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  1. Alex, I am not doing anything right now just observing. I noticed he is a bit floaty, not a huge deal but don't want it to turn into one you know? Is there anything I should be doing? I had another fish that couldn't tolerate pro-gold because it would just make him float. I did feed it to the fish could this be causing a problem? I don't remember whether or not the fish was floating before the food.
  2. I can't make up my mind on the name!! It has to be silly and unique!
  3. I may end up getting him a friend. Any suggestions for how I can do the landscaping?
  4. He does!! I just noticed that today!! lolol!!
  5. Pics on the way! I like shogun but a snooty French name would be random and hilarious
  6. I was told by Tommy that he should retain the colors!
  7. www.goldfishnet.com Sometimes they have really stunning ones and other times they don't. I have followed their site for months on end looking for "the one" and I finally found him!
  8. aww!! I literally bid on him the instant the auction was put up. I wasn't going to miss out on this one!
  9. The new fish came in the mail today. The breeder said it's a male. I need to come up with a name! Suggestions greatly appreciated!! Will have more photos once he's all set up in his tank!
  10. Tommy contacted me!! The fish comes on Wednesday!! What should I name him/her??
  11. I bought a new fish from goldfish net. No response to my emails and the phone just rings and rings. How do I get ahold of this person?
  12. I bought him actually from www.koi-art.com They don't necessarily do auctions. They usually send out weekly e-mails with pictures of all the fish they have available as an attachment. Sometimes they'll find a cool one for you. I actually bought Alphonso sight-unseen. I got lucky! He's really got personality, just like my other fish Alfredo. I got Alphonso about 5 montha go I think. He already had the big wen when I got him.
  13. How do I go about getting in contact with the people at goldfishnet? I wrote an e-mail and no response
  14. I just bought him, right after the listing was put up. I have a new tank now where I work. It's a 34 gallon, I'll put up more pictures. He'll be by himself for now. I am so excited!!!!!
  15. He's starting to turn orange!
  16. He's doing great tonight. He loves his new rock!! Sorry for all the videos but he's making such progress!
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