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  1. I don't collect goldfish stuff, but I've accumulated a few fishie bits Goldfish fridge magnets and pic from Emily (yes, it's still up there!), the fish magnet is from Helen My friend Sinéad made this for me last Christmas, she wasn't a telescope but the tail reminded Sinéad of Mariko Not goldfish but still fish-related from my Grandparents And what I actually do collect, you may have seen hints in some of the other photos
  2. What's the stocking level in this tank? (sorry, I'm not as familiar with your setup as some!) Your other filters will still be 'cycled' but not used to dealing with the full bioload, you'll very likely see signs of a cycle bump as they pick up the slack, even when the new filter media is on as it will obviously be empty of bb's. Keep your RO running and do water changes whenever you can around your other tanks really.
  3. You only need the media to keep the bacteria, but don't cram too much into each filter - the media, particularly sponge, blocks the water flow so the pump has to work harder to get the same flowrate, and not all of them will achieve it. There's no point having a 20gph filter (any number for example!) that's reduced to 10-15gph because it's crammed to bursting with sponge, this will actually inhibit the bacteria as they will get a lower flowrate through them. Raising temp and salting is for ich not flukes, prazi on its own is fine
  4. What are your water parameters like? Fish can become aggressive, as with all animals, when there is a shortage of resources (survival of the fittest etc.) and one of those resources in a fish tank is clean water. The waste load in a tank stocked like yours should be small, but it's worth checking anyway.
  5. Hate to be the black sheep here but I would be throwing out all that filter media and starting again in that filter, it won't affect the cycle of the rest of the tank but that filter's been sitting stagnant and nasty stuff will breed in it that will not be gotten rid of through rinsing. Boil ceramics and replace sponges and polishers.
  6. Lol, sorry guys, he's not a ryukin just a very big short-bodied fantail. I guess it doesn't show too well in the pics but he's not 'humpy' enough to be a ryukin. I'll try and get some better ones at some point
  7. I don't always I'm not sure you guys have met Special K and Seek yet either, and I've had them a little while now
  8. Fish are frequently mislabelled in fish stores, I think they like to call them orandas because it sounds more interesting than 'fantail' and particularly when the stock are young you can't split fantails from orandas and ryukins anyway. I just bought a bigger fish that's quite clearly a fantail and was still labelled 'XL oranda'. Good looking fish I do love red and white ryukins
  9. We picked up a new fish the other day, it's been a while since I've had a really decent sized fish in my tank, my guys have all been specks compared with Helen's Tiny Tott's tank so I picked this guy out when I saw him. He'll be in QT a while, his tail's quite tatty and he's missing some scales, but his tank mates had some interesting body rot/ulcers/missing chunks of fin and another had a louse on so he won't get the all-clear for a while! I've named him Tango for his orange colour, but he's so big in comparison that my bf calls him King (for those of you who don't have it in your countries, Tango is an orange fizzy drink and their big bottles are called King Tango's). He's very active and has a good appetite so I'm hoping for an uneventful QT!
  10. This made me lol I've had my fish tank longer than the bf, so he didn't have any say in its appearance! He likes going to the fish store with me (mainly because he likes the axolotyls - apparently he's fine with us setting up a tank for one, but I'm not so sure I am!), he's also picked one of the fish in my big tank, and been present at the purchase of three of the others. He never tries to talk me down from buying a fish, though he won't talk me up either - he knows I'll try and make the best decision for me and at the end of the day I'm the one who keeps the tank sorted, he's happy to help out but tbh I find it easier doing it on my own, I forget things otherwise! My parents have only had to deal with my fish when helping me move house or when I took them home for the holidays sometimes during uni - they think I go a bit over the top I think but they understand they're important to me and they like to watch them, and I sort them all out and pay for them myself so they're fine with it. They even bought me a big canister filter for Christmas one year and also gave me the money for my current 40 gallon bowfront for my birthday when I was looking for a tank (took me another 3 weeks to find one at a price I liked and the size I wanted!).
  11. We nearly had a very dangerous accident here last night and I thought I'd share in the hopes that others can avoid a similar situation. I always try to be aware of my electric sockets when I'm doing water changes and similar, they're on top of my tank and usually when doing water changes I don't have to unplug anything - only when I'm messing with the filter, but I still always try to make sure I dry my hands before plugging that in again, common sense stuff really. Yesterday evening, we set up the QT tank for a new purchase, got an extension cable out, plugged in the filter, airpump and heater all as standard, covered the tank with a towel to keep the new guy calm and then went to bed about 2130. Around 0130 in the morning I get woken up by my boyfriend who's got up to watch some anime as he can't sleep, gone into the living room/kitchen area and noticed how quiet it is. All the fishtank filters and bubblers are off - the fuse box has tripped the sockets. We try to reset the fuse box to no avail and decide that it's probably too many sockets plugged in as both my main goldfish tank and the QT tank are running off the same double socket. Turn on the main goldfish tank socket and leave the QT off and the electrics start up again fine, turn on the QT tank and everything shorts out again. Found the problem. My QT extension cable was on the kitchen side behind the tank. The filter, a small internal sponge filter with terrible wall-suckers and for some reason a floaty bottom had come away from the side of the tank, the water was then directed to the lid of the tank as the filter floated horizontally and was slowly soaking into the towel, having been left for a few hours the towel was sodden, and it was resting on the extension sockets. We unplugged everything, found a new extension cable and set it up somewhere further away from the tank - the old one was full of water when we shook it (and then threw it out). I also added a river pebble to the bottom of the filter (don't know why I didn't sooner) and when it came off again later in the morning it just sank - not a problem and I've just left it running like that until I can find a better one. We were really really lucky the fuse box tripped or we could very easily have ended up with a fire. We create our little aquatic ecosystems with the help of filters, heaters and bubblers - and they all run off electricity. Water and electricity don't mix. Don't forget it and please, please be careful!
  12. More detail would definitely help, but I also found with mine (particularly my crypt) that sometimes adding a little bit of liquid plant food really helped and they went green again - but it does depend on whether it's the plant itself or algae, which can just be removed with a toothbrush or similar but tends to grow more on leaves than stems.
  13. If you've got wood that doesn't sink that suggests to me it's not mopani - driftwood is very dense because it's already absorbed water and will sink in all except maybe the smallest or branchiest pieces. In my experience floating wood is not driftwood and it will rot in the water (I've bought reptile wood by mistake before!). Please check what you have and be careful
  14. If the gelfood floats to me it suggests you've gotten air into the mix while making it. I always add a little bit of hot water to mine and this helps get rid of the bubbles, and make sure you don't whisk it. You can get dividers but to be honest I think you'd have similar problems getting it in and out the tank all the time, particularly if you have decorations. You can use anything that's water safe - a sheet of plastic will work for example as long as it's narrow enough to get through the lid and wide enough to split off a corner or section without limiting a fish too much to swim. As it's only temporary I've used things like the thickest plastic folders I can buy from WHSmith - you can cut them down to size if needed with a pair of scissors or just dry them out when they're done and use them as folders again! They're no good for permanent dividers (they will move enough for particularly smaller fish to get around and they tend to lean), but just for this while you're feeding them worked for me, you can either clamp the bottom between two rocks or similar or weight it with something at one end like a couple of pairs of bullclips, but they can rust and that's not a good thing.
  15. It's not the level of salting Alex, it's the speed of the change - like temp-shocking your fish but with salt and bacteria
  16. You can feed the fish one at a time by scooping them into a bowl and just floating it at the top of the tank while they eat. You can make a really simple gelfood with just peas and gelatine as well as the Flagyl, the Dr Oetker powder gelatine is the one I prefer - you can find it in the baking section of most of the bigger supermarkets. The peas will help clear out the digestive system too. I keep my tank at 78'F all the time - my lights keep it that warm and I have a heater set to keep it about that during the night so there's not a big temperature drop, the drop tends to be less in bigger tanks. The warmer temperature also helps improve the metabolism particularly of fancy goldfish so food is less likely to get clogged in their digestive system and lead to problems. This is why outdoor pond fish can survive the winter without any or very little food in the UK - their metabolism and activity levels are much lower and feeding them can actually cause problems. Hopefully someone can get back to you soon with the Flagyl dosing amount, that's never been my strong point!
  17. The red streaks in my experience tend to be ammonia related - be very very careful when salting as it can impact your filter bacteria and cause a bump if you do it too fast - check daily, twice daily if needed and do water changes as needed. I wouldn't go above 0.2% salt for now, and even 0.1% might be enough - I would keep it at that level for a few days until you see any very clear symptoms of non-water quality issues
  18. I'll let someone else cover dosing, but in terms of heating, what are you at now? I always keep a heater in my tank just to keep the temperature from fluctuating. For ill fish I would keep it around 25'C and make sure you keep lots of bubbles in the tank.
  19. I have all the stuff for it somewhere, I'm just lazy On a different tank I ended up turning the outlet hook pipe round so the short bit goes into the flexitube and the long bit goes into the tank, I just haven't got round to turning it round again yet so I can put the attachments on! I might get around to it one day, but I kinda like it coming out halfway - it stirs up the water at the bottom of the tank which is important in deeper tanks particularly when they're as full of plants (current blockers) as mine is, and the full-length bubble wall does the surface
  20. It is exactly that (I think it's the 18W anyway... ) - I like it, it gives a nice blue/purple light but I do find that the light is not that great in the corners - the bulb's only good in the middle. My tank is 45x25cm area, 25cm high and the shallow depth mean the plants really benefit from the light, but for a planted tank I wouldn't get it for anything bigger - it just can't give the area coverage, for just lighting up fish though it'd be fine
  21. It'll be fine Fang You have a much thinner level of gravel than I did anyway, mine was over an inch thick.
  22. You have that many fish in a 5 gallon? Seeing yours makes me think maybe I could get a pair of otos for my 6 gallon to clear the algae for me, I always thought they needed to be in groups of about 5 though and that would be too many for my tank.
  23. Great looking tank, I really like the blue background too What size tank is that?
  24. Great looking tank and fish I really like how simple and clean your tanks look And I do love the warmth real plants always bring to a tank, yours makes a nice contrast to mine - I seem to have ended up with a jungle!
  25. It did smell of compost, there was nothing 'bad' smelling about it, that was one of the things I checked when I noticed the popeye and the absence of sulphur smells led me to check elsewhere. It was fine, but I also wanted a change - the tank was becoming a pain to clean, the algae all over the gravel was too heavy to use an airline to pick up and the siphon would take the gravel with it - I have a really decent light on it for such a small tank and relatively few plants, the algae just goes crazy. This way it'll be much easier to keep clean
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