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  1. I won't throw it out.... I let it dry up and I save it. And I might try the glass container thing.... Do goldfish care if they have plants or gravel or anything in their tank at all?
  2. Yes, I have thought about sand, but... the sand at my PetIntelligent (can't use real name) comes in HUGE bags and cost $40. And I haven't looked at other stores... but I will. And about the barebottom (LOL fortunefaded!)... I liked the view of the half-gravel and half-bare so I will think about doing it again. So, technically I just wasted 13 dollars n large gravel. And I think I will be getting another filter... I like buying filters...
  3. sebastian

    Betta Home

    Okay, but I just checked and it is falling apart... I think I will buy another home and the betta in a month or so... Thank you!
  4. sebastian

    Betta Home

    I have a 2-Gallon Tank with an undergravel filter and I was wondering if that is enough for a betta? I have the old tank from my bad goldfish-keeping times and I want to make good use of it.
  5. Which type of substrate would be better? I use to have half-bare and half-gravel but I added large pebbles and now it is impossible to clean up everything. Should I go completely bare-bottom? (The tank, not me LOL) And can I keep a little bit to weigh the plants down? Thnx!
  6. My snail usually moves around fast at night while Nemo & Cynthia drift around sleeping... and if Nemo wakes up he jumps and one time when he jumped he lifted he intake tube so the filter sucked all the water in the filter basket and the moter overheated... but the filter survived.
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