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  1. I had a nosey at your list and sense a desire for a planted tank...you can have one with goldies! I have a 40 gallon tank which has many java ferns and anubias, and has survived and even flourished with many goldfish - I've never come across one that could damage them, and the plants thrive on the nitrogen compounds the goldies produce. I used to regularly get nitrate readings of zero after my plants got well established (I have a LOT of them!) and that was really reassuring when I was going away for any length of time :) Glass pebbles scattered about are also a good way to make a bare bottom more interesting, one of my fish used to push them into little rows...

  2. I'm usually the same! If it doesn't require anything doing with it (like java ferns!) it seems to blossom, but I do not have a good record when it comes to non-aquatics - I actually managed to kill a cactus through negligence! I am trying to make a good effort to prove I can grow a plant before I spend a fortune trying to set up a big garden only to fail miserably! I got my first lettuce seedling through today :D in half the minimum time the packet says for seedlings to appear, but I think that's due to them being sown inside where it's warmer and they're getting watered with fish water daily :)

  3. KB is an extremely studious creature, he's compiling a journal on the habits of lone-living humans :) Also his human had already started cleaning when she remembered to take a pic so didn't clear her desk....I don't usually keep toothbrushes in my study! It's the fishies' algae brush I swear!

  4. They're white quartz, I got mine from Seapets online and got them delivered, but you might find them in a garden centre or on ebay or something - expect to pay a decent amount in shipping if getting them online, but they're pretty common. You can also get rose quartz which is pale pink and also safe for tank life :)

  5. Just a stab in the dark, but is there any chance you've bought any new plants and he might have got intestinal worms off them? That's one of the things I've noticed when there's no clear water issues and a fish eats but loses weight, particularly if it's rapid. Obviously not recommended you just throw meds at him, but just a thought :) Hope he perks up soon.

    He might just want a buddy....Just saying ;)

  6. I looked at those Chrissy, but they look so overcrowded (not that my flowerpots won't do shortly...) and to be honest this is the first time in years I've actually been able to keep plants alive, which is probably why I'm so excited and telling everyone about them!

    I like having them anyway CFG :) I live on my own and the goldfish tank and the plants really make the house feel so much more home-like and comfortable.

    MJ - I use a pipette and a small glass of goldfish water, they literally get enough water to damp the soil once or twice a day, none sits on top in puddles - I have them on a sunny windowsill above a radiator so they dry out relatively fast.

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