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  1. I broke two useing force but insted of turning it just broke off.. I must have just got into a bad batch.. This is the second one I've bought. I broke the first one by trying to "force it" it simply just came off and cracked. (the blue part) Since I haven't broken it yet maybe I should get a refund and try another brand. It's so strange. I thought it was just the hose I had, but when it happened on the second hose I bought I realized its just the way the product was made I guess..?
  2. I decided to video this, its a lot easier. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0YGO-8bFXo
  3. great! It's crazy, I've been using the baking soda for years, but I can never get it just quite right!
  4. What is bicarb? Where do I add it? Is this a buffer like baking soda?
  5. Everyone is great!! Alfredo's signs of dropsy have gotten a lot better and he is extremely active. My friend did a good job. Although I did measure out the food and put it into little baggies for each day LOL. Speckles is great, swimming around. I'll put up more pictures and video of Speckles!
  6. As many of you may know, my PH out of the tap is really really low. It's 6.5.... I've always been a little confused as to how to do the baking soda thing. I have found that if I use the right amount of baking soda, the PH will stay around 7.4 with a KH around a 100. The PH remains pretty solid. However, I have to do really small (25%) frequent water changes because the difference between the tank PH (7.4) and the tap PH (6.6) is too much to be able to do a large change. It's really really frustrating. Even though there's a big difference in the PH, I use my hose to drain and fill the tank. I have to. The tank's just too big to use buckets.... So, I will have water that has a PH of 6.6 flowing directly into the tank. Usually I put baking soda into the tank immediately AFTER filling it. Regardless, the PH drops pretty significantly and quickly while the tank is filling with the tap water, which is why I got digital PH monitors. This concerns me. Should I put the baking soda into the tank before I add the tap water? Would that help with the shock of the PH difference? I do know that an increase in PH isn't as dangerous as a decrease. Still its not ideal. The only other way I know how to do this (and I do it on my QT tanks because it doesn't take long) is to put new water in buckets and put the baking soda in the buckets and raise the PH until it is close to the PH of the water in the tank. The problem is, its time consuming and there's no way I could do this with a 60 gallon tank. Whatever I've been doing, it hasn't killed the fish but I am worried it may be stressing them out.
  7. Wiggles tank is not cycled yet. I'm starting to see some nitrites but not yet nitrates. Usually I start to see a little brown algae only after the tank has cycled never before. Why is this? Is this bad? Too soon for tank to be cycled
  8. Speckles is doing great!!! I left for the florida keys today I'm going to be worried sick about my babies. I'm actually at the fr. lauterdale (can't spell lol) airport. I have a friend taking care of Alfredo for me and checking on the other fish while I'm gone. I get back Monday evening. I gave her elaborate detailed instructions on the fish. I did water changes on all the tanks right before I left for the airport.
  9. Here's the problem and I've stated this before. The tank at work is really hard to take care of. There is no heated water so the water out of the tap is 57 degrees. I have no choice but either put water in buckets and wait for it to reach room temperature. Sometimes I don't have time and it doesn't get to room temperature faster so I'll have to wait a day or two, sometimes two days because I dont work every day. I have a hose, which I can use to drain the water, but I can't fill it with the hose because the water is so cold. I work in an old building. There may be hot water somewhere else in the building, but I would have to carry tons of buckets down stairs to get to the tank. It's really a problem and I probably should have thought about this before setting up the tank. It's 34 gallons and the problem is, since I can't put water back in right away because of the cold temperature, the filters have to sit for a while not running. I'm worried I'm killing the good bacteria. I could do smaller, more frequent water changes but that would be almost every other day and I don't have time during a work day to do this. I can't stay late because when I leave the building is locked. I can't come early either. I have as some of you have seen taken pictures of my living room. There is no room for another 34 gallon tank, even if I wanted to bring the fish home. However, if I have to I will take this tank home. This is why I was asking if I could keep the water in buckets ahead of time for a future water change.
  10. I have a fish tank where I work where Wiggles lives. The problem is water out of the tap is 56 degrees and there's no heat. Because of this I have to let the water sit in lots of buckets and come back the next day. I have not had time to change the water, but I want to to day. The water is still in the buckets. I left the tops to them loosely covering them so at least no dust can get into it. Is this water bad? or stagnant? It's been indoors with normal room temperature. I need to do a water change on Wiggles tank, but I need to know if I can use that water. Thanks!
  11. Its funny, the other fish are very curious, and will go right up next to him, but they never bully him or try to bite him!
  12. I have NEVER seen him this active since he started having his issues. He seems SO much happier now that he's with other fish. When he was alone in the QT tank he never moved. Well, he moved but it was only when I fed him basically or went near the tank. Now he swims around the tank even when I'm not near it
  13. This is Alphonso today. What do you think?Seems more active. Should I do another water change tonight? If so, would it be 100%? I am nervous because I am leaving town Friday morning (Florida Keys with my mom) and I return Monday evening. Basically that means I need to have someone come to the house to feed him his metro med. I did find someone, but the problem is that I dont know if I can get her to come 3 times a day to feed him. I usually break his feedings into 3 times a day. Is there any way I could get away with having someone feed him just twice a day? It also means I can't change the water when I am gone. I can change his water Friday morning before I leave, and then Monday evening when I get back. So basically it would be Saturday and Sunday with no water change.
  14. He's not that big. This tank believe it or not is only 34 gallons!
  15. Sorry about the editing posts and thank you for that information. i learn new things every day! The blood streaks are pretty minor not terribly noticeable
  16. Look at him Wiggle!! What a lucky fish to have that whole tank to himself. Eventually I may want to get him a friend, but definitely not until the tank has cycled.
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