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  1. Chocolate..... I know... the little voices call me all the time.... so I know how you feel.
  2. YOUR pH IS ABOUT 8-14?!?!?! I'm pretty sure that's not right.... especially if your pH fluctuates from 8 to 14 every day.
  3. I hate Ich..... as for the carbon, you don't really need the carbon unless your tank smells bad....
  4. Nice pictures..... like your tank..... Don't forget about the new pics!
  5. I think Hikari and New Life Spectrum are the best....
  6. I know there are air pumps with red, blue, and green on them that you can buy and it will "add a colorful decoration to your aquarium and keep your fish happy"...
  7. Oh dear.... I would take the little Nemo, but I don't have a marine tank.... good luck finding a home for it though.
  8. Yes.... yes.... absolutely horrible living conditions.... It's too bad we can't rescue them all... ... at least there are LFS that keep their bettas in a nice environment.
  9. OMG.... just.... OMG. I can't believe that fish is that big... ...
  10. Yes, there is a product called API StressZyme that might help. I used it when I cycled my tank but I don't know if that helped... Also, you can use SeaChem Prime to detoxify ammonia AND to remove chlorine and chloramines.
  11. I don't think changing 1/2 of the water every two weeks is enough..... But nice filter though.
  12. I have two 100 GPH filters and one 90 GPH filter on my 10-Gallon Aquarium and it stays just fine.
  13. I tried boiling water for the tubes on my AquaClear and it barely worked. You can try putting just the filter woithout the media in a sink and make it run with vinegar... could work and the bacteria in the filter media would stay happy.
  14. In MOM Organic Market they have soap made from natural ingredients and in the bottom it says "Safe for saltwater & freshwater aquatic animals" and my friend uses that without any problem. You can try that....
  15. Toothbrush! I use them all the time.....
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