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  1. Kinda looked like this, only the hump wasn't so high:
  2. When I went to the petstore the other day to pick up more snake food, they were selling a "Blue Fantail" I was interested, until I started looking at it, and it was of and extremely bad (and frankly unattractive) type. It was very slim for an "egg" and the color was more of a dusty pale grayish color, matte finish. And it's face was long/pointy. Not at all like my Gremlin. But what confused me is it seemed to have a SQUARE hump, in other words, the normal hump had a smaller bump in front of it that made the hump look more like a crushed box.... Very very ugly. But I wonder what the hump bump was? a tumor (it was much paler, but not white, oozy, cauliflowery, blood shot or anything lookin) Or maybe it was an unfortunate mutt who tried to inherit both parent's shape? I don't know, but the more I think about it, the more confused I get. They also had an orange fantail and a "white" one that was actually calico, the orange wasn't very nice looking either, but the Cali was okay, almost as cute as Gremlin. Unfortunately, they never perked their fins up the whole time I was looking, so I think they may be sick or stressed, so I didn't even risk it.
  3. You know what occurred to me? Why couldn't you put all the ingredients that you put into gelatin food (probably minus gelatin) in a thin layer in a dehydrator, or on a baking sheet in a low temp. oven for a couple hours? Wouldn't that create a close approximation of flaked food (which to me looks like it's just dehydrated itself) is? You could even make a SLIGHTLY thicker layer and use a large heavy spoon to break it up into crumbles, since you cooked it flat, it wouldn't have any air in it, so it would sink pretty fast. Also, Koko, I'd like to mention, that Taurine is an amino acid found in muscle meats, the more the muscle was used, the more taurine it has in it, for "muscles" like hearts and tongues, that would be a LOT of taurine. If you went to the butcher case and asked the butcher for a heart, he may sell you one rather cheaply, just cut a chunk off of it a few times a week and your kitty would have ALL the taurine he needs. Pet food companies make taurine seem like a mysterious and dangerous thing that pet owners can't POSSIBLY provide their kitties, but that's only to make them scared of trying it on their own, so they keep buying bagged and canned food. I'm switching my cat to a whole raw diet, no cooked anything and no vegetables whatsoever. In the wild cats never eat much vegetables if any and they can certainly thrive without it. Their teeth stay cleaner and they never have urinary issues, because the diet is nearly perfect. Just thought I'd throw that out to you, if you think you'd be interested, you can ask, and I will put you on the track to a raw diet (It's SUPER easy, honestly).
  4. Thanks Chrissy, haha, It certainly was a shock to me when she ate the ones she did eat, I certainly didn't believe it when I first saw it, but that is what HAD to have happened, if the other two minnows had to have done it, they would have just eaten OFF of the smaller ones, there would surely be bits of them left over, but there was absolutely nothing left, so I was just wondering.
  5. (Last question in this section for a bit, I PROMISE!) When I first got Gremlin, I thought she seemed lonely, so I went to buy her some company, I bought 7 rosy red minnows, 5 of which were rather smallish. The next morning I woke up and there was Grim and the 2 larger minnows. The other 5 were completely gone. I checked the filter, they weren't there, I checked the water and the gravel, no bodies. Grim was the largest fish in the tank and hers was the only mouth large enough to apparently swallow them whole. So can/should Goldfish ever be given feeder fish to eat? Would it harm them? Would it entertain them (Chasing the fish around) Should I avoid it altogether, or could I quarantine the feeders separately and THEN feed them? Just want my girl to have a well rounded full diet, and if Feeders are a possibility, I could do it.
  6. I fed Gremlin and the other one some peas, and they ate them, but now I am curious. Should I have fasted them first? Should I fast them now? For how many days? Should I feed solely Peas for a few days? They are eating Tetra Fin and I just found out it's not very good for them, so should I do a peas only diet for a few days to clean them completely out for when I get some new food (gel probably)? Just wondering.
  7. And when I added them all together, it was greenish colored with specks here and there of color, there was a LOT of the rabbit food pellets, I underestimated the expansion rate when I added water to it.
  8. So the first (and ONLY) time I ever made gel food for Gremlin, she ate it, but when I ran out, I never could find the gelatin again, so I never got to make it again. I'm REALLY going to look for it soon, though, because I'm feeding Tetra Fin and it seems to not be ideal, and I can't afford anything else (my parent's won't LET me afford it actually). Anyway, here's SOME of the ingredients that I remember putting in the first batch (from things I had at home) anything I should add or delete? (Not in any particular order, just the order in which I remember them) Canned Salmon Alfalfa rabbit food pellets Carrots Green Beans Spinach Peas Powdered meal worms (from my turtle's food) Dandelion greens Squash SOME fish flakes (I was paranoid there wasn't enough vitamins) Powdered Cuttle Bone (for calcium, from my hermit crab's cuttle bone) 1 crushed daily human vitamin Red Bell pepper (for the color enhancement) And there may have been other stuff. Is this too much, or is it a good idea to put lots and lots of different things in when I will be using it as the staple? Just add or delete things that should or shouldn't be there. Thanks . And I can't get algae or anything, but I CAN convince my parents to get freeze dried food (animal protein) if need be.
  9. This doesn't apply to either of my fish. If it is green they will chew on it a bit and then spit it out, abandoning it to search for some "real food"....
  10. I loved all the rules, but this one literally had me laughing SO loud and hard my mom asked me what was so funny from THE OTHER END OF THE HOUSE.... and now my sternum hurts, lol. I've seen this one SOOOOO many times with Grim and I always thought it was amusing, if not gross, just because it's like it literally comes out of her mouth one second, she sees it floating around again and she goes right back for it, lol.
  11. Guess what, everyone! GREAT NEWS! It IS growing back! I looked at him today while smiling and watching them eating greens for the first time (they didn't appreciate it, but they ate them, lol) and I noticed the gill cover almost covers his gills all the way again!!!!!! It's clear/pinkish, not orange, but that's SO great. It's really nice to know I saved him and now he's almost all healed up already. WOW. Just goes to show how far a little bit of TLC will take a fish.
  12. wow, hey, thanks, that all worked out perfectly then That's super, I was wondering about the Penguin, I didn't know if it was big enough to work or if I would have to find a 150 or something, if it's good the way it is, even better! YAY!-
  13. Okay, in my new 29g tank, I have 3 filters (will only have 2 VERY soon, only using Grim's old 10g filter to seed some new bacteria a few days) I have a penguin 125, an aquatech 20-40 and an aquatech 5-15. So how many gallons is that?
  14. Does anyone else have any advice for me? he seems to be perky and happy still, he's kinda cute, I got him into the cycled and clean 10g tank. I'm thinking he's a common rather than a comet, because his tail is rather short, he's bright bright orange and very cute, but I'm still wondering about that gill cover.
  15. Thanks, I didn't have a lot to work with, lol, money is kinda tight and I hadn't planned on being able to get one any time soon since the trade deal was falling through, those are just most of the rocks and all the plants from Grim's tank, I just grouped them together a little, trying to make it look like I knew what I was doing.
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