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  1. Congrats! Here's a link to goldfish breeding: http://www.kokosgoldfish.com/breeding.html Good luck!
  2. sebastian


    Oh.... Phoenix survived..... Good luck with the Beef Hearts!
  3. A nice chocolate fantail......
  4. Shelf life is very important but the smell is usually very foul and one may not be able to smell its expiration.
  5. Don't quit! Don't quit!!!!! Just keep holding on!
  6. Very nice tank & goldie.
  7. Oh dear. I'm so sorry about your oranda. Hopefully it will end.
  8. Hope your goldie gets better!....
  9. sebastian

    My Tank

    Very nice fish tank!!!
  10. My pH from tap is 7.6, and the pH in the tank is 7.6... but my aunt in NJ has a pH of 8.5 in her tap.... so it depends on where you live.
  11. I tested my water every day, and did 25% water changes every day. My tank cycled really fast... like in 2 weeks.
  12. LOVE YOUR TANK! It's beautiful!
  13. Good choice! I have read good reviews about SFB...
  14. Well, usually, since this is SOOOOOO yummy, I give it as a treat every time my science teacher gives me some in a plastic baggie.... usually I have to feed it right away and freeze the rest but usually just little enough for them to eat in 30-45 seconds.
  15. Yes, its better to get fancies and just fancies instead of commons and fancies in the same tank.
  16. They probably will as long as they're the same size, or close to each other's size. I have a 2-inch fantail with a 4-inch common and they love each other, but the common usually eats up the fantail's food so I feed them in separate places... and commons can be aggressive sometimes. And by the way 46 gallons is not enough for a ryukin, an oranda, and two commons. For that combination you would need 60 gallons.
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