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  1. Ok, have dosed all the kanaplex and am feeding the jungle antibiotics. Question: When do I change out the water? The tail is looking better, but still rather beat up--not just the tail fin, but the entire tail on the left side looks like it's been through a shredder. Just wondering how long I should leave in the kanaplex at full dose and when I should water change--or once I water change if I should put back in the amt I took out (I still have some left). Thanks!!!!!
  2. thank you, this is somewhat reassuring, although teresa didn't have the ulcer issue to deal with that my little guy does. . . good to know that she recovered and the tail grew back. Also helpful to see how you dosed with kanaplex, as the instructions are rather vague. I am going to pick up some jungle food tomorrow. crossing my fingers it will work.
  3. Trinket, can you help clarify on the kanaplex?? It has directions for feeding but also states it can be directly added to the water. Currently I am adding 1 scoop for 5 gallons as instructed. Is this right, or should I be trying to feed it?? It says dose every two days: Should I do water changes before adding the dose each time (to help my water quality?) or no water changes to let it build? Also you are saying it is okay to feed the jungle anti-bacterial while I am treating with the kanaplex? (I can pick that up at nnnn, so will do that if you advise). Truthfully I am not as concerned about the tail falling off as I am about it spreading up his tail towards his body. He has a small bubble where the tail joins the body now, and it is raw all the way up his tail on the left side (the right side looks fine). Thanks for the help.
  4. Well, I have done two doses of the kanaplex now, because it took forever to get here in the mail. He started looking worse again before I started the kanaplex, so I did one more HP treatment. His tail area still looks horrible, and the bottom part of his tail fin has fallen off He is still eating and swimming, but I think he is in pain. Do you think there is any hope of him recovering?? I just don't want to see him suffer.
  5. Oh, good news! Tonight the red streaks are almost all gone out of his tail and the wound looks much better!!!!!! I did go ahead and put in melafix today, because it sounds like such a mild med (compared to everything else) and I wanted to do *something. . . Does it sound okay for me to continue with this if everything is looking better??
  6. Ok, scratch that last post. My trip to town was *completely* unproductive. No one had any of the before-mentioned meds or anything containing the ingredients. Everyone had maracyn 1 and 2, but no plus. Pet*mart had all of the API line of antibiotics *except* the furan. They were also out of the jungle feed-through meds that I mentioned, although the sign was on the shelf taunting me. Argh! I do have sulfa meds for horses, do you think I could use those <j/k> Looks like I will be placing an order. The one med everyone did have was the melafix. Could I use this in the meantime while waiting on my order????
  7. Sorry one more question: I just looked up options for medications on pets*arts webpage. It looks like they carry Maracyn plus and jungle anti-bacterial food, which has as active ingredients: Sodium Sulfathiazole 2.3%, Nitrofurazone 0.13%. I don't see anything else that fits under the categories advised. Which one of these would be better if they are my only options? I am going to check out the small independant store in town as well, but they usually don't have much of a better selection.
  8. Oh, one more thing, I am still wondering about treating the entire tank vs. moving the fish to quarantine. The reason I am thinking of treating the entire tank is 1) it reduces stress to him and 2) because of what Trinket said about the bacteria repeating its cycle or the possibility of the other fish being affected. I only have one other fish in the tank and it is a 20 gallon, so fairly easy to treat and water change. What do you think, trinket? I also have lots of extra filters that I can move around following the treatment. Just would need to make sure the antibiotic won't hurt my plants. Also, should I leave the salt in the tank while medicating, or change it out? Thanks again!
  9. Ok, this morning he is still acting fine, maybe even more chipper than the past couple of days (hard to say because they are always chipper for morning feeding time). The wound itself looks, well, different. I don't know if better or worse. I want to say better. The skin in the tail seems to be tighter now (it has been sort of loose or swollen). Everything is flatter and closer to the skin now. However, there are a lot more red streaks on the tail, so I don't think this is good. On the other hand I don't really see the yellow rings on the tail anymore, so that would be good. (Not sure how it can be both better and worse at the same time). I am off to the store this morning to search for meds. Funny but my other fish seems more traumatized by the treatment than he is. She is running and hiding behind the water sprite everytime she sees me, and hid there the entire time I was treating him last night. These fish are much smarter than we give them credit for, me thinks.
  10. Oh ugh, I just completed that awful act (puting the HP on the tail). Poor little fish, I felt like a fish murderer keeping him out of water so long. And the wound is deeper than I thought--not really deeper, but the skin on the tail above the wound (towards the body) is separated almost all the way to where it connects to the body. The HP bubbled in the wound, underneath his tail where it is separated, and even on the two red streaks on his tail. I thought I rinsed the HP off well, but it is still "bubbling" now that he is back in the water. Is this ok? Whew, ok I am calming down. He is swimming around now and acting okay. I so hope I didn't hurt him, he was out of the water less than 30 seconds, I am sure. I am feeling certain it is a bacteria now, thinking about how the fish in his past tank (at the store) look. They have that same loose skin look that he does on his tail all over their body. I suppose the good news is that they have survived all this time even in awful conditions and poor water quality, so hopefully I have some time to treat my little guy. Trinket, how long do you think it can wait if I have to order the antibiotics? What are my chances with the antibiotics do you think?
  11. Yes, I think it is what you are describing. It is in the same shape as where the body and tail join. There are at least two rings, one closer to the tip, like the rings on a tree. I don't see more sores or any fluid. Ugh, I doubt I can get either of those meds at the stores here. I will try tomorrow morning. If not, what should I use in the meantime? Also, should I keep the two fish together, or move one to a quarantine tank while treating?
  12. Wow again for the information, thank you trinket for this. I am concerned about infection because now there are two red streaks on his tail fin, they are light, but definately there. There also seems to be a little bit of a yellowish ring going back on the tail fin--I don't know how to describe this, it is kind of like the rings on a tree. It seems to be originating from the ulcer, but is actually on the tail fin itself. It is underneath the skin, not a mucusy film. I would take a photo but I don't think it will show up--it is light, but definately a change from this morning. There is still peeling around the edges of the ulcer, and the wound itself is red, but no reddening around it. The inside of the wound actually has a lot of white granules, but I can't tell if this is the wound further peeling or further healing. I am going to go ahead with the HP for tonight, but am wondering if I should go ahead with some antibiotic treatment in the morning? I know the stores will have Maracyn I and II, but I am not sure what else they will have. It is basically whatever the big chain stores carry. What is the common name for kanamycin? Oh, also, if I do treat with antibiotics, should I move him to a quarantine tank to treat, or treat the entire tank (just one other fish)? (I am asking because of what you said about the bacteria going into the water). Or I can also move both fish to quarantine to avoid affecting my filter. I am still going to treat with the prazi (based on the other fish's symptoms) but am still waiting for that in the mail. I don't want to make it sound like I am too anxious to treat with antibiotics, just want to do the right thing. Feedback please?
  13. Thank you Daryl--this is very helpful--all except the last line! Yikes, don't say that to a worrying mommy. . . What should I watch for as far as infection? I am concerned about the one redstreak on the tailfin and the fact that his tail looks a little swollen. I don't have PP and haven't been able to find locally, but the HP I could do. Should I keep the salt in the tank once the wound starts healing? I am afraid it may aggravate the healing process? I put a separate post up when my pearlie first got the wound. It started as a pimple type bump (At the time I thought it was just a far back pearl scale) and then suddenly burst open one day. Nobody so far has had much feedback as to whether it was some type of abscess (do fish get abscesses?) or parasite or ?? Do you have any ideas? Whatever the cause, I am now most interested in helping it to heal! Thanks again Christy
  14. I'm sorry to keep posting. . . Still concerned about the wound on my pearlie's tail. I got a decent picture of it so thought I should post. I am currently waiting for my order of prazi to treat for flukes and in the meantime am wondering if I should be doing something more about the wound. I currently have 10 tsp salt in a 20 gallon tank. I am also do 25% water changes daily. It seems like the wound has opened up more since I put the salt in. Perhaps I am paranoid, but I keep feeling like the tail is swollen as well. It looks like there is now a red streak on the tail fin as well (this is new) Is there something else I should be doing? Oh, currently my fish is still acting fine, eating, swimming, etc, it is me that is having the problem <g> Here is the pic: Thank you for help! Christy
  15. Ok, this all makes a lot of sense. Thank you!!!!!!
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