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  1. Well due to bad weather hitting us last night and leaving us with icy streets fedex canceled my delivery today. :yikes But i got on the phone and tracked her down. She had made it to the town next to us about 10 minutes away. So we bundled up and braved the ice and went on a rescue mission. Found little Kimono setting on a conveyor belt in a big scary warehouse ready to come home.



    There are a few more pics on my blog page if you are interested. They aren't very good but i wanted to share anyway. And i just can't wait to see everyone else's!! Where are they????

  2. Well after the loss of my beloved Sushi i decided to jump right back in the saddle so to speak and find the next love of my life. I hope. So i have chosen a little RainGarden baby.


    And it just so happens she/he arrived today. Here are a few pics. They aren't very good at all. It is terrified and i am trying not to disturb it too much.

    The box. Exciting huh?


    The bag. Lol.


    Let me out!!!!


    Put me back...




    She/he looks very sad. I can't wait till the fear goes away and the amazing goldie fun begins! More pics soon. :D

  3. Hello Sarah. I sure am sorry to hear Rusty isn't feeling well. Hopefully it isn't illness. Just a thought. Maybe he is afraid in the bigger tank. My Potter did that. And he had even been in it a while. But he started hiding behind a pot. All the time. After about a week of NEVER seeing him i took him out and put him in a 20 gallon. Right back to normal. He just decided the big tank was too much or something. Hopefully it will be something like this and not an illness. Good luck. :k055:

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