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  1. I have 3 goldfish in my 46 gallon. One appears to have an assortment of problems. He has been in a corner for months and only comes out for food, mostly head down struggling to be horizontal. Now he has a really cloudy eye and at one point swollen eye, when he is out of his corner he has an unusual snapping motion. His first year of existence there was none of this and the other 2 seem very happy. Aside from all of them getting covered in white flaky, like they were shedding and were dried out. But I think that was somehow my ammonia went up, did a big water change and some sponge cleaning and they healed in hours which was amazing. I salted at .1 for the last 36 hours getting it to .3, so Ill maintain for 3 weeks and hope for the best. Sicko is a lionhead, healthy guys are a ranchu and ryukin
  2. I am going to salt my tank to 0.3%, after reading many posts on this topic I know how to do that much. However no one mentions how long to maintain at 0.3% to kill off the evils. Do tell Thank You
  3. Are these the same experts that post in the dead goldfish section? Spend the money now bubbles are worthless and goldfish eat them because they are stupid then you have the pleasure of watching them swim upside down and die, water movement is important.
  4. I would forgo all the air pumps and air bubbles and even the marineland bio wheel filter and just go for the cannister filter now, that and maybe a powerhead for movement and you are set. Ive spent more money slowy building up the the more epensive items and if I had to do it over again just would have bought the good stuff from the get go. You probably dont need a heater either.
  5. well i just did a large water change, and no ammonia but thats the usual. Tank is clear and all seem very merry. I also removed all of my small gravel and just left nickel sized river stones on the bottom almost enough to cover the bottom, so all the sinking food actually gets eaten and everything is is being swept away. Had a really hard time finding sponge filters here in NYC, they work great. Are they just not carried because they are cheap and last forever? I guess having a big sponge in the tank is a bit of an eye sore too. Next maybe adding plants but I will wait for the next crazy idea
  6. Well I did it, I have the sponge prefilter and a sponge on my powerhead. In the aquaclear 110 it has 3 biomax bags and a liter of eheim substrat pro, and I cut the original sponge into about a third and have that on the bottom. So if that isnt enough bio media for the tank, I cant imagine what else to do. How long does it take for the BB to grow on new stuff if it is already an established on the rest?
  7. I have a 46 gallon tank. Currently a aquaclear 110 and a aquaclear 802/70 powerhead. I recently purchased a Lustar sponge filter I attached to the powerhead, its big and got a tube so it goes to the bottom. I also a saw a prefilter sponge attacment that I could put on the 110 by the same company. What if I get that remove the sponge from the HOB 110 and just totally fill it with BioMax or some other bio filter material? I generally have some ammonia in my tank despite my water changes, well within a few daysof the WC. At least once a week and 40 percent each time. In the tank is 2 ranchus about 4 inches each a small pearlscale and a new small ryukin both just over an inch.
  8. Well with all that info, I think there is no real need for the UGF. I will just get a sponge filter for this powerhead. Seems to be the safest, easiest choice and of course I get to use it. Thanks
  9. Well seems as if this a heated debate. Since I dont have the right substrate, or enough of what I do have, Ill keep him in a box for now. There are positives right? I have 3 ranchus in there and they are getting pretty big and thought I might need more biological filtration down the line, In the power filter I have the sponge and twice the amount of biomax, and no chemical filtration.
  10. Yes I have a AquaClear 802 powerhead/now 70. Somehow it was never used and its huge, and would definately be able to power a UGF. I would keep the other filter running, but I thought the added BB would be a nice touch and I get to use this thing. Why do people hate the UGF soo much? What ar the negatives?
  11. I have a 46 gallon tank with a Aquaclear 110 on it. I recently came across a powerhead and was wondering if its worth setting up an under gravel filter up on half the tank in addition to the power filter. Is it even worth it?
  12. I havent touched the filter media since getting it. I do think there is a chance I am overfeeding because when I siphon it looks like alot of uneaten food. would that be enough to explain this? They cant be expected to find all these sinking pellets in the gravel in 3 minutes right? hmm Im perplexed
  13. So its been over a month with my new filter and larger tank. 46 gallons 3 hefty goldfish, two 4 inches guys and one mini 1.5. The filter is Aquaclear 110 with extra biomax. I still have ammonia in there? If it gets up to 1 ppm Ill do a water change which seems to be every couple of days. Nitrites are non existent and I keep Nitrates pretty low with water changes usually 10 or 20 or even lower. Is it just taking that long for the benficial bacteria to build up? The ammonia should be dead zero right?
  14. well as fast as it came it went, I guess it was just the wen developing? My ranchu never did that and he has big wen. But it looks fine now. Perhaps dandrif
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