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  1. Thanks as always girls : ) Um, I'm a guy... (read my mini profile on the side)
  2. Thanks guys. I have decided that I will fill it all the way up.
  3. UPDATE: Today Nemo is much better. I wanted to go to the best LFS in my area (Congres*ional Aquarium) so she took me, and a lot of things happened. First, I told the apparently "expert" sales-guy what happened. He gave me "E.M. ERYTHROMYCIN" (API) and said to put "the goldfish" in a container with no filter, add the medicine , and change the water every week. My mom was like "okay... we'll buy it.... blah blah blah..." while I was exploding inside. FIRST OF ALL, a goldie, sick or not, cannot be put in a container with no filtration, and second of all, that's not what the instructions on the medicine said. I started panicking and I told my mom everything I knew about sizes of tank and in the middle of it all I checked the price of the medicine and it was 17.99, so when the guy saw me looking with huge eyes at the price he was all like "or you can just flush him down the toilet or freeze him" and that was when I realized that maybe it wasn't a bacterial infection. So I asked my mom if I could just see if Nemo got better in a day or two and if he didn't we could buy the medicine but she just told me that we were going to put him in a container with water and the medication "because the guy knows what he's doing" so I told her all the wrong information he had given us and then I somehow managed to get her to buy me a 5-gallon tank but she INSISTED on the medicine so we bought it and know I am about to put Nemo in there. I transfered a plant, some rocks, and a filter from the other tank and I added some salt, and tap water conditioner so I need help. HELP!
  4. My cycle was finished in about 4 days... or 5. Amazing how fast it goes.
  5. I don't think it matters because he/she is very cute!
  6. Hello, I have always wondered where the water level in my tank should be. I usually fill up the tank until there is one inch of space, but now I have been filling it up all the way to the top. Is this fine? Or how much space should there be between the hood and water? Thanks!
  7. I think that is a lionhead.... but me no sure.
  8. I have about a centimeter of water between the right side of the tank and the left side... and I've never had any problems though.
  9. Those are breeding stars! Your babies are growing up!
  10. Poor Nemo pooped red yesterday... nothing that I feed him is red... and he breathes with his mouth mostly...
  11. Yes, I have performed a 50% water change.Yes, I have performed a 50% water change. If its poisoning, how come it hasn't affected Cynthia?
  12. A stroke?!? But he's still living.... should I euthanize him? He can still recognize me but he can't swim....
  13. Oh, okay... Um... yesterday at night his eyes went back to normal but today morning he did it again... and he swims really fast around the tank, knocking everything out of place...
  14. I was out of my room and when I came back I saw that he was in the corner "shaking" (like when your cold) and then he got up and swam around. He breathes slowly....
  15. The bump is coming out of the side... so it's not the "opening". And the nitrates are 10.... so I really don't think its caused by high nitrates. I started treatment with Melafix.
  16. Thank you, yeah. I hope a mod will come.....
  17. UPDATE: His eyes... One of them is looking up, and one of them is looking down. Pop eye??? He swims without a direction... just wanders around.... kind of like when a person is drunk. I panicked and tried to put his eye back in place but it didn't work... it just stuck back out again....
  18. Did a scraping. Nothing. I think I just saw the nucleus of a cell or something. And there's a part of him that sticks out. I think its either his spine trying to grow or a pebble stuck in there. The bump is right below the middle of Nemo. If it was a parasite, wouldn't it affect Nemo AND Cynthia? I think he's gonna die... I REALLY want a Rubbermaid. How much will a 20-gallon weigh? I don't want my floor to collapse.... And yes, I am overstocked...
  19. Hi, yes, I already added API Aquarium Salt. (BTW, not to brag, but I know a lot about fishies.) I added a tablespoon this morning and this afternoon I added another. I don't want to add a lot as I have a snail in the tank. I tried talking to my mom about a bigger Rubbermaid and she just said "we'll see..." so I don't know what to do. Also, I will do a scraping. What should I look for???
  20. HELP! Nemo's bottom-sitting sideways, breathing normally, and when he sees me he swims in spirals and spirals and he always spirals to the left (when he's looking towards me). He sits with his head up and tail down. I added salt but will he die? I don't know what to do. I have to go to school....
  21. No, I'm in Montgomery County. Thanks for the link.
  22. OMG... the food-chewing sound. I noticed it twice and didn't pay attention. Even though I haven't fed him he does it every few minutes. Maybe a rock is lodged down his throat??? I already did a 20% water change and he seems not to swim in weird ways... but the sound. When I feed them I can hear Nemo chewing with his pharyngeal teeth (I think that's what they are called) when he goes near the glass. I will add salt, and even though I have done it before, is it bad for Gary? (Mystery Snail) And I will fast them too. I'm so worried.... Thanks for the help and encouragement, guys. As for the filters, I recently removed ALL the gunk... the tank is shiny clean. No water stains, no gunk showing, nothing. EDIT: I do have a microscope. As for the scraping, I can do that too. What is the procedure?
  23. Ugh... it's getting worse. Nemo now twitches. My mom says she can MAYBE take me to Pet*Smart to get some medication. But I don't wanna go there without knowing what's wrong.
  24. Oh, whoops, the videos don't work. Here are the videos that should work:
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