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  1. I'm guessing your sleeping because all I see is black...
  2. Okay, so... I had a conversation with my mom... there is absolutely no way I can get a bigger tank, whether I can afford it or not. And by the way I got two real plants today... and a micro LED light. Looking good so far. Along with me I got a teeny snail that I didn't know I had. And I had to do a 90% water change yesterday and today because of ammonia issues... I rinsed out my filter media three weeks ago and I guess it killed the bacteria.... blugh.
  3. sebastian


    It is bad because the bread expands in their tummies.... and it can be painful and/or fatal.
  4. I KNOW that the burglars' actions are going to bounce back on them..... what a shame.
  5. Melafix works well. But wait until a mod advises something.
  6. Shemo sounds weird to me. Nice suggestion though.
  7. Okay, so now Nemo's middle name is Momo. I might make it his first name, but later on. Thanks Guys!!!
  8. You see my mouth empty??? I WONDER WHY.
  9. But Nemo for a girl sounds weird... :|
  10. I kind of want something that is not similar to Nemo, Cynthia, or Gary. Like Peach or Apricot. I really like Apricot. EDIT: I just realized that one of your past goldies was Apricot.... sorry if that was a painful reminder. I won't rename Nemo Apricot if you don't like it.
  11. I was looking at one of the old threads on here (isn't Koko's such a great site???) and I saw pictures of a boy's and a girl's rear end and now I think Nemo is a girl. What should I rename her? I can't think of anything...
  12. I think it's fine as long as the level of the Prazi is cut by half. But don't depend on me...
  13. My snail always floats if threatened... but it doesn't draw back into the shell? That's unexpected... hmm... maybe muscle cramps?
  14. Yes, drop tests are far more accurate than others. Good luck!
  15. Oh, your lucky. Even though the green water might not look good it's still good for your fish.
  16. Yeah, it can get pretty loud. And if I leave it like that I will have little dots or splashes of water everywhere. And my tank is on a slight tilt too.
  17. I'm using erythromycin and it has helped a lot. Good luck with it!
  18. You live in Aussieland? That is so AWESOME. Have you been to the Sydney Opera House?
  19. Oh, that is really interesting... wow.
  20. Now I know why my plants are flattened....
  21. I have 3 HOB filters so if I leave the water 1 inch or 2 inches from the top I get this loud waterfall sound and a long time ago I woke up and thought the tank was leaking.
  22. Haha, I hate lugging all the buckets around too. A good tip is when you insert it in the tank, put the blue part in first so the bubbles can go out easily.
  23. Ugh, unfortunately my mother WATCHED ME LIKE A HAWK while I put 1/2 out of a packet in... And nothing in the tank is red. There are large gravel stones that are red, but they are too big for him to swallow. However, I will say that evr since I switched Nemo from the 10-gal. to the 5-gal. he has improved majorly. I think it was poisoning in the water. Or, maybe the sales-guy was right and it's the antibiotic helping. I don't know. Thanks for help! P.S. Your Welcome for saying Thank You for commenting on Scarecrow...
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