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  1. Maybe a band-aid might rip the scales off :ihnta Good luck!
  2. OMG I really hope that they won't sell fish anymore.
  3. You don't HAVE to but I rinsed mine (hornwort) to clear snails, then trimmed it (the longest "branch" was 1 1/2 feet! ), and then rinsed it again, and put it in the tank. I have a Marina Micro L.E.D. Light Set (6 Watts) so I'm not worried about low light. EDIT: Mine grew an inch overnight!!! HORN-WORT IS AMAZING.
  4. Oh wow... I didn't notice. I know Pets Mart had some non-aquatic plants... I meant to get "Corkscrew Val" (or something like that, can't remember the name) but I accidentally got that... I'll just let it die. At least I still have Hornwort. LIRPA1: I have one more post than you!
  5. Yup! Seachem Stability http://www.seachem.com/Products/product_pages/Stability.html http://www.Not Allowed/fishforum/aquarium...-stability.html i bought the seachem stability tonight. Yay! Hope everything turns out well!
  6. I think that is why it's called Bakersfield.
  7. Trinket beat me to it! If you're gonna stock up, I suggest you get several small "things" instead of a large "thing" of pellets as the fish food will lose its nutritional value over time. Good luck! Hikari is really good. You can try New Life Spectrum, but that's really expensive.
  8. Yeah, it's something starting with an A... let me check. OK; it looks like that. So if it's not an aquatic plant should I take it out? Thanks,
  9. Nice fish! Why oes that one have a growth like that?
  10. Those little fry are very cute. Good luck with them!
  11. What I would do is do a water change until nitrates are down to 50, then keep it like that until nitrites are 0 and then do a water change until nitrates are lower than 20 and then your bro is ready to add fish, coral, etc.
  12. Well, I bought a potted Crypt of ebay, it came with another potted plant that I think may be another species of Crypt. One is reddish brown with larger leafs the other is green with smaller leafs. both of them have been in for over a week and have been untouched and are growing nicely. So fingers crossed it stays that way. They also leave the Cabomba alone which is great as that is growing really well, i just had to trim it down yesterday. I am also down to two moss balls from 5, lol. If that doesn't work, you can try Hornwort. I have it in my tank and my goldie doesn't eat it. But it sheds a lot...
  13. Good luck with your snails! Mine snail has lots of cracks on its shell...
  14. Aww... very cute small fish! Good luck with them...
  15. Nice goldfish! Love their colors....
  16. Um, anyone? I also got Hornwort from Pets Mart today... its shedding like crazy but after a 50% water change it looks fine.
  17. I have my mini light on from 7 AM to 10 PM with no problem at all.
  18. Okay, I'll see what I can buy.
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