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  1. Hikari makes my floaty Ryukin go belly up within 3 minutes. The only thing he can eat is this and peas. And i have tried switching out for mixed vegies baby food and that made him flip too.

    If all else fails. And you decide to try gel. This is so easy. And once you have tracked down the pills they will last forever then you only have to remember 3 ingredients when it is time to remake it.

    Here is a quick recipe.

    6 jars of baby food, garden vegetables 4 ounce size

    can of salmon [small can tuna sized] (rinse, squash out water, and smash up very well so the gel will hold it in) or the packets. but still rinse

    1 cup of boiling water

    4 packets gelatin

    1 multi vitamin

    1 acidophilus

    Boil the water, add the gelatin stir till dissolved.

    Add the baby food and the salmon.

    Dissolve the multi vitamin and acidophilus in a tablespoon of water (cool to preserve nutrients) , add.

    Refrigerate till set then cut into cubes.

    You can add a half cup or so of finely chopped veggies to this mix as well.

    No problem Lupin. :heart Gotta love these goldies.

  2. Thank you guys so much. :heart I love you all. It helps knowing there are friends out there that understand what it can be like to be attached to a goldfish. It helps me feel not so nuts. And Becs i believe that is the sweetest thing you could have possibly said. Thank you. My tank looks so empty without him in it. I have others and i love them too and i really don't understand why he stood out from the rest the way he did. But he was always the one you look for first. I hope every one else has favorite fishes. And not just a tank full of fish you really like. Because there is a difference. From now on i will try not to get a fish unless it REALLY calls to me. I want a tank full of fish that i am in love with. Even if it is heart breakng to lose one.

  3. :heart:heart I had my dream fish for only a short time. But it was long enough to fall head over heels in love. He seemed more than just a fish,more like a puppy in a fish tank. I love you sweet Sushi. Your pain is finally over and i am so sorry I couldn't do more. So so sorry. I will remember you forever. You will always be my favorite. Swim free sweet baby. I know you are in a good place. :heart:heart




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