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  1. Wow some excellent photos everyone! Tinko looks like an excellent fish... great series of colour changing photos too thank you! Hopefully in a year or two I'll be able to put similar photos up of Sushi!
  2. Can you put a picture up of yours please?
  3. Hi! My fish is changing colour...I was just wondering whther you think the new bronze/orange colour on the belly will go orange like the rest of the coloured bits? I would really like to see peoples photos of fish whose fish have changed colour in the same way, particularly in the middle of the colour change if they have any! (what Sushi looked like before can be found in this thread )
  4. nice fish! That calico in the second from last picture is especially nice. very good curve!
  5. By the way, these fish belong to forum user Jillibeth who has been posting recently! Just thought you might want to put fish faces to names!
  6. That's really interesting. Do you remember where you heard that information? It'd be interesting to find out more about the wen growth process. Has anyone else had a ranchu that didn't develop wen growth until after a year old?
  7. Thanks Chrissy! To be honest I don't mind too much, I mean, when you hear about wens that cover gills or eyes it doesn't sound too great. I wouldn't mind a bit more growth there though, at the moment it's a kind of velvet covering that if looked at very closely has slight wen growth on it. Whether is develops or not will just be a matter of wait and see I suppose!
  8. Yep he's been on Hikari Lionhead since I got him as well as the occasional pea and tank vegetation. He must be about a year old now though so I'd hav thought the wen would have been more developed by now?
  9. Ok just got some quick snaps so you can see the differences...this is her in March as seen at the top of this thread: and this is her now: Goodnight! Paddy
  10. Well it's been a few months since I've posted here, thanks for the photo compliments I missed housemouse! Littel Sushi has beeen doing fine...eating non-stop as ever and getting quite big and fat! I've had to upgrade her tank to one about double the size which seems to be appreciated. And, like so many other people's fish I've noticed here, she's started to change colour from the belly up. What was white is now a coppery red...I suppose that's normal but I did like how she looked to start with! I've got a feeling I'm going to end up with a completely golden goldfish. I'll put some photos up so you can see how she's changed. I find it hard to see if she if she's grown because you see them every day and don't notice a change. still no wen, I don't think there will be one or it would have appeared by now? I don't think she's stunted though! Photos to follow shortly! Paddy
  11. Hi thanks for your replies. I feed sinking pellets. If it is because it wants some food then it's greedy! Maybe I should just feed less food but a few times over the day.
  12. I don't think it's a real problem, but my fish occasionally "eats" the surface of the water. No a desperate gasping, seems to be quite a deliberate action and then swims back down.The only annoying thing is after swallowing some air Sushi starts to be floaty for a while afterwards. It's annoying...anyone know how to stop her doing this?
  13. Hi. good news, Sushi seems to be better now. She can hold her position in the water without effort, and doesn't float. This must mean the peas and the water change worked. I'm still going to get a water drop kit asap though to find out what's going on. Thanks for your help!
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