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  1. Awww. Thank you. I am thanking you for bringing them to my attention. :heart I get on that website ALL the time. But some how (and i can't figure it out!) I was missing the shukins. So i saw the little yellow in your post and did a double take. I'm like where the crap did THAT come from. Slam on the breaks!!! So i intermediately starting searching the site and BINGO !!! It took a while to decide for sure but i am so glad i caved. Thank you. :D

  2. Waiting is going to be excruciating!!!

    Oh Lupin i think i have too and i didn't even know what a Shukin was! But i saw it and just about died. Now i just can't wait to get my hands on the little rascal. :heart Lots of pictures by the weekend if all goes well. :D

  3. What an absolutely vile thing to do. I imagine he thought he was fishing right? How horrible. But how wonderful you saved the little doll :). Those gills should heal up and the filaments grow back in straight pink lines again.

    That is exactly what i thought all the way through this. He was either a stupid kid fishing in a goldie tank. Or a real sick-o that will grow up to be a serial killer or something. I'm hoping it was just a stupid kid thing because it is just awful.

    But it was good for you because you now have a lovely trio there. Nice save.

  4. Suki got a piece caught a couple of days ago. I have very large gravel. So i haven't been worried. But it happened and he came swimming right to the front of the tank towards me and i am like OH MY GOD this is more than i can take. I see this huge rock and i say Cescelie watch him i can't. I had just buried Sushi not long before. So my daughter is freaking out for me for a while because i had to step outside and calm down prepare to remove a rock and hope he fights it loose....and he did. MOM MOM !!!!! IT"S OUT MOM !!!! The happiest words ever. So the gravel is coming OUT. Because it does happen if you have stumbled across the perfect mix of the right gravel size verses the right fish mouth size. like i have.

  5. Try not to be so hard on yourself. You know i think that is why i let my hubby help with water changes. It's scary. Lives are at risk every time. Literally. So he uses the python while i watch from the front of the tank like a guard dog. He usually travels. Heaven help me when his work picks back up and i am doing it by myself. I guess i better start doing it now.

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