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  1. I feel like that every time I read someone's fry journal! It's so exciting to see a tiny little stick with eyes turn into a beautiful fish <3 Well if all goes well I will be culling them periodically for the next 3 months. First for major flaws, such as severely bent spines, detached eyes. Next will be single and triple tails. I might keep a couple to watch their growth, but with as slow moving as pearlscales are I'd rather err to the side of caution. Once these have been removed I expect to only have 50 or less, from there I will be looking for single anal fins (not a major issue IMO, but not something I want to breed back), clear gill plates, non pearling scales. Those fry will be moved to a growout tank to go to the LFS. From there I hope to have at least 5 nice fry remaining to use as my F1 for next years breeding. For anyone who kept up with my winter grooming project (big sucess IMO) I'm working towards tiku pearlscales, but I want to start with a stable bloodline so I'll know the genetic background of my fish. Even though these guys are Hamanishiki, both parents have very small hoods, and I'm hoping over a few generations of careful breeding I can eliminate it all together. Unfortunately, I have the hard choice of culling hard or keeping alot of fry in close quarters risking poor water quality and stunting. For anyone who's looked at Ted's Fish Room (repashy) he built a wonderful fry rack and I think that will be my next step once these guys start growing like weeds <3
  2. Oh, I also forgot to mention, all honorary Pearlscale lovers also get free babies, so PSP and Smegy, you're both covered. Now to just figure out how to ship them.....
  3. I'm in love. Those ryukins are amazing, ive never seen such friendly, approachable fish in a petstore, they're usually so skiddish and sickly. It's nice to see a mom and pop store going to such great lengths to provide a wide variety of nice looking goldfish for their customers. Very, very jealous of you. <3
  4. Note: All Michiganders are entitled to 1-20 free pearlscales when they are ready to be rehomed XD The mutant fry passed on this morning, probably for the best. The other kabillion fry are all free swimming, tomorrow the real work begins. Do you think my boss would let me take them to work to feed them.....?
  5. Yes, I plan on keeping a log of their growth, as pointed out by another member I havent seen a pearlscale fry log on this forum before, so i have no idea when the calcified scales or rounding out of the bodies will appear, so i will also be noting those things for other members to use. It took about half an hour counting from a picture, but there were 469 eggs, four of which were not fertilized and eight of which I have culled due to deformities or early death, not including Mutant, who is still alive. S/he has yet to start climbing which worries me, while all the other fry hatched and have been free swimming all morning. Starting the brine shrimp tonight and feeding tomorrow.
  6. This is not a picture of my mutant, however it looks almost exactly like this, only difference is that one head is smaller than the other with mine.
  7. I've got a camera around here someplace that can take macro shots >_> You know, you could always come see them..... and take about 20 or so once they're grown XD
  8. Mutant fry is still alive, it was removed from the main group in case it does die. I've never seen a two headed goldfish before, and i dont expect this one to live. It seems as though the smalled of the two heads controlls the body, perhaps the other head is formed but not functional. Intersting though =P
  9. Just wanted to share a quick shot of the new guys. You're looking at the F1 of my future breeding project. Mom is a red white hamanishiki, dad is a calico. This was the batch a few hours ago: Taken half an hour ago. Counted over 450, from them I've only pulled out 8 badly deformed or dead fry, including one with two heads! More pictures coming soon <3
  10. Good news and a late update, I caught my pearlies at the tail end of spawning the other morning, and managed to hand spawn about 200 eggs, maybe more with the pretty calico male. They've all started hatching, be prepared for lots and lots of baby pictures! <3
  11. I'm no professional, but I'd like to offer a couple quick ideas for your next round of babies. I totally agree with the 100% water change daily for fry after you start feeding them. Lots of people use a turkey baster, i never had any luck with it. I used a straw and a bit of airline tubing. Cut one end of the straw at an angle and slip the flat end over the airline tubing. You can start a suction by inhaling on the end of the airline tubing (careful not to get a mouthful of fry water) and use the angled end of the straw to suck up debris. The intake is very gentle, less risk of nabbing a wayward fry and very easy to clean up leftover food. It's like a mini version of the siphon you use on your tanks =3 Good luck to little Bill! Best fishes!
  12. Gorgeous fish! May you have a boring and uneventful QT!!!
  13. I'm not decieved but those cute button eyes....or those precious little blushing gills.... or those dapper little freckles..... that is a notorious water piggy, and if you let him he will use his evil cuteness powers to manipulate you until he eats you out of house and home. XD <3 Glad to see the fishy family is doing good.
  14. http://s276.beta.photobucket.com/user/O-Kori/media/12-1-12.mp4.html Quick video taken during water change. Poor little redcap started floating mid way through, she's getting peas tonight =/
  15. Is anyone already down at the house in San Diego? Knowing your new water parameters and having a tank/tub already set up would save you from stressing. Someone said it perfectly (though I cant remember who to quote acurately) "When moving to a new place, make sure the fish are the last thing packed, and the first to be unpacked". What I would do if I were you and had the space in the vehicle, I'd bring as much pretreated water as I could (either in a 5g bucket with a tightly sealed lid, or in the milk gallon containers) and when you DO make your pit stop, take out some of the old water and replace it with the fresh. Also, If you've got the money to spare, I'd pick up a couple of battery powered bubblers. http://www.petmountain.com/show_product/11442-525780 That way you're getting some oxygen exchange. Fishies are pretty tough when it comes to roughing it in tubs. I'm sure whatever you choose to do, it'll all work out =) Good luck with your move! We expect lots of pictures! =P
  16. How often do you do water changes? Posting your water parameters might help someone identify whats going on with your little guys.
  17. If my living situation changes here shortly *fingers crossed* and I move from an apartment to a house, then i will be keeping the hamanishiki as well as the pearlscales, if not just the pearls. They might be a little young this year, but I'm hoping my pearly girlies start throwing eggs for me this spring. But then again the oranda look like they might be making babies too, along with my ranchu You might be in luck, Perfect, Allen and I had discussed cross breeding orandas and hamanaski to see how the "wen" developed, more of a bubble or more of the raspberry look. If I take my big redcap girl and cross her with one of the boys.......... <3 On a side note, tell me more about mortgaging your cat..... XD
  18. I personally love the tiku pearlscale, but they are VERY difficult to find in a nice quality in my area, and not many people in the US breed pearlscale, mostly we import our goldfish. This is just a hobbyist venture at creating a stable line of tiku-like pearlscale to share with my fellow goldfish lovers <3
  19. Culling is a choice, just do what you think is best =) BEWARE of well water. the bubbles you see on the side of your tank are a result of whats called supersaturated water. That means that too much oxygen is staying in the water as it comes out of the ground. While there are no ill effect in humans, in aquatic animals it can be fatal. The excess oxygen latches onto them, passing through the slime coat and into the skin causing boyancy issues, and can also pass through their finnage, leaving bubbles that can burst and cause fin damage. In fry it is especially dangerous, because the fish are so small even the tiniest bubbles can harm them; i lost 20 healthy one month old fish in this fashion. Supersaturated water is super easy to fix, however. If you have the space I would suggest aging the water with an airstone for a day, which allows most of the extra oxygen to escape, otherwise just agitating the water before you add it to your tanks. I used an empty milk container, filled it up with water and left only a little room for air, and then shook the heck out of it until all the bubble were gone, but that only works on a small scale. What do you mean by their spines are twisting?
  20. Culling is a nessecery evil, often times breeders use it to remove fish with undesireable traits (such as a triple tail, no ventral fins, single anal fin, etc), but also cull to euthanize those fry who have deformities that would make life difficult (severly bent spines, eyes hanging from the socket, malformed mouths, etc). You must also think that while they are tiny now if all 50 of those fry live and grow (and BOY will they grow) they'll need more room. If you're going by the 'standard' of 10 gallons per fish, that's 500 gallons of water, plus filteration, and feeding all those endlessly hungry mouths up to six times a day can become expensive if you let it. Also, I noticed in your picture you have a decent amount of bubbles clining to the side of your tank. Do you have well water by any chance?
  21. Sorry for no updates, been busy with the farm (two cats, two hedgehogs, 4 fish tanks, and now a young cockatiel PLUS work and car trouble). The pearlies are all doing wonderful, so are the oranda, I'll post some pictures later tonight of the chubby monsters. I compared before and after shots today, and the poor guys dont even fit in their photo bowl anymore =P Picked up some goldfish eggs from petsmart the other night (<--nerd) and out of the 20 or so I managed to save, only 9 were fertilized and all but one has hatched. Im actually rather happy the amount is so small, it was a spur of the moment thing and such a tiny amount will be easy to manage. Pictures soon!
  22. I guess to add my two cents worth, i think most people jump into buying a goldfish because we're sucked into the sterotype that they're a cheap, easy pet, that requires nothing more then a tiny bowl of water and a ton of flake food. Its super easy to see a fish, want it, spend a few bucks on supplies, and as soon as something goes wrong we google search it and find out we didn't know anything about the pet we just acquired. Before you buy ANY pet you should always do plenty of research, look on the internet, read any book you can find, find people who own the same kind of pet and talk to them about it and share their experience. I think research would save so many people from these costly mistakes and save the lives of many innocent animals. To digress, I think it's TOTALLY possible to keep goldfish on a budget, if you're willing to to a little work. Tank setups can be purchased on craigslists, or found cheap from your local newspaper, you just need to make sure that the tank holds water, NEVER be afraid to ask them to check the seals before you purchase it. The same goes with any other electronic you buy, like the hood lights, filters, or bubblers, test them all before you leave Worst comes to worst, you can always compromise with a rubbermaid tote for a tank. For lighting (while it might not be as attractive) you could always use a shop light with a clamp. Goldfish food is fairly cheap depending on what you feed with, and it's super easy and cheap to make your own homemade gel food. Your medicines, water conditioners, and test kits should be the only thing that really set you back, its never a bad idea to have a fully stocked fishy medicine cabinet, fishy ailments seem to pop up at the worst possible time when you're least prepared. If you avoid buying from retail stores and shop around online, you can find great deals and save on shipping, petmountain.com and drfosters are two of the best imo. I'm all about keeping fish on a dime; it can be done!
  23. Looks beauuuuuutiful! Tui and La must be having a great time with all that space, prepare to see a major growth spurt! <3
  24. I'm not sure, I have/had other bubblers running and never ran into this issue before or again. I'm sure someone will be along shortly that will know and be able to help you =D
  25. I had something similar happen, but it was because I didn't have a check valve and water went back up my tubing and shorted out the bubbler. Could be the same thing? Not sure =/
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