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  1. Hello! I'm a Goldfish Refugee. I didn't have much success with goldies, so I'm trying out tropicals. I learned many lessons from my foray into goldfish keeping, however. I'm setting up a 20 gal. tank that the goldfish used (I took about 9 months off from any fish-keeping). I cleaned everything and set it up without any fish and put the temp right around 80. I put in some Parasite Clear to kill anything that might have survived the 9 mo. drought. I was going to add ammonia, but found I'd gotten the wrong type of ammonia! I tested the water and the ammonia is already at 1.0 ppm without adding any ammonia or fish, Nitrites and Nitrates at 0 ppm. Do I need to add pure ammonia to get the ammonia reading higher (I read that it should start out at 4 ppm)? Do I just wait until the cycle kicks in? Is it OK that the ammonia is already at 1.0? I don't know where that ammonia is coming from, unless it's left over from the goldfish and didn't clean out??? Thanks, I want to be kinder to my tropicals than I was to my poor goldfish. Knowledge is power! ~ Caroline
  2. I don't know what went wrong, but Shezhy died today. He even ate a bit more last night and looked more active this morning. Sigh. I want to thank everyone on Koko's for being so helpful and kind during my 8 months of goldfish care. I don't think I'm cut out for it. We may try tropicals this fall after lots of research. Maybe goldfish again when I'm up for a new challenge. Thanks you all again, you are a fine bunch of people who care deeply for living beings. I admire that. Take care and enjoy your fishies!! ~ Caroline
  3. He looks much the same all day today, but breathing seems easier. I will rig up the nylon stocking for the filter tibe. Great idea! He had the tiniest string of light green pea poop. So he did ingest some! I'll keep trying to feed him. He seems to get distressed when I try to flip him upright, so I'll leave him be. Just did a prazi treatment and will do another tomorrow, then two days off. Thanks again. I'll keep you posted on his progress! ~ Caroline
  4. Hi Well, he's still breathing, but not much swimming. I put one of the two airstones back on this AM to get some air. But that seems to make it more likely that he will get stuck up against the filter tube! Should I keep moving him from the tube? I move him when his head gets stuck between the tube and glass because he has a hard time opening his gills when he's there. I can take out some water to let the filter provide more splash. Will that be enough bubbles? I have been adding the salt to his tank water in a tupperware, then adding it back in. I want to clean up his tank, but the water gets so cloudy when I do and I don't want to stress him more. I tried feeding a bit of a pea this morning, but he didn't want it. I'll keep trying with some fresh peas. He's had peas many times in the past - once a week and he usually snaps them right up. Does he have to be upside right when eating? He fought me trying to make him upright. Besides the labored swimming, his fins are splitting a tiny bit. No red streaks. As far as Prazi - the instructions are very confusing. The bottle instructions say, "A single treatment lasting 5-7 days is normally sufficient. Retreat as necessary, but no more than once every 3-5 days." I've seen most Koko's folks say to do 2 or 3 days on and 2 to 5 days off. I understand it is gentle, but, again, I don't want any more stress than necessary. So, to recap my questions: - Will the filter splash be enough oxygen or should I keep one airstone going? - Does he have to be upright to eat? - Prazi Best Practices?!? - Should I clean out his algae? - Should I do small wc's every day and then a big one tomorrow? (Replacing the salt, of course.) - Is it OK to let him rest alongside the filter tube? I really appreciate the input, Maceo and newbiefishgirl! ~ C
  5. So the hand-feeding of peas didn't go so well. He ate two tiny little bits that he didn't spit out. He seemd to be getting very stressed and wouldn't take the food, so I left the rest on the bottom until tomorrow. I have only his filter running - I turned off his airstones, so now he's kind of standing on his tail. The airstones were making him drift in circles and bump into everything. When he swims he is definitely upside down. I salted again and he seemed to hate it. He swam away from the salt cloud then settled at the bottom and had little spasms. Sigh. I'm shutting off his lights and hope for the best in the morning. ~ Caroline
  6. Thanks, Maceo! Unless I hear otherwise, I think I'll hand feed him mushed up peas then salt the tank at 9:00 tonight. Then I have to go to bed - I was up in the middle of the night last night worried about him, so I need to sleep tonight! My computer cannot detect my camera connection, so I can't even get them off my camera to upload them! Arg! A problem for another day. ~ C
  7. I tried to find a way to post pictures, but the help page was expired. I've used photobucket before, but can't remember how to do it.
  8. Hi, Thanks for responding. Shezhy is doing somewhat better in that his breathing is more normal. However, he is flipped to his side all the time, tail fins pointed down and "nose" pointed to the side. Not upside down. He is drifting all the time and only using his body to wriggle very occasionally. His fins are not clamped, but he's not using them. He looks so sad. My camera is pretty miserable, but I can try to get a pic up. I haven't done it in a while and forget how to go about it. I'll fiddle with it, though. He is on day 2 of his fast, then I thought I'd go one more day then peas. Should I try peas today? I have not seen any poop. Although he eats flake food (I soak it but I don't have the neighbor do it when we're away - we ask him to do a lot for all the pets), his poop is almost always green like the algae. I try never to touch him except for when he bumps into me. When I feed him the peas, how should do it? He can't seem to use his fins, so I'd have to hold him enough to keep him from drifting with the current. (I don't have any Stress Coat, but his slime coat always looks great.) Prazi seemed to help, but I'm not sure. I salted this morning at 9 AM, and was planning to salt again at 9 PM tonight (in an hour or so). The salting is what seemed to perk him up the most. Ammonia = 0 Nitrates = 0 Nitrites = 0 Ph = 8.2 Temp = 73 20 gal tank with just Shezhy in it. Amquel Plus added with 1-2 times weekly water changes. Anything else you need? I'm grateful for any help and support. ~ Caroline
  9. I added prazi earlier this evening. No change yet. He keeps getting stuck places. I don't know if it's better for him to be stuck or to drift and bump around into things. Should I salt in the morning? He *seems* to be yawning less, but I'm trying to keep the light off so he can rest. Thank you! ~ C
  10. Chrissy Bee, Thank you for fixing the multiple entries - I looked like a spaz! I did the water tests BEFORE the wc. My best guess was something to do with how cold the water got, but I don't know if there is anything to do now that the temp is back up. I'm debating on salting... ~ C
  11. One more thing ... His gills/gill covers look like they are kind of "wide open".
  12. I'm so sorry for all those parameters that are listed!! I don't know what happened there. ~ C
  13. Hi Ammonia - 0 Nitrite - 0 nitrate - 0 Ph = 8.2 API drops Water Temp = 71 now, but I think it *** dropped very low while we were away *** Tank size = 20 gal. running for 7 mo. Filter = Whisper 30 Water change = 1-2 times per week 1 21/2 inch Ryukin Water additives - Amquel Plus Food = Flakes each day and peas 1x/week with a fast day *** but neighbor took care of him this week and fed only flakes each day. *** No new fish added. No new meds. Fins, gills, and scales all look good. Floating on his side and yawning a lot. Nothing stuck in his throat that I can see when he yawns. We just got home from vacation and the neighbor said that Shezhy was sitting on the bottom yesterday morning, then floating upside down in the evening and this morning. He was eating fine until this morning. I immediately did a 50% water change and turned the heater up. The water was very cold, but my thermometer only goes as low as 64. He is now drifting around with the current around mid-level of the tank and looking a bit better (could be my imagination?), but not swimming and still on his side. He was twitching here and there, but not so much now. I haven't fed him, but lots of algae and stuff gets stirred up during a wc, so he may have eaten something. My neighbor said he was very careful not to overfeed him while we were away. Any help? I'm curious about adding salt and/or adding prazi (maybe stress caused a parasitre breakout?). He looks a lot like the way his tankmate did before he died...that was clearly a problem with an uncycled tank and parasites back in January, though. aks! ~ Caroline
  14. I was thinking the same thing - another round of Prazi. I'm seeing VERY occasional flashing...ugh. Top sitting, a little bottom sitting, some yawning, but nothing that makes me panic. My confusion is around taking out/cleaning stuff and keeping the bb's at a healthy level. Any thoughts? Thanks and Happy Easter to you! ~ Caroline
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