < $100 minimum purchase http://dollardays.co...uring-pads.html I ended up buying several cases & the per piece price was about 6 or 7 cents each. Now building a moving bed type VORTEX filter for a bigger prodject & wanted a bouyant media for that. After checking prices on Kaldness K1 media: http://www.pondpetsu...ia/kaldnes.html I came up with a DIY floating media that has more surface area than K1, is inert & is near indestructable Would you believe lawn & garden type SOAKER HOSE.......... LOL Ended up buying 1000 ft of it. http://www.mrdrip.co...rhosedeluxe.htm
  12. I have a used MAG 350 that came in a trade deal along with a couple big tanks. I have it set up to run on my 55G QT tank, when & if needed. I kept the mechanical filter sleeve, discarded the carbon & stuffed the area where the carbon was with mono type scrubbie pads. You can often find these pads @ dollar type stores packaged about 6 or 8 for a buck. They last forever & are easy to clean. They have a huge bio surface area, something like 360 cubic ft, per cubic ft of pads. You could also used Matala type filter material, or some other brand like it, cut to size & rolled up. http://www.matalausa.com/subcat25.html
  13. I personally LOVE puppy breath! It must be a weird family thing LOL, glad you resolved the issue. I have a lot of puppy breath smell here right now, but not from the fish tanks, LOL But, not from the fish tanks, LOL
  14. Or, a large amount of limestone (calcium carbonate)
  15. I have used a course play ground sand (about $5 for 50 lbs @ builders supply) as a thin substrate layer about 3/8ths inch thick on my tank bottoms for 20 years. My GF spend about 25% of their time foraging in it for left over food they may have missed at feeding times. My GF are fat/happy/healthy & appear to enjoy it being there.
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