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  1. Hi guys, sorry that I have not replied faster. A big thank you to all the great comments and especially to Lupin. Do not worry, I know that it is often a misunderstanding about the benefits of green water. I know of some goldfish owners who would put buckets of water in their balcony to sun it so that it becomes green. I think the cichild breed can be trained too, but personally (I guess because I am a girl) so I like to raise the ranchu because it is just more cute and chubby. It is not overfed, I train it slowly over about 1 month period. Hope this clarifies some concerns. EDIT: The method of training is found in the sidebar of the video.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YagxDKxbWWY Hello! I just want to share this. I trained my goldfish to fetch a hoop from underwater to the surface. Enjoy!
  3. hi, thank you guys. I TRIED to move them with my hands but they all got squashed into the water. maybe i'd do a water change today. does laying eggs means my goldfish is healthy?
  4. Thank you so much for replying!!! I tried removing them but they get crushed, how do I remove them whole?
  5. Hi, Are these goldfish eggs? It's from the same ranchu that I have that can do tricks. I just wanted to check if they are eggs or is it something else. And if they are eggs, should I remove them? I only have one goldfish so it's not possible to breed.
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