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  1. Hello all! It's been sometime since last, I've pretty well neglected Koko's for a little bit! Not toooooo much new going on here, I've got my 55 gallon tank holding steady with my 4 fancies, and my outdoor pond which was previously home to the twin commons Oingo & Boingo, my common Spot, and my comet Moustachina is now home to them, plus two new shubunkens. I only intended to get one shubunken and I had decided on a prettily spotted one that I liked, but there was this one itty bitty guy who was LITERALLy just BEGGING to take him too, he even jumped in the way of the net to get in it when the lady was trying to get the guy I picked out, so I took him too. After some QT they'll be going in the pond to join the others. I also was *gifted* with a pet store "tadpole" by a well intending 9 year old, I'm assuming it's either a bullfrog or a leopard frog. The only info I could get was that it was "A North American Native" wtf? Anyhow, he's in qt right now and will go into the pond and if he is a New England native (which is where I live) then he can choose for himself how to spend the rest of his life. He can stay and live in my yard, or find some other little pond to live in once he has the legs to take him there. My real concern is whether he'll be old enough before winter comes? I may have to keep him inside and have a pet frog for a little while. If he's not native to New England then he'll stay inside and be a pet frog. That's assuming he even survives, all the tadpoles at the store are very how shall I say, worse for the wear? And my guy seems rather listless and a little gaspy. I'm hoping it's just a little bit of bad water poisoning, and a night in some good clean water in a nice clean tank will help him snap back before he can succumb to his previous conditions. Well, other than that, there is not much to report on, so now to catch up on some posts!
  2. I have both a Marineland 280, and an Aquaclear 110. I LOVE my Aquaclear leaps and bounds over the Marineland. Right out of the box I had issues with the ML, disfunctional impellor, causing LOTs of noise, etc. When I did get the replacement in the mail, the unit still made plenty of noise for about a week. I gave it time and it quieted down. After that it would be noisy for about a day after every water change/turn off. The Aquaclear on the other hand I got for 15 dollars USED, well over a year old, all I had to do was replace the filter media. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Aquaclear. It's ALWAYS quiet, even immediatley after a water change. The only con is that it has a pretty short intake tube, but extensions are available. Also, the housing is not the same kind of plastic as typical HOB filters, which makes it more brittle than others (it's a rigid plastic, not the pliable softer kind). This makes damage easier, and requires a gentler touch and NO dropping! But replacement housing incase of cracks etc are also available, cheaply, and the performance over all is DEFINITLEY worht the extra care!
  3. This is good because I too have been considering the pros and cons. As it stands, and this is purely accidental, all my fancies are males, and they are indoors, 4 out of 5 of my pond comets are female. After reading what you replied though, I'll be glad to have the one male, perhaps he'll be enough to get the girls to flush themselves out every once in a while, but too distracted by all the other ladies to beat any single one up badly.
  4. So cute, like magically floating little blimps! And yes, it would appear as though Hiro does have breeding stars/tubercles on the front line of his fins, it also appears he has the "pimples" on his gill plate also (you can definatley see a prominant one on the reddest part of his gills, almost near the edge, almost looks like a sandpaper grit). So it appears you have a boy!
  5. Okay, so I stopped in my local pet store before work on Tuesday (what?! It's RIGHT next door, shares a wall with my place of employment!) since I knew they got new fish deliveries on Tuesdays. I was blown away by the shipment of ryukins they had in! I snapped some pics, went along to work, left work early due to the flu/food poisoning? and spent the next three days literaly sleeping it over, essentially confined to bed and my thoughts. So I told myself, if I could set up my QT, and if he was still there when I had to run errands (which one was running into work) when I was finally well enough, I would pick him up. Well last night I finally crawled out of my hole, and he was still there as my reward! It's been hard getting a good picture of him, he's not camera *shy*, he's camera PISSED! He gets pretty bent when he sees my phone, even at the store I noticed lol! He's nice and fat and big, so he'll be able to keep up with my other fishies, as a new fish being to small and bully-able was a concern. PLUS! I LOVE that I already know with out a doubt he's a male, so I have an all male tank YAY no babies! NOT hiding, LUuuuuuurrrrking!
  6. Well doesn't he look pleased with his fiiine a$$3d self??
  7. Where did you get these extensions if you don't mind my asking? I have an AC 110 and hate that it's only abolut 6 inches long.
  8. I have used glass marbles when I had my 29 gallon tank. They were clear, and quite pretty because they picked up the flourescent light and almost "glowed". I can't recall issus with food getting stuck in there though, it's been so long. I have since gone barebottom and now have a 55 gallon tank. I don't have a poopy problem, I think most of it gets swept up and into my Ecco pro canister intake (I have an Aquaclear 110 with an intake tube of about 6 inches long to get the mod level stuff, and the Ecco reaches almost to the bottom). I have been thinking of getting a light duty power head to blow the poopies directly into the intake because I do get the occassional visible poopy.
  9. I have been waiting since Spetember for my local LFS to stock them again! And the bummer is, to buy it online, with shipping would be more expensive than in store.
  10. He look sas though he could be an oranda. Simply stunning regardless. I would hate to have to leave a pretty fish like that behind, I can't imagine how gorgeous and elegant he'd look in a big 55 gallon! I would love so much to put some fancies out in my modest little pond, but I'm so afraid of something happening to them as I've become very attached to them, so for now the comets have the run of the pond. But I agree with others, I would set up tank at your new place, and ask the new owners of your old place if they will hold him just long enough for your tank to cycle. Also, when you get testing kits, remember to get drops. Don't be swayed by the less expensive test strips. Sure they seem like a better deal, but when they give you false readings and you fishy gets sick then all that investment of time and money on a new tank will all go to pot. Strips are natoriously unreliable! API drops in my experience are the best. Also, don't be fooled into the "live read" in tank things. I tried the ammonia read one, and was relying on that for some time. It ALWAYS read zero ammonia, but then when my fish fell ill, and I tested with API drops, my ammonia was really high! It wasn't until I took the darned thing and held it over a fuming open bottle of pure ammonia that it actually picked up a read on it >:[ grr! My fish are all doing well now, but it sure was a lesson in spending money when it's needed and not being such a cheap ######.
  11. And you haven't been sending any our way?! LOL! Th eonly thing keeping me from ordering plants is that most come from singapore, hong kong, etc. I always worry about customs and all that.
  12. So sometime back I posted about an adorable and pathetic little pearlscale at my LFS, that had only one front fin. Well after QT and all that he has since been quite happy with himself in general population. He's a bit of a loner, because he has "his spot" that he likes to sleep and chill in, but he is very sociable and gets along swimmingly (haha couldn't help it) with the other fish. Some times they chase, and sometimes he teases, them and their goldfish games. Any how! Since his health has increased phenomanaly from where he was during his LFS stay, and since he has put on some weight with considerable size I have been able to notice another, maybe new? developmental issue. His mouth, on the right side turns in, so the right side of his top lip is inside his mouth. He eats just fine, interacts just fine, and is developing very well, but my concern is for the future. As he grows and gets bigger, I am concerned that his folded in lip will also grow bigger, and therefore become more obtrusive to him, potentially blocking his ability to eat, or close his mouth, etc. I don't assume there is really much I can do about this? I suppose I could theoretically remove the obtrusive bit and hope that it heals and he survives the "surgery" but gosh, I had puppies and couldn't bring myself to remove dew claws, which is a very common practice, let alone just go ahead and snip off a piece of a fishies mouth.22, I had to go back and forth for 45 minutes just to decide whether or not it was worth taking him out of the tank for the 5 seconds it took me to look at his mouth (it was very hard to dostinguish while he was in the tank). So I could never actually do it, especially now if it's not even a bother to him. He has no clue he's different or that there are things wrong with him. I'm just concerned that it could potentially harm him in the future. Anyone have experience with this? Know what to do? Etc?
  13. I agree it looks like wen growth. Especially when it's deep in the little crevies there, as opposed to an open, flat/smooth surface. It looks just like what my oranda looks like when he has growth spurts, which can be every couple of months, and then he'll have a stall, and then four or six months later he'll have another, with another two months after that, and so on. it will come and go. Observe her to be sure, but it really does look like typical wen growth.I do notice though, whenever there is a change in diet, like if I run out of gel food and feed them commercial food for a while, as soon as I start the gel food again it spurs a wen growth spurt.
  14. I had a comet once jump out of a VERY small amount of open space in the back where there is room for the filter. But he was small, and I attribute it to a REALLY freak accident (really, the space was S.M.A.L.L. Aside from that though I have a very pretty, large comet now (approximatley 5 inches including tail) that now has decided that in order to get my attention and "make me feed him" he will come to the surface where the food gets dropped in and does all kinds of jump and flops and spits water, otherwise making a lot of noise and splash. Fortunately I do have a lid, so he has yet to get out while making this huge scene. He kinda behaves a little like a dolphin really when he's REALLY convinced it will get him extra food. BUt it never works, I just laugh at him and let him nibble my finger for a minute before he gets bored or forgets and goes away.
  15. Me too! And now they're so happy! They "sing" to her now, veeeerrrryyy faintly at night time with their little happy chirps of glee, and they bounce around really streeeeeetching their legs and they do little floaty-sinky tricks. Where as before they just kinda,,,, sat there,,,, on the bottom. She's seen the difference and I think has learned for good that nothing is truely ever maintenance free.
  16. Others have touched upon this already, but as far as those in-tank ammonia sensors with live readings, they're CRAP! In my much earlier days of gold keeping, I was like "Huh, thats REALLY clever!" I got one, popped it in the tank and all seemes pretty good. Until my fish became quite unhappy, and I invariably found my way here, like MANY of us, and was instructed to get the drops kit for testing. So I ran on out and got the ammo, trite and trate drop kits by API, and like a mad little scientist rushed home and tested everything..... I was QUITE unhappy to find that my little intake reader, which had been reading at ZERO the entire time was wrong, and in fact I had pretty high ammonia. I was LIVID! So I took it out pronto. I even held it over an open bottle of ammonia to see if it would change. Oh sure, the color changed when faced with pure, 100% ammonia. It went straight into the recycling. Except the suction cup that is, at least THAT worked right!
  17. ugh, a friend of mine fell for this kind of thing. Except it was a little plastic cube, MAYBE large enough to hold a softball (think memorabilia case), with a handful of gravel, two teensy frogs, and a snail. Also with a bamboo shoot (why don't people understand bamboo is NOT aquatic?!) Thanks god she listened to my sound reason (though she had to lose two snails before she did) that NOTHING is self cleaning unless it's occuring naturally in NATURE (and even then, it's not always with out problems). She has since moved them into an old 5 gallon bowfront tank with hood/light, etc, changed from gravel to marbles and has a big ol' turkey baster with which she does weekly water changes with, sticking it deep down into the easier to clean marbles. The two frogs, and third and FINAL snail are now MUCH happier. Bamboo is happier now too NOT being fully sybmersed in water.
  18. What kind of multivitamin? brand? dosage? Etc? I can't just go dissolve one of my One-A-Days I'm fairly certain, so is this specifically for fish? Dogs? eh?
  19. I agree with the others, just buy a new tank, and put the broken sealed one on the back burner to reseal at a later date. I recently resealed a 50 gallon and it was quite an endeaver. Start to finish took me about a month, only because of time constraints, walking away due to frustration, etc. It is worth doing, but not when you have several goldies in a 10 gallon. Or, you could buy the new tank, take your time resealing the old one, then selling that to at least pick up some of the difference. ::shrugs:: I'dunno.
  20. Yep, I would agree, that just indicates her wen is ripe for a growth spurt. Be on the look out for terminal cuteness and and a benign, expanding chubbiness of the face and head!
  21. An update!!!! So my lil' Gimpy had a bit of a rough start. He was very little, and after some observation pretty weak when I first brought him home. The poor little guy must have been competing pretty badly for food with all of his two finned and much larger tank mates at the store. He wasn't listless or any thing, on the contrary he was quite explorative in his quarantine tank, but he got stuck a couple times to the filter intake :C The first time I caught him he was stuck by his side, and it must have just happened because there were no lines or bruises from the slats in the filter intake. I released him from that, and went to get a coffee filter to rubber band over the intake and when I came back he was stuck by his lips! Like he was smooching the thing. Anyhow, I solved that problem by putting the coffee filter over the intake. Over time the filter has been wearing away, dissipating and getting sucked into the filter little by little. It's now almost entirely exposed again and he has not gotten stuck once! Now he even has a little spot not far from the intake that he like's to hang in, and likes to swim up to the surface and get pushed under and dance around in the flow of the filter water coming back into the tank. He's clearly getting stronger and hus much higher morale. Don't you just love seeing you tender love and care come to such happy fruition?! Hi one little fin is just as good as any of my two finned friends now!
  22. Oh my god! I read what you mentioned about the mollies and I was like "yeah okay, didn't even notice" and then I looked back and I realised that that little orange and black fish was NOT a part of the mermaid ornament hahahah!! Hiding in plain sight, how funny!
  23. WOO HOO! Isn't it an amazingly exciting feeling getting your first biggy!?!?! I just got mine last week (55G) though not as big as yours, but it's been a life long dream of mine since I was quite wee to have a 55 gallon. Not sure of the reasoning on WHY it's been a 55 that I've been obsessed with my whole life, or why I have no desire to go any bigger but ::shrug:: have what you love and love what you have I say! Congrats and it looks soooo good!
  24. Well! It's up and running and everyone's moved on in! It's so big! My good friend who was so kind and gracious enough to help me all day yesterday in moving it up and down stairs, and setting it up and all that fun stuff sat back at the end of the day, looked at it for a minute and said "Wow, this is the BEST big screen t.v. you've ever had!" So needless to say he very much likes it and is impressed (and MAYBE caught the bug a little bit ) I'm going to head down to the LFS in a little bit and get a nice bright blue back ground and new bubble wall before I start snapping pictures. But I will definatley get some p[osted for you all by tonight. I'm SO glad to have this done and no longer weighing on my mind before my surgery tomorrow.
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