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  1. I love that my goldies swim into my hand and enjoy being pet like little aquatic dogs Watching them grow week after week is amazing and being able to breed successive generations is fairly easy even for novices like myself.
  2. If they are true SAE's (and not chinese algae eaters or some other type of flying fox that resembles an SAE) they are completly peaceful and seem only to be concerned with brown algae and finding strange spots in the tank to lean on.
  3. Looks like you're doing a great job!! And they certainly are quite big!! Beautiful backs and coloring on all of them
  4. a couple of my fry lost nearly all of their caudals probably from some sort of bacterial infection. I qted the sick ones medicated and salted and I had a few completely regrow their tailfins but without color. I would certainly try to treat the little guy for a few weeks at such an early stage in development it would make sense that they are able to regenerate quicker/ more effectivly than when they are adults. Q: Is their reddening around the missing part of the tail? Before my sick ones had their tails rot away there was definetly some reddening and streakiness.
  5. Lynda sorry to hear it finally stopped working for good. I think what you were describing definitly was a problem with the impeller and or spinning mechanism and not just some debris lodging itself in there. What I did with the plastic piece is just flipped it upside down, the bubbles that come out are more concentrated and don't spread as much but it leaves no place for the goldies to spit gravel into to stop up the spinning thing. I hope the new ario they send you works without problem.... I feel bad even for reccommending it now a couple months ago... I had always thought Hydor was a trusted company. Who knows maybe you just got one of the few faulty products . good luck with the new one and let us know how it works out.
  6. is it possible a rock or something hard is getting into the part that spins? Mine has stopped a few times because the fish sometimes spit rocks right into the pump. I switched the way the plastic piece sits over the spinning thing and now they can't jam it up anymore.
  7. maybe the shape of the fry's body (as cute as it is) is causing some sort of a swim bladder problem. Just a thought.
  8. gunbunny I had about 5-10 fry develop some reddening similar to yours on the belly and fins at about 10-12 weeks. I qted them and treated them for a 2nd time with prazi and added salt. All but one of the sick ones are still alive and the reddening has seemed to go away for the most part.
  9. Lynda I have the ario 4 and I have never had the problem you mentioned with bumping into it and it stops working. Maybe someone with the ario2 can help you out as to whether or not it is common with that model.
  10. Very cute pics kristi. You can see in the first pic that arnie was in the middle of his color change. Some of the fry I have are at the same point right now when they get a little darker on top and then you notice the orangeish/yellow coming through first on the sides. He was probably about 2-3 months old
  11. Did you want to try to raise fry??
  12. cute pics Are they 4 months old or has it been 4 months since you bought them??
  13. Great pics I really like teddy's coloring
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