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  1. I thoght the only difference was color...
  2. Omigosh..... IT'S SOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE! AWA!
  3. YAY! I fell good for u. *200th POST!* NOW A FULL MEMBER!
  4. I don't know what you mean by that. I take them out of the tank when most of the water's gone and put them in a bucket where the water they were just in was. They are kind of hard to "net" so during the slight struggle to escape, maybe his fin tore.
  5. 6 fish is WAY too many for 10-20 gallons. 1-2 is a good amount for 20 gals. It may be swim bladder that your dealing with. You still left out some info. Do you let the flakes float?
  6. PLEASE HELP! One of my fish has a small tear on thier dorsal fin. It is vertical. Very small, though. I think it was caused by when I was scooping him up w/ a net, it happend. Will it heal? Or will it grow and cause a big infection? Please help!
  7. But know a few days ago I saw this 55 gallon tank at an LPS that i like.
  8. All of them are not single tailed. None are. I think the other two (besides ryukin) could be fantails.
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