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  1. Thanks for coming Trinket! The whiff is very vague now. I've looked on tonnes of websites, and some say that now I should be throwing all my rocks away cos they release the bleach back into the water. Is this true? They are biorb pebbles, quite shiny and smooth. They are currently soaking in dechlorinated water.
  2. How do I do a fishless cycle? Never done it before! Thanks
  3. Oh and I've also put my filter, sponges, pebbles, plant and net in a bucket of dechlorinated water over night. Hopefully that will make them safer too.
  4. Yeah. I think I might do that tomorrow as its getting late now. Really hoping it won't leak!!
  5. Unfortunately not, my camera's broken! Its right on the bottom corner, I may have knocked it on the door frame as I was moving the tank. I keep like a sponge mat underneath to make sure it doesn't crack though, I hope its not too bad.
  6. It was the glass. Its a big clearseal tank. The sealant is on the inside if that makes sense. Suppose I do need to re-seal it, what do I use?
  7. Ah great, now with all the lugging around of the tank I must have chipped a bit off the bottom corner. The sealant looks fine but a small piece has come off the outside of the corner of the tank. Argh! I hope it doesn't leak now... I've rinsed it again, this time with a shower head. (I can just about fit it on my bath)
  8. Thankyou! Forgot how amazing Koko's is. It was so sad to return a beautiful fish today. But I know I need to start from scratch with my tank now. I will rinse it all again and try to locate some vinegar, thanks
  9. Hi guys, sorry I've been away a while. I'm in my final year of uni so things have been a little hectic. My sole survivor goldie died just before Christmas unfortunately went the same way as Pumpkin - lost weight and died. I emptied and cleaned the whole tank and this week added a new fish. Unfortunately, it didn't seem right as soon as I put it in the tank so after 3 days I took it reluctantly back to the shop for a refund. So now I'm fishless again. I read that its good to sterilize the tank in case any parasites were still in there, so I bleached the tank, filter and media, rocks and plant to 1 part bleach to 10 parts water and left for 10 minutes. I rinsed it for what seemed like ages, and all the media. But now I've got the tank back in my room, I've had a smell of it and it actually still smells like bleach. I thought I'd rinsed it really well? Now I'm worried I can't put fish in there. What can I do? Do I need to rinse it better? I kinda thought I already had! Please help, I feel so down that this fish malarky isn't working out too well at the moment Is there anything I can do to make the tank safe, preferably that won't take too long as I don't have a lot of time at the moment? Thank you so much!
  10. The fungus appears to nearly be completely gone! Yay! He's swimming around a lot more too. How long should I keep the salt in?
  11. I good thing for you to do would be to read up on the cycle of the tank. Its on the main page of Koko's. I never used to understand all this nitrite/ammonia business but once you read about the cycle the importance of it will make sense. And don't worry about stressing your fish by changing the water. Fresh water is the best thing for them, and as long as you put conditioner in it and leave it out overnight so its temperature matched when you add it then they will not get stressed. They will however get stressed from dirty water. Basically the nitrogen cycle is: goldfish poop turns into ammonia which is deadly to fish, so while the tank is cycling you need to keep the levels down with water changes. The ammonia will then convert to nitrite, which is also deadly, so you need to keep changing the water. You need to do this until both ammonia and nitrite read 0. Then nitrate will start to appear, which is good! this means your tank is cycled, but you should also keep doing regular water changes (at least once a week) to keep nitrates below 10, so that they don't become a problem. Just letting you know so that when you can afford a test kit you will know what readings are good and bad :) I didn't know anything about fish when i got one either, and started out without a filter etc, but the more you know the more you want your fish to get the best care! And the thing with your mum, I have the same problem with my parents! Its the same old story "we kept ours in a bowl and it lived for years". As you know, thats not a good place for a goldie to live happily. I just keep on at them, and gradually they are starting to learn a bit more about goldfish (and believing it too) i find that if you back it up with scientific fact and proof that your fish is improving because of your care they should get the message. My parents find it quite interesting now. Anyway, well done with getting them to feel better again and keep up those water changes keep us posted n their progress!
  12. Oooh OK, I hope that means its healing then! Thanks! I've done a big scrub out of the tank, and he seems a lot happier, the salt is still at .2 and I'll see how he looks tomorrow to see whether he needs more.
  13. The picture is rubbish but the best I could get, he moves really fast! It looks like the ball of fungus is coming off, but I don't know if a bit of the fin is coming off with it! Hard to tell. Haven't changed the water yet, but when I do I will add salt to .3 and rinse the gravel as well as scrub the tank walls... I won't touch the filter though. How long can you leave the salt at 0.3?
  14. Here's the pic. Today it looks very different to yesterday. It was like a cottony ball, but now it appears to be hanging off. Not sure whether this is good or bad?
  15. The fungus sorta looks the same, I don't think its any bigger but it definitely hasn't reduced in size. I will get a pic tomorrow morning (its 11.30pm in the uk now) when its daylight cos it shows better then. Yeah I am a bit nervous about it, but I will obviously do it if I have to. Tomorrow I'm going to give the tank a really good clean in case there's any bacteria in the gravel. And I'll put the salt up to .3%. Will let you know how it goes... Thanks
  16. Bit scared to use hydrogen peroxide does it hurt them? I've never touched my fish before, and Podge is quite small, I don't want to hurt him plus, the patch of fungus is on the upper side of his pelvic fin, could be hard to get... I don't know, I'm scared! Any tips? (I haven't bought any yet) Are there any alternatives? Eg putting the salt up to .3, or any meds I could add? Thanks
  17. OK, where can I buy hydrogen peroxide from if I need it? Yeah that darn algae... I wipe down the sides but I think there is still some on the gravel and floor of the tank. I checked params tonight, they're pretty much the same, ammonia and nitrite 0, nitrate 1 (did 50% water change yesterday)... Podge has periods of swimming around and periods of bottom sitting, which I know is abnormal because he usually swims around pretty much constantly! darn fungus. Thanks for the help, will report back once I've changed the water or if anything changes.
  18. aaaaaaaaaaaaagh podge's fungus had got bigger, and he is still bottom sitting. What can I do?! I have put the salt to .2 ... Thinking about giving the tank a big clean out tomorrow or friday, as I have been having a little problem with brown algae... maybe there's some bad bacteria in there or something. Poor Podge, I feel like a bad goldfish mummy today
  19. Have done a big water change and added salt to .1, he looks perkier
  20. Oh OK, so is it not so bad a problem? Phew! Maybe it was brought on by him feeling down from the crazy constipation/bleeding bum. I'm determined to give him a long and happy life! I may salt to .1 when I do a water change today.
  21. Right I'm going to do another big water change today... just noticed that Podge has what looks like fungus on one of his fins! Right on the tip there is a white "cottony" lump. Argh!! What can I do?
  22. He looks fine, but is bottom sitting a bit. Maybe he's still a little constipated and needs to rest... cos that bleeding looked a bit horrific, im actually quite surprised that its cleared up! I'm thinking water change and peas tomorrow... what do you think?
  23. Hooray! This morning Podge's bum is back to normal. Well there's no blood, but he swims so fast I haven't been able to tell if its swollen. All I know is, its not red, and thats got to be good. I haven't fed him today. Should I feed some pea tomorrow or do another no food day? Thanks everyone, will keep you posted.
  24. Thanks I will fast him then and see how he goes. Not sure if hes a boy or a girl now! I'll take a picture tomorrow, the light isn't very good now
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