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  1. I'd just tell them to feed pellets if it were me. No fruits, veggies, gel food, ect because if left in too long they can foul the water and some would require a water change after and unless you're parents are experienced fish keepers I would try to keep the tank as low maintenance as possible until you get there. Just give them some high quality pellets in a pill box that is LIGHTLY (I'd put in half of what they should be getting each day) measured out for each day. I've never met a picky Goldfish or one that bored of food of ANY kind so long as they were getting food of some sort. Lol! I also wouldn't send the bottles of food, just the pill boxes. That way nobody is tempted to over feed.
  2. I would if I still had the cap. It got crushed last time took it off to scrub out the pipe. It'll only be 3 days, it's not going to kill them. I had a filter completely die on me with my old Goldfish tank and my 7 Goldfish in a 90 gallon all survived months without one. (Because I didn't have $200+ to replace it) Water changes and a test kit kept them happy, healthy and growing. Never once did I have any problems with my water. (And yes, it was a drop kit, not cheapo test strips.) I've got a big enough tank (20g) to take care of two tiny/small fancies who one is barely over 1/2in and the other is an inch. I'm not housing 8in Goldfish. :/ Plus waste will be low since they need to be fasted anyways because I over fed them yesterday to make sure Dahlia would get enough food and Charles wouldn't be a pig about sharing with his new tankmate.
  3. I didn't even think about Nemo! xD Charles probably told her to "stop" the filter knowing something bad would happen so it'd just be him again. O: Bad Charles! But yeah, she's still doing good today. I fed her this morning and she ate well. I was worried about damage to her eyes but they look fine and she seems to be able to see as well as she did yesterday. I'm about to put her back into the main tank. I decided to shut off the filter until this weekend since I was planning on buying a new filter anyways since I have a bigger tank now (Plus a new Goldie) and need a bigger filter. I'll just siphon the bottom each day so waste doesn't build up.
  4. It's 1am and tonight's the same as pretty much every night, up and down. Something told me to check my Goldie tank and when I did I saw Charles Winston Fishyfins...And only Charles Winston Fishyfins. My new Moore, Dahlia (AKA Black Dahlia...I think I may have cursed this poor fish. I named my last BM after someone who had a tragic past (Though still living) and the poor thing died the next day. Either I have bad luck with Moores or the names really are a curse. Maybe both? Only type I've EVER had problems with. xD) was completely gone. First thought was "OMG! She jumped out!" so I ran to get my mom because I have a hard time when it comes to looking for something that I'm sure is probably dead. So mom and I start looking around my room and there is no Dahlia anywhere. I'm starting to freak thinking Chance (My dog) ate it, though he's not something to eat weird critters/items and is known to hate full fish. If it's not gutted and cleaned like you would for people, he wont do more than bark at it. xD I'm sitting here talking to my dog about how he shouldn't eat mommys fish even if the fish DID die when I get the idea to check the filter. When I bought Dahlia I admit I didn't think about her size compared to Charles (Well he's still small but once they got together I realized she was half his size. She makes him look bigger than he used to. o.o) or the fact she could EASILY fit in my filters intake pipe with no problem. (I don't have the guard for the end anymore) So mom and I took everything out of the filter and was looking, didn't see anything so I turned it off and as soon as I did Dahlia comes flying out the pipe. She was swimming a little funny but once I got her calm and into a small KK with some Stress Coat, she quickly recovered. I'm going to let her stay in there for the night to get some privacy while she gets over the shock of what happened. She seems fine now but I have no doubt had I not checked, she'd have been dead for sure in the morning. She's so tiny I don't think she'd have been able to keep up with the amount of gallons it pumps per hour. This far in the game (Been serious in the fish hobby for 5 years though I've had fish all my life pretty much) I never thought I'd make a stupid mistake like that. Yeah, accidents happen and with hobbies like this there is never a point where you stop learning but this was one that could have been prevented by using my common sense. The filter pipe doesn't go TOO far into the tank and I'm so used to Charles who wont come to the top so he's never near the filter. At least Dahlia is ok though and hopefully will continue to be. < 3 Lesson learned, never compare one Goldies behavior to another. x.x;
  5. I don't really care about winning right now. Sure, I'd like to really get into it later (More so Koi than Goldfish but that's not until I get a house of my own and the land for a pond lol) but I'd like to do it more for socializing reasons, learning the ropes and just for fun to see what happens at this point. If it's something I enjoy and my mom lets me get into then I'd invest money into something more expensive but I don't want to jump in and spend $50+ on a Goldfish that'll just sit in a tank at my house.
  6. I can't find anything on Google besides Koi stuff so I figured I'd ask here. Anyone know if there are any Goldfish shows in South Carolina? I'd love to get into showing Goldies (Plus if I start showing them, my mom would probably be more willing to let me have a bigger tank so I can get some more to show. ;x) but I don't know anything about it. Can I enter with a Goldfish that was bought from a pet store or do I need some kind of like...Pedigree type fish? xD What all would I need (Besides a Goldfish) to get started? How do Goldfish shows work? Any other information would be great too. :]
  7. While it'd be over stocked later on, depending on the size of your current fish, putting the new ones in the 150g really wouldn't be all that bad. It wouldn't be as over stocked as a 10 gallon with 3 Goldfish. It'd still offer each fish 15 gallons each which yeah isn't much for a pond type but better than less than 3.5 gallons per Goldfish if you don't include the fish that were already in there. You'll need to up the water changes a bit but otherwise you shouldn't have too many problems. I say this from experience, imagine my surprise when a lady 3 houses down shows up at my door asking me to take her -6- (3-6in each) Goldfish. I ended up tending to a 90 gallon with 8 Goldies in it because I couldn't get anymore tanks and had no other choice. (And if I didn't take them, her son offered to flush them for her so I couldn't turn them away.) Good luck with the new Goldies and be sure to share some pictures! Feeders are my favorites. < 3 A little "12 cent Goldfish" is what started my love for them. Watch, these guys will probably be your longest living fish. XD Your son with be like 29 and they'll still be going strong. The ones you don't expect and are the cheapest seem to live the longest.
  8. RickLaJambe: I didn't say rabbits weren't a problem, in fact I said they WERE in a lot of places. (And threw in Australia as an example. I don't know of specific places in the US but I do know there are places out there with problems.) I said hamsters and gerbils, to my knowledge, have never caused a concern like rabbits do. Which is why I said if they are going to let people keep rabbits still, I highly doubt they'd get rid of hamsters and gerbils, two of the most popular pets out there. As for reptiles, yes they will have a problem, especially snakes. This isn't the only bill that is currently against them. There is another wanting ALL Python species (Including popular pets like the Ball Python) banned. Which really sucks because even though I don't own a snake anymore, I know people who keep them as pets and breed them.
  9. Didn't mean to say skunks. XD It was just the first "exotic" that popped into my head without paying attention to the "native" part. (I've been up too late. It's currently 1:18am) http://www.govtrack.us/congress/billtext.xpd?bill=h111-669 SEC. 14. (D) does not include any cat (Felis catus), cattle or oxen (Bos taurus), chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus), dog (Canis lupus familiaris), donkey or ###### (Equus asinus), domesticated members of the family Anatidae (geese), duck (domesticated Anas spp.), goat (Capra aegagrus hircus), goldfish (Carassius auratus auratus), horse (Equus caballus), llama (Lama glama), mule or hinny (Equus caballus x E. asinus), pig or hog (Sus scrofa domestica), domesticated varieties of rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus), or sheep (Ovis aries), or any other species or variety of species that is determined by the Secretary to be common and clearly domesticated. And while no, it doesn't say anything about hamsters and whatnot, do you honestly think they would bans such a popular pet? And since they are letting rabbits stay which IS an animal that can cause a lot of problems (One of the reasons certain places in the world (ie. parts of Australia) have banned them) I doubt they would ban hamsters or gerbils that haven't ever (At least not to my knowledge) become an over population problem from being released.
  10. Unless you keep things like Piranha (Which aren't as "domesticated" as say, Goldfish, Guppies, Cherry Barbs, ect), you aren't going to have much problems. A "basic" list has already been shown and Goldfish are included in the list of things that will NOT be affected. If this is passed, a larger list will be made for animals that are still ok to keep. This will NOT do anything to animals deemed "domesticated" which means things like hamsters, ferrets, gerbils, ect wont be banned. Now, I can't say the same for things like skunks, hedgehogs, sugar gliders, ect but your "normal" animals will be ok. Not that I agree with it either way, just pointing that out.
  11. If the tank was leaking, why not just siphon the old water into the new tank? Then you've got a full set up and can continue on like normal without having water everywhere. I'd be scared of a leaking aquarium busting (Not to mention the mess you have to deal with from a leak) and would want it switched and fixed up ASAP! I wouldn't wait a week personally.
  12. Thanks Chrissy! Well I'm planning to hopefully upgrade to a real tank (Just had to get him out of the 10g for more reasons than one) in October, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't going to wake up to a flooded floor. The back side is supported with plastic to keep the filter upright and to keep it from bowing so bad. I put a piece of wood on the other side to help support it as well just to be a little safer hopefully. Thanks guys!
  13. I set up a plastic "tank" so that Charles Winston Fishyfins will have more room to grow/swim. Problem (Maybe?), it's bowing out, do I need some type of support on it or will it be ok? Do I need to care for it any different than a glass/acrylic tank? I think he's going to like this a lot better. Besides the extra room, I put it in front of my window so he'll get plenty of natural light.
  14. Chance

    Gel Food

    My gel food set better than I thought it would! Lol! I only had 4 small packets of gelatin to work with so I couldn't make a whole lot anyways. It was a little runny on the bottom but not like soggy or anything. Bagging it is going to be a bit of a challenge so I think I'll reheat it, stir it up again and make it a little thinner to see if that helps it set better. I did drop in a piece and while it took him a while to figure out it was there (He is slow at realizing food is in the tank even if I drop it in front of him. He waits a while before eating. Weird Goldie he is! I'm used to ones that sit there and act like they're starving even if they just ate. xD) He found some pea (Which I forgot to list in the above list of added foods. Lol!) that'd fallen off and ate that and gave me this "THIS is different...*noms some more*...But I think I like it" look. xD Then I went to watch TV, came back and the whole gel cube was gone! So I think he liked it.
  15. Chance

    Gel Food

    I was a good working 16 year old until my mom moved us here and I had to quit my job. Now I have no job because she wont take me to put in applications. (I don't get my license until I'm 18. No, I didn't do any bad driving! xD My mom pulled me out of home school without telling me and since I'm in my senior year anyways I figured I'd just go ahead and get my GED instead.) Otherwise I'd have no problem buying fresh. I take multivitamins. Would the kind I have be ok? It's a One a Day tablet. I made a "sample" of the gel food last night to see if Charles would even like it. I added broccoli, green beans, bananas, protein mix (mysis shrimp, bloodworms, red shrimp, krill), some veggie/algae "crisp" and then I added some of his non-sinking pellets after I soaked them for a bit. Haven't tried it out yet but I'll post when I do and give my (Well Charles) review on the gel food. If he likes this then I'll try taking out the processed foods and adding a vitamin to it in the next batch. Thanks Ryukin Girl!
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