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  1. That happened to me once too and I lost 4 fish.
  2. Hi there I don't know if you've tried shopping Craiglist for a tank but I know you can find some awesome deals there. ?As an example, there was a 125 gallon (never used) for $100. Unfortunately for me by the time I called it had already been sold. ?I did pickup a 75g (brand new) for $75. ? When I was shopping around for a tank the most inexpensive 125g I ran across was $499 but that was the tank only. ?So your ?price with the stand, canopy, tank, etc. sounds very good to me. As for painting the back of the tank, I really don't know so I'm sure someone else will chime in on that. Good Luck!!!!
  3. I favor the AquaClear 110's and 70. ?Very happy with these. ?They run quietly and you can add media. ?I think they're versatile, easy to use and clean. ?The water is crystal clear. I've had Emporer 400's & 280's. ?They ran quietly and you can add media to a cartridge insert (but the cartridge insert is limited on the media that can be put in unless modifications are made to it); plus it has the bio-wheel. ?The 400's ended up breaking down on me (still don't know why) after about 4 years of use. ?But no problems with the 280's which are still being used. I've also got a Rena SmartFilter 55 which I hate. ?It is so noisy that I won't use it. ?Plus you cannot just add media, you have to purchase Rena's special filters with the media in them. ?So bottom line on this filter is it's noisy and expensive to use. Also have a Vortex Diatom filter which I don't use all that often.
  4. The only thing I can think of are holes in the spray bar are clogged. I had 2 emperor 400's that were used for 4 and 5 years respectively, and they just died out on me. ?One just would not prime and the other one made so much noise that I couldn't stand it. ?I did everything I could think of to do with those filters to get them running right again and just never could. ? Anyway, in answer to your floss question in another thread, I successfully used filter floss on those. ?In fact I'm running 2 Emporer 280's on two of my tropical tanks with the filter floss and am very pleased with it.
  5. Pretty tank setup. The angels are so pretty and graceful (of course, until they decide to broadside each other over territory LOL). ?The koi angels are particularly beautiful.
  6. I've noticed with the gel food that the fish seem to get "full" quickly and are not acting nuts like they usually do late in the afternoon for more food. ?Is this pretty normal? Also an added bonus is my ryukin who gets floaty from pellets is doing great now. This floatiness with the pellet food is a fairly new development with her. ?She's been getting peas to alleviate the floatiness but I was worried about her not getting enough nutrition. ?Anyhoo, glad I made the gel food.
  7. I love your tank set up! ?The fishies are very cute What kind of rocks are those, river rocks? ?My LFS are so limited. ?I posted a pic of my new 75g and the rocks are just not what I wanted but only what was available - and that's with driving an hour to a LFS. ?What you have is the look I was wanting.
  8. The sponge is supposed to go on the bottom, then the media, then the bioligical ceramics on top. ?Just curious, but why put the bioligical filtration on the bottom? And have you noticed the filters being more efficient by being set up that way? ?I'm not being argumentative, just curious.
  9. Funny how that happens, huh? LOL I can relate! Welcome!
  10. ?LOL! ?They do make a lot of noise!
  11. Very cute! ?I have a pug too. Her name is Tinkerbell. ?I wish we'd named her Petunia so she could be Petunia Pug - remember the cartoons with Petunia Pig!
  12. I'm no help here but will follow the thread because I also have 2 110's and a 70. How long have you had these (just curious)? ?Did the little snap in piece maybe break off? I have noticed that if I don't snap in the baskets they'll float but other than that no problems.
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