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  1. Apple snails are cute Id love to have one..mabe when I get my bigger tank this summer That is a pretty snail you got. And nice price too
  2. that stinks because I would love to have one of those white/pinkish betas...is it OK to try and see what happens when you put them together or is it a definate it will nip at my comets LONG fins?
  3. lol taking pics with my canon elf is tricky sometimes because when I get closer to the tank he starts showing off...even though I sit right next to his tank with my laptop. Not much advice that hasnt been said...I cant ake the flash option off my cam so I dont worry about blinding him or glares...
  4. yes, please turn the light off. No sense of day or night would make the poor thing insane...
  5. "Maybe he thinks the poo is food. wink.gif " Lol That tale reminds me of a dog marking ts territory or something O_o Is the tank big enough for them all? Maybe they feel "squished"
  6. " you should also complain to whoever is running the scheme, and perhaps complain to the college administrators or authorities, as these people are promoting animal cruelty and are not appropriately portraying the responsibilies involved in the care of an animal." I completely agree.
  7. cool I dont use the petstore just downt he raod from me because he is much more expensive fort he same products at nnnnnn or mmm...
  8. bulma75


    cool, ill add a touch of garlic next time I make the gel food.
  9. wow, I didnt know hands were better to use than nets. I thought the opposite, actually. My fish is a very active one, and a jumper. You should see all the water that gets everywhere when he gets in a net Id be too afraid hed fall out of my hands, and I myself am a jumpy individual...Id worry about my nails poking or holding too tight or not tight enough...bleh...
  10. Its been like that for some months now-I dont know if it was like that when I first got him almost 2 years ago. Hes the only one in the tank. The reason I ask is because his jaw doesnt always look like that O-o I dont see anything stuck...and all he's had was jello food lately, lol
  11. Im wondering if something is wrong with my comets "jawbone" area? see it doesnt always look like this (like 3 "sections" on the top, over the actual open mouth) Hes been like that for a while but I dont see the top of his mouth "broken" looking all the time...could it have been broken all this time and I just never noticed when it first happened? Does this look broken cause it looks like his mouth is dislocated... He always eats so he doesnt seem in pain. this is probably a stupid post but his mouth just looks so strange!
  12. mine is like a vacuum-he goes for it as soon as it lands in the tank he has a BIG mouth and hes so cute when he chews, lol. and often hes waiting for more food even when hes chewing, so if you drop more in there22 go after it while still chewing...
  13. The link says forbidden? I didnt think anything was wrong with them <_< it says from the ponds of asia, its wardley brand.. So are bloodworms safe???? or shrimp? I want to have some sort of "meat" in his diet...
  14. I got Wardley tubifex worms for my comet (theyre blocks of worm) but when I break a piece off and put them in the tank they float-so I used a baster thing push the food down in front of the fish and he grabs it immediatly.. is there an easier way to feed him the worms? should I be soaking them like I soak his flake food? Oh also, are freeze dried blood worms better? and do you soak those too? Lol >_>
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