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  1. I heard a splash and looked over and Darth was gulping at the surface, so I went ahead and did the 100% wc tonight. He's still gasping though. What the heck! Could it be from over-eating?
  2. I am definitely doing that! I will do a 100% wc in the am when my kid is up for good haha. Sick baby = lots of wake up calls for Mama and NOT a good time to be mucking around with fish water.
  3. Okay so parameters this evening were ammonia: 0.25, nitrite 0.25 and nitrAte: 5.0. I dosed 2x amquel. The water is clear and odor free. I'm wondering if my parameters were so far off yesterday because I didn't grab the water straight from the tank, I took it from the container Darth was in while I did the wc. He's a big guy, and I think he probably fouled up the 1gal water pretty quickly. I feel dumb for not thinking about that last night >.< I finally got my metromeds last week, so he's on day 8 now and feeling great! Lots of energy, huge appetite and swimming around like I didn't even know he could. I'm excited about his fin growth too!
  4. Alex, thank you Shakaho I have a python system so I can drain the tank and fill it in a jiffy. I will continue with daily 100% WC I just was wondering what kind of timeline I'm looking at for cycling the media?
  5. alex, I have amquel that I'm using up before I purchase prime. Can I dose with amquel instead? And thank you SO much for the help everybody!
  6. Can somebody help me figure out where in the cycle timeline I am? I think some of the bbs in my filter died when they were left out of water for too long. I was originally taking down my 10gal QT tank which has been up and running for a couple of months now and was getting regular 100% wc daily for the first month, and I didn't have anywhere to use the old filter media for the 2 TopFin10 filters, so I set it aside. I realized my large Oranda Darth was still too floaty to handle being in my MT which has bubblers and things he was running into, so I had to pull him out and re-set up the 10gal QT. Anyways, I checked the water parameters tonight and got readings of: Ammonia: 2.0 Nitrite: 2.0 NitrAte: 5.0 I thought it's supposed to convert and once I start seeing NitrAtes I shouldn't be seeing these high numbers for ammonia and nitrite? I did a 100% wc after getting this reading, but I'd really like to know if I'm looking at another month of cycling My poor guy has been fighting to regrow his fins, and with the nitrites wacked out it can't be helping his progress! Thanks for the clarification
  7. I read a lot of reviews about the aqueon one breaking and that the hose is a bit stiff, so I went with a python which seems to last about 3 years before people reported needing to replace it. I got mine on Amazon and paid about 35 for it, and they even upgraded the connector to a brass adapter instead of the standard plastic one which can become stripped with frequent use. I had a bit of trouble with my faucet since it's a pull out one, but once I figured it out I was THRILLED with the python. I have a 60 gal and like you got extremely sick of all the dumping water. Happy holidays!
  8. Okay, I'm so sorry for the prolonged absence! I am back home, and finally completely recovered. The metro meds medicine never did come, but Darth improved after I removed all salt. I did try reintroducing him to my MT, but because of his lack of fins, he just had too hard of a time swimming around and he kept running into ornaments. I can't get rid of my ship because that's where the pleco lives. If he's not in the ship he's really agitated with the light and darts all over the tank and scares my dogs. I purchased a hood and a light for my 10gal and set Darth out next to the MT. It's looking like the 10gal is going to be his forever home His fins are slowly coming back. He's still a little floaty and tends to just chill at the bottom of the tank, but when motivated by food he can dart around after it and he's not gasping or anything. If I come by he "dances" around for me and gets excited. I just got some repashy for Christmas and I'm expecting it to get here soon. I am reordering some metromeds to have on hand, but I'm not sure if I should give them or not because he seems to be okay. I really think the fin damage is the main ailment. On another happy note, my husband bought me 2 fish to keep my new chocolate oranda company since it turned out Darth couldn't join him. I'm treating them all with prazi in the MT since I got a python and WC are now a breeze. Now I have an orange and a red capped oranda to keep the chocolate oranda company. He/she was VERY excited to have friends. They chase each other around and I imagine they're playing. They all still need names though! Pictures and video to come, as soon as I find where the 2 year old hid my phone Thank you so much for your help, and happy holidays!
  9. I ended up removing the amazon sword plants which were the culprit in my tank. I also reintroduced my goldfish who were in a 10gal QT tank, and they had a grand time snacking on the few stragglers who I didn't remove with the 90% wc. After a couple of days, the tank is completely clear. I did clean the plants with a mild bleach solution after I purchased them, but I guess I didn't do a good enough job. I don't think I plan to have plants anymore
  10. Ill need to get my husband to check to see if the meds came. If not we will call them ad see what happened :/. I am home now and recovering from surgery thank you so much for your kindness! Im hoping to make a full recovery now! I'll have to do a 100% change to take out the epsom today. Hopefully my husband can help with that. I will get on my laptop later and upload pics so you can see. I'm wondering if I can move him to the mt. I need to get a python or something so I can do more frequent wc on the mt but I need help figuring out if its possible to do with my sink faucet. I took pics of that too. My mt has some nemotodes going on right now. Hopefully Darth can take care of em because my Pleco doesn't seem to care for em and they keep coming back! I would like to unite the whole fish crew. I stopped the praziquantel in my new guys tank after 3 cycles because I wasn't going to be able to be home. Do you think it'll be ok to move them? I will have a big pic/video update for you after I rest up this morning. Thank you so much for everything!
  11. Ok sorry it's been a few hours, I was able to snap some pics and video tonight but I'm in the hospital again so I can't upload. Darth is looking better, seems stronger and fights more when I try to pick him up. He is still bottom sitting and gulping occasionally though. I got it all on video after his 100 percent wc. Still adding the Epsom and metro meds are STILL not here. I'm very stressed.
  12. Ooohh. Well then I will be making the switch when I run out of amquel to save some $$
  13. I was wondering why everybody recommends prime now instead of amquel? I have been using amquel and was wondering if I should switch. I do have a lot left though
  14. Today is day 4 of epsom salt. I will get some pictures as soon as I can locate my phone lol
  15. Crap. I just found a forum about the same exact thing. I think they came from the plants and from when my husband accidentally fed the pleco TONS of algae flakes while I was in the hospital >.< and if that's the case, then they're planaria and harmless, except... they look gross. And clearly the pleco isn't interested in them. Annnnnnnnd I really don't want to introduce my fish into that. They're free floating and wiggly, but they don't seem to be changing length. They are all the same length and there are TONS. When I got back from the hospital the water was grenish and there was a lot of organic matter accumulated in the glass jar of one of my plants which sits closes to the ship where the pleco lives. It smelled like straight poop. It was horrible. We did a 100% wc after that, and then as I said we just did a 90% one last night. Could they be in my filter?
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